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The Green Solution | Nectar Bee Cartridge


The Green Solution is a family-owned and operated business that has medical and recreational dispensary green solution locations all across Colorado. In particular, their brick and mortar location on Federal Blvd provides a safe and friendly environment for cannabis first-timers and experts to buy top-of-the-line, award-winning cannabis products.

Background on The Green Solution Dispensary

The Green Solution dominates the Colorado cannabis dispensary business. The idea to open up a dispensary in Colorado began after twin brothers Kyle and Eric Speidell experienced a downturn during the real estate crash between 2008 and 2009. Kyle sold his brother on the plan to start up a cannabis dispensary. They opened up their first store in Northglenn as one of the only two licenses awarded in the city at that time.

The Green Solution Colorado expanded to 14 conveniently-located dispensaries across the state. The Green Solution has also won over 70 awards for their lines of edibles, concentrates, and flowers at some of the most prestigious cannabis industry competitions. Their locations are sleek and streamlined for the best customer experience.

The Green Solution Westminster on Federal front

(The Green Solution on Federal front, image source: Marijuana

The Green Solution Dispensary on Federal Blvd

Located on 6681 Federal Blvd, The Green Solution Denver is just a half of a mile walk to the Westminster commuter rail station. This convenient dispensary store is located north of highway 76 and south of highway 36. The Green Solution locations on Federal helps serve cannabis users in the following communities:

  • Western Hills
  • South Westminster
  • Twin Lakes
  • Sherrelwood
  • Lamar Heights
  • East Arvada
  • Berkeley
  • Zuni

Special attention is placed on customer experiences from the moment you walk into the store to the moment you leave. Forgot your cash? They have an ATM in the lobby. The Green Solution on Federal even has bilingual employees to help customers who only speak Spanish. This dispensary also provides wheelchair access for patients with disabilities.

The Green Solution Loyalty Program and Discounts

Download “The Green Lifestyle” app to earn rewards, stay updated on events, and get first dibs on new products. Plus, you get a $10 sign-up bonus on your next purchase. With every purchase, you accumulate 5 points and get 420 points on your birthday month. You can redeem your points at the following point levels:

  • $5 (100 points)
  • $10 (200 points)
  • $15 (300 points)
  • $25 (500 points)
  • $50 (1000 points)
  • $75 (1500 points)
  • $100 (2000 points)

The Green Solution Colorado supports our troops (active and retired). Show your military ID to get 15 percent off. If you have a medical card, you also qualify for the 15 percent discount on every purchase. The Green Solution medical dispensary offers competitive pricing in the Denver area due to its low tax rate. In fact, it’s one of the lowest tax rates in the area.

How to Buy Cannabis at The Green Solution 

New to The Green Solution? If you’re 21 and older (medical and recreational), you can visit any location. You don’t need to be a Colorado or U.S. resident to buy, as long as you have a valid state ID or passport. If you’re in a hurry, you can sign up for an account online and place your order beforehand. You can pick it up at The Green Solution’s Express Pickup window. They’ll hold your product for up to 24 hours.

Once inside, a retail associate will escort you throughout the store and guide you through your purchase, which can be helpful for first-time customers. According to Colorado law, you can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana flower, eight grams of concentrate, or 800mg (THC) of edibles. Only Colorado residents can buy clones and seeds.

The Green Solutions is all about customer satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, The Green Solution dispensary will give you thirty days to return products or seven days for electronic accessories and (GREEN) Genetics Clones/Seeds/Pollen to get store credit. Sales are final on glass, apparel, and non-electronic accessories.

The Green Solution Flower Selection

The Green Solution cannabis flower

(The Green Solution cannabis flower, image source:

In terms of marijuana flower strains, The Green Solution on Federal categorizes them in five strain categories: Signature, Feature, Top Shelf, Value, and Ground Flower.

The signature series features premium brands of cannabis flower like the Honest Marijuana Company, The Bonzai Collection, and Willie’s Reserve. More specifically, this location carries an OG Kush x G Funk indica, Lucinda Williams sativa, Purple OG indica, Dream Berry Haze sativa, and Ogre Kush indica.

The Green Solution Feature Strain category consists of house-bred harvests with top-notch genetics. Here are a few of their options:

  • Bogart Blues (Sativa; 20.64% THC)
  • Chem OG (Sativa; 21.06% THC)
  • Grape Escape (Sativa hybrid; 24.49 THC)
  • OG Kush (Indica hybrid; 21.56% THC)

For those budget smokers, you can’t go wrong with the robust top-shelf selection at The Green Selection at Westminster. Give the following strains a try.

  • Chemdawg (Sativa hybrid)
  • Cherry Tree (Sativa; 16.23% THC)
  • Lion Tamer (Hybrid; 18.50% THC)
  • Sour Breath (Sativa hybrid; 22.97% THC)
  • Silverback (Indica; 17.10% THC)

The Green Solution Bonzai Pre 98 x Stardawg strain

(The Bonzai Collection Pre 98 x Stardawg strain, image source: TGS

The Green Solution at Westminster offers a Value Strain category for patients who can’t afford the top shelf of premium strains. Here are the strains at their Federal location:

  • Royal Sensi (Indica; 21.06% THC)
  • The REM (Sativa; 14.80% THC)

While most of the trichomes are on the cannabis flower itself, there are also trichomes on the stem, leaves, and trimmings of the plant. The Green Solution medical dispensary has a Ground Flower category that gives you premium trim from the Bubba Kush (indica hybrid) strain.

