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10 Best Stealth Pipes for Discreetly Smoking

Stealth Pipes

A discreet bong is a wonderful item to have for a smoker on the go. Though the stigmatization that has come with weed over the decades is slowly fading, we understand that sometimes a smoker wants to toke in peace by using a more discreet piece. The need for hidden weed pipes has always been, well, high. The beauty of secret pipes, also known as stealth pipes, is that you can store them in plain sight without anyone knowing what you've got hooked on your necklace or stashed inside your bracelet! They're easily assumed to be mere accessories and not a discreet bong. While this obviously works better for pipes that resemble real life objects, like the lipstick pipe pictured below, each discreet bomg on this list also tends to hide well in plain sight. Most discreet pipes are small in size, quick to load with herb, and come at an incredibly low price, making them a worthwhile investment.

Unveiling Stealth Pipes: Master the Art of Discreet Smoking with Ingenious Designs

lipstick hide marijuana

Carry this lipstick pipe anywhere with you! Photo: @deskgram

You can’t go wrong with a discreet bong; they’re insanely affordable, conveniently stored, and easy to hide in plain sight. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down the seemingly endless list of stealth pipes to help you pick the best one for you. Our list includes stealth bracelet pipes, disguised bongs, necklace pipes, stealth one hitter pipes, and more.

Pyptek - Prometheus Nano Pipe - $49.99

discreet smoking pipe

Have a favourite colour? Photo: @pyptek

This is the best discreet bong around. Its pocket size and the fact that it resembles a small portable flashlight make it one of the best incognito pipes available on the market. The Pyptek Prometheus Nano is a glass pipe with an aluminum shell, protecting the glass, making transportation easy. Similar to a one-hitter design, this 3” long pipe is tricked out with the impeccable Pyptek Prometheus system, guaranteeing you huge, flavorful rips each and every time.

What we love!

  • Small size
  • Durability
  • Great smoke quality



    Metal Mushroom Stealth Pipe with Necklace - $4.79


    mushroom marijuana smokeNever lose track of your mushroom buddy when you wear it as a necklace! Photo: @grasscity

    This discreet bong is one of the absolute best hidden tobacco pipes available on the market. It’s incredibly portable, lightweight, and durable; wear it like it's one of your favourite new accessories! It’s easy to clean and hits like a dream. This discreet bong definitely takes stealthy to the next level by making it look like a necklace.
    What we love!
    • Fun colours
    • Necklace strap
    • Smooth hits
    • Easily and conveniently portable



    Metal Twister Spring Pipe Small - $3.99


    pipe travel smokeTravel anywhere with this handy metal spring pipe! Photo: @Shiva Online

    Skip rolling blunts with this small and easy to store Metal Twister Spring Pipe is the ultimate discreet bong. Its small design makes it discreet and easy to tuck away while its three detachable parts make it beyond easy to clean. It’s highly portable and the easy-to-clean design helps it earn its place on this list as one of the best sneaky pipes available.

    What we love!

    • Small size
    • Easy to use
    • Portability
    • Durability
    • Incredibly low price
    • Perfect pipe for travel or a quick hit on the go



    MiniMax Pro Vaporizer - $39.99


    cannabis discreet smokeJust don't mistake this fob for your car key! Photo: @nextdayvapeusa

    Keychain weed pipes like this beauty are almost identical to a common key fob for a vehicle. This discreet bong is easily disguised, conveniently portable, and very durable. Its compact style makes it pocket-friendly and quite easy to conceal. The MiniMax Pro has various voltage options so you can customize your smoking experience. It features a long battery life, is quick to load flower into, and is compatible with e-juice.
    What we love!
    • Discreet stealthy appearance
    • Small size
    • Smooth rips
    • Customizable smoking experience



    Ballpoint Pen Stealth Pipe - $4.79


    smoke discreet stealthThis is one pen you'll always want to make sure you have in your bag! Photo: @Grasscity

    This super discreet bong looks just like an everyday ballpoint pen. It’s incredibly portable - would easily fit into a pocket - and easy to use. This is the perfect one-hitter that’s also super discreet. It can be easily hidden, all you’ll have to worry about is not letting a friend borrow the wrong pen.
    What we love!
    • Extremely discreet and super stealthy
    • Great one-hitter
    • Conveniently portable
    • Good smoking experience
    • Great price


    Aluminum Torch Pipe - $7.19

    secret kush pipeDiscreet and portable, this torch pipe will help you catch your high anywhere you go! Photo: @loudersmoke

    Resembling a small camping flashlight on a keychain, this is one of the stealthiest dry herb pipes available on the market. Constructed of high-quality aluminum, this discreet bong has an extremely discreet and portable design. The parts of the pipe are detachable, making it easy to clean. It’s only 3.7” long and will easy fit into any backpack, purse, or even your pocket; it comes with a handy keychain attachment so you can even hook it on the outside if you want.
    What we love!
    • Small size
    • Looks just like a flashlight
    • Keychain attachment
    • Durable construction
    • Low price



    The Bukket: Accordion Style Gravity Pipe - $18.95


    accordian bong stealthUnique and fun, this accordion bong will have everyone wondering what it is! Photo: @CheapSmokingAccessories

