Nectar Collectors Silicone Nectar Collector Water Filtering

Silicone Nectar Collector Water Filtering

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All-silicone design make the straw totally UNBREAKABLEA. More durable for using.  You will be liberated from carrying lots of silicone jars! With embedded silicone jar, it will be super convenient for you to use when you are on the go.

Step1: Denatured alcohol in a jar;
Step2: Immerse the product then swish the jar;
Step3: Add a handful of kosher salt and shake vigorously to abrade the film away;
Step4: Remove from alcohol and rinse with hot water.
SIZE: 7×1.6inches

COLOR: Blue/Black

Package Including:
1 × Unbreakable Honey Straw with Water Filtering & Embedded Jar
1 × 10mm Titanium Tip

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