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How to Roll a Cross Joint Like A Pro 4 Simple Steps To Success

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Have you seen the cool video of how to roll a cross joint with Seth Rogen and want to try rolling a cross joint for yourself? This method of rolling a cross joint looks cool and will easily impress all your smoking buddies with your mad joint rolling skills. This may look difficult, but our step by step guide makes for easy cross joint rolling!

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to roll a cross joint
  • How to roll a joint
  • Pro tips for rolling perfect joints

Stoner Supplies Needed

  • Grinder
  • Flower
  • Filter
  • 3 rolling papers (more if it’s likely to take you a few tries)
  • Lighter
  • Paper clip or sewing needle
  • Scissors

You're going to want to make sure you have the right rolling papers for the job. Here are some of our favorites!

King Sized Papers Normal Sized Papers Extra Wide Papers

king rolling papers

RAW's King Size Set
is a great first purchase for anyone rolling their own cross joint.

roll smoke joint

Be one with the elements when you roll using Elements rice paper sheets. These standard-sized papers are known for their smooth tokes.

hemp toke smoker

Know exactly what you're inhaling with these Extra Wide Pure Hemp rolling papers.

cross joint marijuana smokeDon't worry! You'll be holding your own soon enough! Photo: @brucesketch

Best Way to Roll a Good Joint

Before we explain how to roll a cross joint step by step, we have to explain how to roll the perfect joint. You start the process of rolling cross joints by rolling two joints, so you need to know how to roll one good joint first!
  • For the visual learners out there, this video (click!) demonstrates how to roll a joint with raw rolling paper
  • For those that prefer reading, this article (click!) does a good job of explaining how to roll a joint for beginners

Once you’re rolling like a stoner, you’re ready to learn how to roll a cross joint. Start practicing with different sizes next: make a small joint, then make a larger joint, make a fat joint to share with friends; after these a cross joint will be a piece of cake!

You’ll need to know how to make a filter for a joint if you want a filer in the one you’ll be smoking out of, how to roll a joint with a filter, and how to roll a joint without filters. If you struggle with figuring out how to roll a joint with paper, you can look up how to roll a joint with a roller. If the above instructions don’t make sense to you, there are many videos and articles available online to explain how to roll a joint step by step. Trust us! It'll be worth it to perfect your rolling skills so your cross joint comes out holy beautiful!


Every good smoke session starts with properly-ground buds.  We're suckers for this rasta themed 4-part shredder from Santa Cruz, which has all the parts needed to fill your cross joint with finely ground herb.


joint blunt kush 420
This lil' beaut has a bright future ahead of it! Photo: @thebluntartist_

How to Roll a Cross Joint Step by Step Instructions

As we mentioned above, you will roll two joints; it can be a zig zag joint and a raw joint or two of the same or even two spliffs. Whatever papers you decide to use, you'll want a small joint and a large joint, so make sure one is obviously bigger than the other. Also, don’t put a filter in the smaller one, as you’ll be lighting both ends of it. Grab your weed rolling kit and set up shop.


Step 1: Make a Hole in the Larger Joint (the one with a filter)

You remember that paper clip or sewing needle we told you you’d need? Take that and shove it through the joint, about a third of the way down on the end without the filter. 
Move the paper clip around to make the hole large enough for the smaller joint to fit through it. This is easier if you rolled the smaller one into more of a pencil joint - a small joint that tapers to a point on one end. With practice, you’ll get used to sizing these appropriately.


Step 2: Make a Small Hole in the Smaller Joint

Now you need to make a passageway for air to pass through (delivering oxygen to the fire that's heating up your herbs) your small joint. Poke this hole through your joint using the same paper clip as before. Stab it through the middle of the smaller joint. This small hole will allow air to flow through when you smoke it. 
Be sure when you’re making this hole that you aren’t moving the paper clip around like you did before; you want this hole to be small.


Step 3: Making the Cross

Take the smaller joint and push it carefully through the hole you made in the larger joint. Make sure that the small holes you made in the smaller joint are lined up in such a way that they are inside the larger joint. This is what makes it possible to burn all three ends at once and successfully smoke through it.


Step 4: Make It Airtight

Cut or tear off the gum strip of one of your joint papers. Take this strip and wrap it around the intersection where the two joints cross, being sure to secure it in place, making it airtight and ready to smoke.


social cross joint high marijuana
We think cross joints should be a social activity! Photo: @whilhelm

Rolling Pro Tips

Now that you know one of the cool ways to roll a joint, it’s time to improve on your skills with some help from the pros.
  • You can use this same technique if you want to know how to roll cross blunt
  • What can I use to roll a joint? In a pinch, you can use just about any paper without ink on it. We all know some stoner that smoked a joint out of a receipt or something similar; don’t be that guy, you’ll regret it.
  • On this note, one of the great benefits of using proper rolling paper is that it comes with a glue strip made with material that's safe to inhale, and, obviously, makes your rolling life much easier.
  • When rolling, use a rolling mat or a makeshift mat so you don’t lose any product
  • Practice makes perfect; the more you roll the better you’ll get
When rolling a joint for the first time, it’s important to try it slow and carefully to ensure that you’re getting it right. As we said, the more you practice the better you’ll get so just keep at it and you’ll get there.
You won’t roll a cross joint perfectly your first try and maybe not even the second, but the more you try and the closer attention you pay, the better you’ll get. This skill will get you loads of attention from your crew; it’s sure to be a party pleaser and kick things off in a great way!


roller raw joint

Look, not everyone has the time to master how to roll the perfect joint, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't get to enjoy a quality toke every now and then.

We love the super easy to use, adjustable rolling box from RAW, and think you will too!

cannabis stoner nature cross joint
Perhaps you want your cross joint with you to bring you even closer to nature! Photo: @lelotakessnaps


Do you want to impress your smoking buds? Want to seem like the coolest person in the group? You’ll have to do more than just learn how to roll a joint with zig zags or how to make a joint filter. Join the ranks of Seth Rogen and James Franco by learning one of the coolest ways to roll a joint should do the trick: rolling cross joints!
We hope that our step by step guide to rolling cross joints helped you successfully roll this masterpiece. If you have any questions or think we left something out, leave us a comment below.
If you can’t get the hang of rolling a cross joint or even a joint, don’t lose hope. There are joint rollers that can help you, pre-rolled plastic joint cones, pre-rolled papers, and even pre-rolled joints you can purchase from dispensaries. You won’t have to miss out on all the fun of joints.


cannabis nugs joint
Give those nugs the life they deserve by rolling them into beautiful joints! Photo: @xmen_420

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