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12 Best Water Pipe Accessories You Need in Your Life Right Now!

Water pipe with ash catcher attached, image courtesy of Bong and Vape 97st on Instagram

Maybe you got a little too high – we have heard of such things – and accidentally knocked your water pipe slide off the counter, onto the floor, where it shattered into a thousand million pieces! Nooooooooo! Wait, step back from that ledge, my friend, and understand that once again we have come to your aid with this handy guide to the very best water pipe accessories! Let’s look at the parts of your water pipe, and then we’ll jump into showcasing all the cool stuff and things that you can buy for your water pipe, or bong.

The base of your bong may be cylindrical or shaped like a beaker, or maybe it has multiple chambers or is modular so it’s easy to add percolators and smoke chillers. Also, water pipes can be made from glass, silicone, metal or bamboo – just like weed pipes.

The bong bowl, also known as the bong slide, is where the process of hitting, or ripping, begins. The bowl slide attaches to the stem of your water pipe; the bong bowl and the bong stem joint have to be opposite-gendered, so that a male piece fits onto a female stem and vice versa. There are different-sized joints – you could have a 9mm bong slide and that would need to fit a 9mm stem joint; there are also 10mm downstem joints, 14mm downstem joints, on up to about 18mm – sometimes you see 14.4mm or an 18.8mm, or they may round up and label them 15mm or 19mm, but they are generally the same as the non-decimal sizes. A 14mm female bowl will fit a 14.4mm male stem joint. There are also adapters that help fit same-sexed or same-gendered bong slides and stems or adapt different sizes to fit together.

Some bowls are what’s known as ash catchers - or you can choose to get a separate glass ash catcher attachment - either way an ash catcher is exactly what it says on the label: it catches ash and any plant particulates in the smoke, keeping them out of your bong water and out of your mouth when you inhale. But ash catchers also help cool your smoke, that is why they are sometimes referred to as precoolers.

Water pipe downstems, or just stems, are long tubes that basically connect the bong bowl, or slide, to the water source – that being the bong base. Some bong bowls connect directly to the bong itself. Those are called stemless bong bowls.

Bong perc attachments, or percolators, are designed to cool, re-moisten, and filter the smoke as it’s pulled through your water pipe. When the weed smoke contacts water, filtration occurs - so the more surface area from bubbles you have, the more filtration you have, therefore the bubblier your bong the better! Percs can be disc, tree, inline, showerhead, donut, honeycomb and more – the whole idea is to produce lots and lots of bubbles for cleaning and cooling your hit of cannabis.

Those are the major accessories we are going to highlight for you – bowls, stems, and ash catchers – or precooler percs. The whole idea is to bring the THC and other cannabinoid goodies from your lit weed bowl slide through the water chamber and percs, and deliver a cooler, smoother, tastier vapor hit to your eager little mouth!


Staff Pick

Blaze Glass 11-Arm Reinforced Tree Perc Precooler - Blue - 14.5mm - $28.99

Blaze Glass 11-Arm Reinforced Tree Perc Precooler-Blue

This thing is a beast of a precooler, or ash catcher; it has a built-in 11-arm percolator! Blaze Glass 11-Arm Reinforced Tree Perc Precooler makes a ton of bubbles for increasing the water surface area to better filter and cool your weed smoke as it passes through on its way into your water pipe’s main chamber then upwards through the mouthpiece.

The 12.5cm / 5 inch clear borosilicate glass precooler from Blaze Glass is designed to fit any bong or water pipe with a 14.5mm female joint. The 11-armed, slitted and reinforced tree percolator is made of beautiful cobalt blue glass. It is an eye-catching addition to your set and will filter and cool your weed smoke for sublime, full-flavored hitting over and over and over again!

While this Blaze Glass precooler does not come with a bong bowl of its own, it will securely hold any male-ended herb bowl with a 14.5mm joint.

The sturdy piece has a stable, flat base and is decorated with a Blaze Glass decal on the outside of the  chamber.

Own it today for a mere $49.00 – throw in a smaller purchase and you get free shipping over $50!

What we love!