The Green Solution Westminster Concentrate Selection

Concentrate lovers will appreciate the wide selection and category types of concentrates: Ultra Pure, Pure, Natural, and Select. Their Ultra Pure concentrates cater to the health-conscious dabber. These products do not contain chemical residue that can harm the body.

If you’re a vape pen enthusiast, Nectarbee’s 500mg Co2-extracted oil cartridge comes in sativa, hybrid, and indica strains. These Nectar bee cartridges contain at most 77% THC, so tread lightly. Give Nectarbee’s 500mg Twistpenser a try if you want to fill your own cartridge. Finally, dabbers will love Harmony Extract’s THCA crystals and live nectar sauce.

Under their Pure category, you’ll find Caviar which is a premium flower bud covered in hash oil and coated with trichomes. Other concentrate forms include award-winning shatter, wax, live batter, pie crust, cartridges, roll-ons, and disposable pens.

The Green Solution Denver Edible Selection

The Green Solution Nectarbee Key Lime Truffle

(Nectarbee Key Lime Truffle, image source: TGS

Edibles nectar bee cartridges provide delayed but long-lasting effects in a variety of flavors and products. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth. You’ll appreciate their line of truffles in Key Lime (Hybrid), Raspberry Cheesecake (Sativa), S’more (Indica), and Hazelnut Chai (CBD) varieties.

If you’re on-the-go, try the discreet and convenient 10mg gummies infused with THC. They come in a 4-pack and include flavors like Mimosa, Oranges & Cream, Passion Fruit, and Blueberry Acai. The Green Solution medical dispensary also makes their own line of chocolate flavors like cool mint milk chocolate, peanut butter and pretzel milk chocolate, milk chocolate toffee, mint crunch, and classic marble.

If you want to quench your thirst and consume cannabis, give their line of cola drinks a try. Get them in regular cola, orange flavored, root beer, tropical lime, CBD ginger ale, and stillwater green tea versions. You can even get powders to mix in your drinks. Finally, tinctures provide one of the most potent and fast acting effects when you apply them sublingually. Give their berry, honey, or CBD flavors a shot.

The Green Solution Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls provide a traditional way to smoke marijuana. Get them in single servings, packs, or specialty rolls. Packs come in five or ten so you can get the party started. Specialty rolls available include the following:

  • Pre-roll trifecta
  • 24k Gold Cone
  • Tulip Joint
  • Oversized Joint
  • Joint covered in hash and trichomes
  • Cigar filled with cannabis and rolled in cannabis fan leaves

The Green Solution Topicals

Nectarbee Menthol Salve

Cannabis-infused topicals nectar bee cartridges can treat specific areas and lack psychoactive effects to can improve pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. Choose from a host of creams, nerve salves, lip balms, suppositories, and an aroma-heavy lavender bath soak. Transdermal patches that provide discreet relief can be found in THCA, CBD, and THC varieties.

If you’re a Colorado resident, you can purchase clones in two-packs: (Tangie x Chocolope) or (Twista x Pure Afghan 7)

The Green Solution Accessories and Apparel

The location on Federal gives you all the cannabis accessories and paraphernalia you need. Purchase specialty formulas to get your glass sparkling clean. Replace any part of your dab gear when it breaks. Get yourself a grinder to pack joints or a bowl. You will be amazed at the variety of cannabis tech available. They even have storing options and humidity packs to keep your bud fresher for longer.

We know you’ll keep coming back to The Green Solution dispensary chain. If you want to show extra support to this business, get yourself some branded apparel in the form of t-shirts, lanyards, bikinis, board shorts, sweaters, hats, and socks. One of their more cheekier and retro-inspired clothing options include a ‘Smoke With A Local” t-shirt for under ten bucks.

The Green Solution Hours, Locations and Phone Number

The Green Solution at Westminster is open daily from 9 am to 8:45 pm. If you already know what you want, feel free to call in your order at (720) 501-2378. Apart from their location at Westminster, The Green Solution Colorado has 14 other locations in Colorado with more coming soon. Check out the following locations (store hours vary) if you’re in the area:

  • 409 North Commercial Street, Trinidad, CO 81082
  • 810 North College Avenue, Ft Collins, CO 80524
  • 645 Water Street, Silver Plume, CO 80476
  • 19370 E Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80015
  • 470 Malley Drive, Northglenn, CO 80233
  • 3179 South Peoria Court, Aurora, CO 80014
  • 14301 East Colfax Avenue, Aurora, CO 80011
  • 350 Potomac Street, Aurora, CO 80012
  • 1450 Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80010
  • 4400 Grape Street, Denver, CO 80216
  • 6020 West 20th Avenue. Edgewater, CO 80214
  • 4151 East Kentucky Ave, Glendale, CO 80246
  • 2601 West Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219
  • 1995 Wewatta Street, Denver, CO 80202

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