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What is Top Shelf Weed And Strain?

top shelf weed

We’ve all heard the term “top shelf” in reference to liquor and other high-quality products, but what does it mean when used in reference to marijuana? Top shelf weed refers to high grade weed, often a private reserve strain or two. But how do you determine what weed is top shelf weed and what is little more than fake weed?

premium weed marijuana

There are several clues to look for when seeking top shelf weed. This beautiful photo comes from:  @leafymedz

The easiest way to determine this is by familiarizing yourself with the different names for weed and what they mean. In today's article, we’ll explain top shelf weed and how to find it.

Here are some words you should be familiar with for this article:

  • Loud weed
  • Brick weed
  • Sticky weed
  • Hydro weed
  • Kush weed
  • Gas weed
  • Dirt weed
  • Dro weed
  • Good dank weed

What you’ll learn in this article:

  • What top shelf weed is
  • Why you want it
  • Types of top shelf weed
  • Popular 2019 top shelf strains
  • 3 essential tips to help you buy top shelf weed

Now, let’s get started with our guide to top shelf weed!

cannabis quality grow strainThese premium greens coming to you from @thrivedispensary - what beauts!


What is top shelf weed?

Top shelf weed, also known as platinum weed, is the highest quality weed you can find. The top shelf weed price usually scares away a fair bit of customers, but once they take a hit, they see that it’s more than worth every penny. 


Top shelf vs mid shelf weed

The difference between top shelf and mid grade weed is more than just the price. The quality of these marijuana buds is notably different. While mid grade weed isn’t the worst thing you can smoke, top shelf weed is very obviously better. The price difference has been known to scare some stoners away from top shelf weed in the past, but you’ll quickly see how it’s worth every cent once you smoke it. You’re also more likely to smoke less of the top shelf stuff than the mid grade stuff, because it takes less to get you high. Consider that, the premium effects and the bragging rights that come with smoking top shelf weed and you'll be more likely to invest!

What types of weed are on the top shelf?

On the top shelf, you’ll find different colours of marijuana. There are various types of purple weed strains, some types of kush, and maybe even some orange weed. You definitely won’t find any brown weed on the top shelf. The types of marijuana available on the top shelf tend to be very dank, but what does dank mean? The definition of dank is typically just strong-smelling, potent marijuana of a very high quality. It can be kush or purple marijuana, anything high-quality and potent.

smoke premium marijuanaMagazine-worthy shots coming in from @resinated_lens of their premium supply.


Why do you want top shelf weed?

Top shelf weed is the best weed available on the market. Not only is this bud higher quality, it’s also more potent which means it’ll take less to get you feeling high, so you’ll use less. If you can afford top shelf weed, it’s far better for you and provides a better smoking experience than the alternative. We will warn you though, once you try this stuff, you’ll never want to go back. Your days of smoking weed stems will be long gone. 


Different types of weed considered “top shelf”

There are many different weed types that are considered top shelf. One of the best known strains in this category is Kush. But what is kush? The meaning of kush is simple. It’s merely a type of indica strain. There are many different varieties of kush available on the market, as well. You could always consult a weed chart to help guide you to the right strain for you.

Here are a couple of top shelf strains for 2019 that you can be on the lookout for:

nug cannabis chemdawg strain Chemdawg on the go. Photo courtesy @dank_keepingkind


3 essential tips to help you buy top shelf weed:

Need help buying that top shelf weed nug? We’re here to guide you through it!

1) Avoid cheap weed seeds.
Cheap weed seeds lead to cheap, nasty nug weed. It tastes awful, isn’t potent, and is definitely a far cry from top shelf weed. You want a strain that comes from a higher quality and more costly seed that’s going to produce the quality of weed you’re after.
2) Stay away from shake weed.
What is shake weed? Shake weed is weed that is so dry and of such poor quality that it falls apart, resembling ground up weed in consistency. This is obviously less than desirable and a sign that the weed is of a much lesser quality than what would be considered top shelf.
3) Consult the professionals.
It’s always a good idea to do your research when after a specific product of a certain quality. This will help you feel certain that you’re getting the quality marijuana you’re expecting. Make sure you’re trusting only the most reliable sources for your information.
If you’re purchasing from a dispensary, you can always consult with the staff to guide you to the perfect strain for you. Their employees are highly trained to know their inventory intimately, provide helpful information, and point you in the direction of the right strain for you.


blunt weed kush @green_market_ventures going extravagant with top shelf nugs decked out with shatter!



Finding the best top shelf weed for you can be a challenge, but we hope this article helped guide you through it. There are many top shelf strains from which you can choose, each offering different benefits and traits that make that particular strain unique. Once you try a top shelf strain, you’ll never be able to go back to mid or low grade weed again.
In this article you learned three essential tips to help you buy top shelf marijuana, what top shelf marijuana is, and why you want to buy it. You learned some of the strains that are considered top shelf and the difference between mid and high grade weed. 
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Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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