    This one-of-a-kind, accordion-style folding discreet bong is sure to be the best gravity pipe available. Its small size and collapsible structure make it easy to stash without settling for a sub-par smoking experience. This pipe requires absolutely no water and is constructed of incredibly sturdy, practically unbreakable silicone. Unlike hidden glass bongs, this one is easier to hide and won't shatter if it slips or gets knocked over. It comes in four colours: green, blue, purple, and yellow. This is one of the best gravity pipes available (here's a list of some of our other favourites!).
    What we love!
    • Collapsible nature makes it the perfect stealth bong
    • Affordable price
    • Bright colours
    • Durability
    • Great smoking experience
    • Waterless



    Pulsar - Silicone Knuckle Bubbler Dab Rig - $59.95


    bong marijuana knuckle high
    Easy to grip and next to impossible to destroy, this is the perfect travel buddy! Photo: @TheBongShop

    Okay, we'll admit, this one's a little bright to be called a discreet bong, but it's so easy to take with you we couldn't leave it off the list! This silicone bubbler is easy to hold, easily portable, and practically unbreakable. While it isn’t the most stealth water pipe, its small size and flexible, yet durable construction make it an incredibly easily hidden bong. This bubbler can be used as a dab rig or a bubbler.
    What we love!
    • Durability
    • Lightweight and easy to hold
    • Great for passing in a smoke session
    • Can be used as bubbler or dab rig
    • Comes in a variety of bright, fun colors


    Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - $96.93

    vaporizer cannabis travel

    Are you as obsessed with this beautiful little pocket companion as we are? Photo: @420Magazine

    The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is an awesome and convenient stealth pipe. Despite its small size, this little box vaporizer has a large compartment for your herb, making it the perfect on-the-go pipe. It can fit easily in your pocket or in any bag and doesn’t hit as harshly as most small pipes. Its wooden build gives it unique character, perfect for anyone who wants a pipe that stands out - for good reasons - from the other types of flower vaporizers on the market.
    What we love:
    • Easy to clean
    • Wood finish
    • Great for bringing out your flower's medicinal properties
    • Affordable


    Cigarette Style One-Hitter Pipe - $1.59 

    cigarette one hitter pipe cannabisTake this cigarette-style pipe anywhere with you! Photo: @WeedRepublic

    This awesome one-hitter is durable, convenient, and discreet. Its cigarette-style design makes it incredibly stealthy and portable, due to its small size. This pipe is beyond affordable and, thanks to its metal construction, it's also super durable. It’s really easy to use and is capable of hiding in plain sight.

    What we love:
    • Durable construction
    • Unbelievably low price
    • Great smoking experience for a one-hitter
    • Easy to use



    What is a Stealth Smoking Pipe?

    A Stealth Smoking Pipe is a discreet and compact device designed for inconspicuous smoking. These pipes are typically small in size, allowing users to easily conceal them in their palm or pocket. The discreet design makes them ideal for on-the-go use without drawing attention. Despite their small size, they are crafted to provide a satisfying smoking experience. Some stealth pipes feature additional elements like folding or magnetic parts, contributing to their portability and discreet nature. Whether for travel or privacy, a Stealth Smoking Pipe offers a convenient and subtle way to enjoy smoking sessions.

    Is a Stealth Pipe Right For Me?

    Determining if a Stealth Pipe is right for you depends on your smoking preferences and lifestyle. If you value portability and the ability to enjoy a quick smoke without drawing attention, a Stealth Pipe could be a great fit. These discreet pipes are designed for on-the-go use and can be easily concealed. They're suitable for individuals who prioritize privacy or want a compact smoking option. However, if you prefer larger pipes or elaborate designs, a Stealth Pipe might not be the best choice. Consider your smoking habits and the environments in which you typically enjoy your sessions to decide if a Stealth Pipe aligns with your needs.

    How To Smoke From a Stealth Smoking Device?

    While various styles of stealth pipes are available, the prevalent design is the one-hitter or chillum. Typically, it comprises a short hollow tube with a hidden bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. Simply load a small amount of loose smoking material into the concealed bowl, ignite it, and enjoy a discreet puff from your secret smoking device.

    Stealth Pipes vs. Dugout Systems

    Dugout pipes and Stealth pipes excel in discreet use. Dugout pipes often masquerade as everyday items, such as cigarettes. The distinction lies in the setup – a stealth pipe is an independent device, while a dugout system features a dedicated carrying case with a custom compartment "dug out" to fit your pipe. If you prioritize both stealth and convenience, exploring these dugout systems is highly recommended.


    Now that we have walked you through our 10 top pipes for those who like to be a little more discrete than others, it's time to decide which pipe is your perfect fit. Whether you are a fan of vaporizers and elect to take the more modern path or prefer to keep it old school with stealth pipes, you'll find yourself far happier and far higher no matter which you choose.

    Luckily, there is a wide variety of incognito pipes available on the market to keep your smoking convenient and you won't have to keep rolling papers. Some prefer those with an incredibly stealthy construction, like the discreet bong that resembles a cigarette, and others prefer the pipes that are quick to load and easy to store.
    In this list, we’ve covered all the best discreet pipes available on the market. Whether you prefer a product that resemble real-life objects like lipstick that'll fit into a pocket or a cigarette, ones that are conveniently portable like the monkey pipe and cool accordion-style gravity bong, or the ones that can be worn as a necklace or used as a keychain, we’ve covered some of the best!

    You can’t go wrong with a discreet pipe; they’re incredibly affordable, easily stored, and conveniently hidden. We hope this article helped you find the stealth pipe of your dreams!

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