  • 12.5cm / 5 inches tall
  • Built-in 11-arm percolator for bunches of filtering bubbles
  • Reinforced tree percolator is made of beautiful cobalt blue glass
  • Securely holds any male-ended herb bowl with a 14.5mm joint
  • Stable, flat base

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MAV Glass Triple Chamber Showerhead Ashcatcher - $59.99

MAV Glass Triple Chamber Showerhead Ashcatcher

Three is a magic number and this 4-inch tall perc-tastic ash catcher has the power of three chambers to filter your weed smoke and chill it down sweetly for a velvety toke through your favorite water pipe.

First you have a good-sized removable showerhead downstem to reduce inhale drag and create all kinds of lovely, smoke-scrubbing bubbles; then, the second chamber is an overflow chamber to catch ash and leaf particulates. Finally, the upward-facing downstem chamber keeps any remaining smoky debris from traveling through the bong and into your mouth and lungs.

The other upside to all this extra filtration is a water pipe that stays cleaner longer!

You can get some basic filtration with just a hand pipe bubbler, sure – and a mini or full-sized bong will give you more filtration by itself without any percs; but if you really want to taste the purity of your weed without the ash and particulates, then you owe it to your taste buds and lungs to add ash catchers, percs or ash catcher-percolator combos to your rig, if you can, for an improved hitting experience.

And this 4mm-thick borosilicate glass piece has not just one, or just two, but three separate but connected chambers for phenomenal filtration! Just attach the ash catcher to either a 45 or 90-degree 14mm or 18-19mm female downstem on your water pipe to trap and contain most of the ash and partially burned plant matter that could otherwise end up in your pipe, thus making it dirty and putrid to smoke out of. By adding an extra filter to your water pipe, it drastically reduces dirt and grit in your hit!

If you agree with our staff pick then you can pick up yourself a 14mm or 18mm ash catcher for $59.99 plus tax and shipping – we think that you’ll find it a welcome addition to your water pipe set!

What we love!

  • 4-inch tall, three-chambered ash catcher
  • Made of 4mm-thick borosilicate glass
  • Removable showerhead downstem
  • 45 or 90-degree connectors available
  • 14mm or 18-19mm male-ended options

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Water Pipe Bowls/Sliders

Black Leaf Precooler "The Twin Cooler" - $31.99

Black Leaf Precooler-The Twin Cooler

In the same way that a bong is a water pipe and a water pipe is a bong (see more about this in our ‘11 Best Water Pipes in the World Right Now!’, so too is a precooler the same thing as an ash catcher – because they do the exact same thing! A precooler filters out ash and reduces the temperature of your bong or water pipe hit just like an ash catcher does. You might say a difference that makes no difference is no difference – and the only difference is in what you decide to call it!

So, the Black Leaf Precooler - Twin Cooler is for all intents and purposes a twin ash catcher.

That said, and having said that, the 13cm / 5.1 inch Black Leaf precooler is configured with a double chamber and has a built-in percolator for extra cool, extra smooth smoke.

Like most other Black Leaf ash catchers, the Twin Cooler is available in 14.5mm and 18.8mm male-ended joint sizes; and it is constructed from solid, thick 3.5mm glass.

You could add this inline ash catcher to your bong or water pipe for $31.99 plus tax and, because it is over $30, the shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Configured with a double chamber
  • Built-in percolator for cooling and smoothness
  • 13cm / 5.1-inch tall Black Leaf precooler
  • Constructed from solid, thick 3.5mm glass.
  • Available in 14.5mm and 18.8mm male-ended joint sizes

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2.5" Vader Bowl 14mm - $18.20

2 and a half inch Vader Bowl-14mm

If you only knew the power of a dank bowl! This geeky cool Dark Lord of the Sith bong bowl was made in homage to the Jedi-formerly-known-as-Anakin-Skywalker, Darth Vader of Star Wars movie saga infamy.

The Vader head glass water pipe slide is a 14mm male-ended bowl (after all, Vader is Luke’s father) and works with any 14mm downstem with a female joint, making a fine addition to your bong set – especially if it’s black!

Though the color of the 2 ½ inches tall, thick glass piece is emerald, colors and styles could vary depending on availability!

You can acquire one of these most impressive 14mm water pipe bowls for $6 USD (or Imperial credits) and it will be delivered to your door by Imperial Walker… or maybe just a UPS truck!

What we love!

  • Darth Freaking Vader! Seriously, light up some Death Star weed strain, put on the Star Wars Imperial March and you’ll be tripping through hyperspace!
  • 14mm male-ended bowl
  • 2 ½ inches tall
  • Thick emerald glass – colors and styles could vary

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Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Ash Catcher 14mm or 18mm - $39.95

Honeycomb-to-Turbine Perc Ash Catcher-14mm-or-18mm

Two-in-one is always good – maybe it’s more like three-in-one, but either way it’s definitely good! This bestselling ash catcher also has a honeycomb and turbine perc built in! So, it will trap ash and particulates and it will spin up some bubbles for maximum filtration and smoothness for your hit! Bubbles in your water pipe increase surface area so that ash and grit get washed out, but the potent cannabinoid goodness passes through and heads on up the mouthpiece and into your happy little lungs!

Not only is this a two-in-one ash catcher and perc, but you have your choice of 14mm or 18mm connectors – meaning that it will likely fit most bongs without the need for an adapter.

While this is a functional piece for your bong or water pipe, it’s also got vibrant blue or green accents – or you can go with clear if that’s your jam! No worries that it won’t look good attached to your favorite water pipe! The Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Ash Catcher has a 90-degree joint that works best with stemless bongs; it would not work as well with a beaker bong that has 45-degree sloped sides. Geometry, turns out it has a usefulness beyond high school!

Now is the time you can either open your wallet to the tune of $39.95, or make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $9.99 apiece; or you can continue to pick ash and grit from your teeth after your bong hits. Oh, and for US residents, the shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Ash catcher has a honeycomb built in
  • Also has a turbine perc
  • You have your choice of 14mm or 18mm connectors
  • 90-degree joint works well with stemless bongs
  • Vibrant blue or green accents; also available in clear

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Silicone Ash Catcher by Waxmaid - $24.00

Silicone Ash Catcher by Waxmaid

You don’t want your water pipe rig tipping over and crashing to the ground – you can’t hit from it laying there, the water will leak out, and it upsets the cat!

What’s lit is that Waxmaid makes a line of Silicone Ash Catchers that weighs less than half the weight of glass ash catchers.

What is even awesomer is that the Silicone Ash Catcher also comes with a universal joint to fit most standard-sized bongs – so, it will fit either 14mm or 18mm joint sizes because of the tiered silicone joint attachment; also, the flexible joint provides a good seal.

Featuring a long diffused downstem and large chamber, the Silicone Ash Catcher filters out particulates from the smoke as it travels through from the bowl. That would be its one and only job, and it does it well!

The Silicone Ash Catcher comes in red, green, pink or blue accents and you can buy your own for $24.00, plus tax; and they offer you free, discreet shipping – it won’t come through your window in a sock with a brick, but it’ll be discreet – maybe just some brown wrapping paper.

What we love!

  • Weighs less than half the weight of glass ash catchers
  • Comes with a universal joint to fit either 14mm or 18mm joint sizes
  • Long diffused downstem
  • Large chamber
  • Available with red, green, pink or blue accents
  • Free, discreet shipping

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18mm X 14mm Glass On Glass Male Glass Downstem - $7.99

18mm  X  14mmGlass-on-Glass Female Glass Downstem

Stems are a bit like straws, but you don’t put your mouth on them, you put your weed bowl on them! Your mouth goes on the mouthpiece, which is the opposite end of the whole process. Maybe the best analogy would be the stem of a hand pipe, which connects the bowl to the mouthpiece. Forget the whole straw thing, that was the weed talking!

This 5-inch long downstem is called an 18mm X 14mm glass stem because one end fits an 18mm male glass-on-glass joint on your bong and the other end is for use with a 14mm female-ended water pipe bowl – so, if you see that kind of ‘Xmm x Ymm’ notation, you’ll know what it means. Looks scarily like algebra, but it’s not!

The 18mm X 14mm Pyrex glass stem piece is also a ‘diffused downstem’, which means the bottom of the glass downstem offers extra diffusion and helps to cool your pot smoke. Not bad for a simple glass tube, eh?

The price is a relatively painless $9.99 or an even more painless 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $2.00; and there’s free US shipping, which is great – if you’re in the States.

What we love!

  • One end is an 18mm male glass on glass joint for your bong, the other end is for use with a 14mm female-ended water pipe bowl
  • 5 inches long, or tall
  • Downstem offers extra diffusion and helps to cool your smoke
  • Pretty inexpensive at $9.99; can also make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $2.00

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Buddie Burners Stack-a-Bowl - $19.99

Buddie Burners Stack-a-Bowl

Three bowls in one – how could we not feature this one? You could go off three different kinds of weed at once; you could do a sativa, a hybrid and an indica strain all at the same time – which would be like a super-duper-hybrid hit or something!

Stack-a-Bowl from Buddie Burners is a great way to mix up a blend of your favorite herb strains for an afternoon of long bong blasts.

Each 3 ½-inch tall Stack-a-Bowl has a 14mm male connector for a 14mm downstream.

Thrice is nice! Order your Stack-a-Bowl with distinctive Buddie Burners Decal for $19.99 - or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $4.00.

What we love!

  • Three water pipe bowls in one
  • Great way to mix up a blend of your favorite herb strains
  • 3 ½ inches tall
  • 14mm male connector for a 14mm downstream
  • Distinctive Buddie Burners Decal

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BoroDirect - Ashcatcher Bowl - $19.99

Boro Direct-  Ashcatcher Bowl

This water pipe glass piece has a deep, deep bowl and that means more weed when you hit – and that is never ever a bad thing!

The awesomeness doesn’t end with the deep bowl, however, for this particular water pipe piece has a built-in ash catcher for keeping your smoke clean and particulate-free when you hit! Ever toke on a glass hand pipe with a holey wire mesh screen and gotten hot ash in your mouth and bits of leaf in your teeth? Uncool! This Ashcatcher Bowl for bongs and-slash-or water pipes prevents that unfortunate nastiness!

With a fixed downstem, the Ashcatcher Bowl comes in your choice of joint size and gender – which is rare and wonderful, because that means you can pick one up that is suited to your favorite water pipe without worrying about a secure fit. Who doesn’t want less worry? Weed should be worry-free! Your options are between 14mm male or female and 18mm male or female, check your bong and select the size that fits.

Drop $19.99 – or 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $5.00 – and BoroDirect Ashcatcher Bowl can be yours; and you get free US shipping.

What we love!

  • Deep bowl
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Choose between 14mm male or female and 18mm male or female joints
  • Reasonably priced at $19.99, or you can make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $5.00

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Grav 14mm Arcline Bowl - $29.99

GRAV 14mm Arcline Bowl - 29_99

Classic - like a beautiful woman or a beautiful sculpture, this glass water pipe piece radiates elegance and style! Inspired by the Tuscan columns of ancient Italian architecture, the Arcline 14mm bowl from Grav is made with thick, solid, high-quality glass.

The connector on this male-ended glass bong bowl has a flame polished Grav logo etching and snugly fits any and all female stem joints – as you would want it to so as to prevent smoke from leaking out and diluting your hit!

The joint is finished, or ground, so that the parts don’t become stuck together when heated – which would suck for bong parts or people parts and could be rather… awkward!

You can own this sleek, on-fleek thick glass bong bowl from Grav’s Arcline Collection for $29.99 - or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $6.00; and the shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Beautiful, classy look Inspired by the Tuscan columns
  • Made from high-quality thick glass
  • Male-ended glass bong bowl
  • Finished, or ground, joint so that it won’t stick in your bong’s downstem
  • Flame polished Grav logo etching


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Water Pipe Stems

3.5" Stem w/Bowl - 14mm - $2.00

4 and a half Inch Stem-with-Bowl-14mm

Flowers have stems – just think how stubby and boring a flower would be without a stem between the roots and the petals! Removable stems make your bong or water pipe easy to clean, customizable, and adaptable – all good things! Both your bong and the glass stem can be separately cleaned with a 91% isopropyl alcohol and salt water solution, you can lengthen the distance between base and bowl with a longer stem, and you can change the way your rig looks with a glass stem water pipe accessory.

This 3-and-a-half-inch long glass stem comes with a built-in bowl! How handy is that? Answer: very handy!

Crafted from top-quality glass, this glass water pipe stem with a bowl is made to fit a 14mm sized glass joint in the side of your bong.


What we love!

  • One-piece stem and bowl combo
  • Easy to clean, removable stem for compatible water pipes
  • 3-and-a-half-inch long glass stem
  • Made to fit a 14mm sized glass joint in the side of your bong

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Roll-uh-Bowl - Downstem + Bowl/Dabber – Fuchsia - $7.99

Roll-uh-Bowl Downstem and Bowl Dabber-Fuchsia

This metal bong stem is fuchsia – or as it’s commonly known, purple – and is specifically designed for Roll-uh-Bowl silicone water pipes, which we featured in our ‘12 Best Girly Bongs in the World Right Now!’ blog. Basically,  Roll-uh-Bowl is a collapsible rubber bong, like a snake-in-a-can gag but a bong; the idea is that it’s portable and fits into a purse or backpack easily, then it pops back to size when you get where you’re toking and unpack it.

These 9mm eject-a-bowl and stem pieces are made from anodized aerospace aluminum – so like the space shuttle or ISS - with a stainless steel spring and high temperature silicone grommet.

The Graffix™ composite downstem contains a 1-way stopper ball that glows in the dark. How can you call yourself a stoner if you don’t think glow-in-the-dark stuff is cool? It is very cool! Anyway, that little ball, other than the cool glow, prevents back splash.

You can also rearrange the components to create a male joint that can securely hold a domeless nail with female joint. It’s pretty versatile for an inexpensive metal bong stem!

Should you own a Roll-uh-Bowl water pipe, then you might consider picking this downstem with bowl-to-dab-nail conversion option for $9.99 or 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $2.50 each; plus tax and shipping.

What we love!

  • 9mm stem for Roll-uh-Bowl water pipe
  • Bowl and stem are made of anodized aerospace aluminum
  • Metal parts are fuchsia (purple) shaded
  • Stainless steel spring
  • High temperature silicone grommet
  • 9mm Graffix™ composite downstem with 1-way stopper ball
  • 1-way stopper ball glows in the dark

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Water pipe with percs in the setting sun, image from The Dab Cottage on Instagram
(Water pipe with percs in the setting sun, image from The Dab Cottage on Instagram)


Everything’s got parts – you, your car, your cat, a lot of things - and water pipes, or bongs, are no different. Those parts can wear out, or meet with an unfortunate mishap, and you have to buy bong replacement parts or new water pipe accessories. There are bong bowls or bongs slides, Pyrex pipes or downstems, ash catchers and percs (percolators) that can replace your bong parts or accessorize your water pipe for a better toking experience. Most of the available parts for water pipes are made from borosilicate glass, but there are also metal bong stems for specialty bongs like Roll-uh-Bowl, and there are some silicone water pipe accessories. There are even modular bongs that are all parts like the STAX modular bongs system - so you start with a base and then add percs, or a bong mouthpiece, maybe an inline ash catcher, creating a custom water pipe that filters and cools the way you want, delivering you the best possible taste when you take a rip.

If you have a TAG (Thick Ass Glass) water pipe you may decide to accessorize with a new, longer glass stem, or a Helix ash catcher, or replace the bong slide or bong bowl with something else to suit your needs and your personal tastes. That’s up to you – you may only need a 9mm bong slide for your mini bong versus 18mm glass bowls for larger water pipes. Whether you need glass bong replacement parts or metal smoking pipe parts, we’ve tried to include different water pipe accessory options that should work for most water pipes or bongs out there. Sure, you can do okay without, but it’s better to use an ash catcher bowl or add a glass ash catcher with perc to your water pipe set up to keep the pipe cleaner and your hits tastier and debris-free! If you use your water pipe a lot, and really want to enjoy smoking from it, then invest in some water pipe accessories for your beloved bong and take your weed enjoyment up to stratospheric levels – that’s really high!

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