16 Best Bong Bowls - Every Budget Covered!

Jan 18 , 2019

16 Best Bong Bowls - Every Budget Covered!


If you want to rip some weed and get it on, you gotta get a bong! Once you have one, or a water pipe, you next need to find what is arguably the most important piece in your bong set. A bong bowl, or bong slide!

For the uninitiated, the bowl piece for bongs comes in assorted bowl sizes - 9mm bong slide, 10mm bowl, 14mm glass bowl, 18mm bowl, 19mm bowl – which dictate how much weed leaf you are burning with each hit, or rip, off your water pipe. 

When you are slider-for-bong shopping, you also want a style of glass bowl that matches you and your bong, taking into account the joint size - does the bowl male piece, or joint, fit into your bong’s female joint? When you’re talking joints vs bowls, you’re usually talking about the connections between bong and bowl; standard water pipes are usually female, bong bowls generally have male ends - but not always - so you need to pair the receptacle, or bong stem, with the plug, or bong bowl, so that they are opposites.

The facts of life are that whether you have a straight tubular bong, a beaker-shaped bong or one of those creatively artistic bongs, all different types of bongs are smoked largely the same way: putting water in the base, packing weed the bong bowl or bong slider, lighting the ganja, letting the chamber fill with smoke, lifting out the bong bowl plug and taking a deep inhale through the mouthpiece.

You’re going to need a bowl piece for bongs (and glass screens for bowls), once you have bought a bong of your own, therefore we’ve detailed some of the best of the best when it comes to bong bowls below.


Staff Pick 

Cheech Glass - 14mm Color Bong Bowl - $12.50

14mm color bong bowls by Cheech Glass

A great choice no matter if you are a pro, or just starting out. This 14mm Color Bong Bowl by Cheech Glass features thick glass with a deep funnel-shaped push bowl, which is perfect for smoking flower. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these bong slides fit any standard 14mm female bong, bubbler or water pipe joint. Attached to the herb bowl is a wide, flat handle for easy handling and to prevent the slide from rolling unexpectedly.

What we love!

  • Deep funnel-shaped push bowl, which fits any standard 14mm female bong stem
  • Wide, disc-shaped handle for easy handling to prevent burning your fingers
  • Comes in an array of colors: blue, green, clear, black, etc  
  • Great price, less than $15

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Standard Glass Bong Bowls (Water Pipe Slides)


Badass Glass 18mm Female Bowl Piece - $11.95

Badass glass 18mm female bowl piece

Direct from the workshop of local home-grown glass blowers Badass Glass in Orange County, California, this half-crystal clear, half-frosted 18mm female bowl makes a nice addition to any standard bong with an 18mm male stem!

This simple but sweet little slide also works well with oil rigs; in fact, with an 18mm direct inject, by removing the oil dome and glass nail and then sliding the female bowl over, you instantly convert your oil rig into a regular water pipe. Boom! Not too shabby!

This particular badass Badass Glass 18mm female bowl piece also features a helpful handle so you don't burn your fingers when you pull the plug to draw in your blast of smoke.

What we love!

  • The stylish half-clear, half-frosted 18mm female bowl 
  • The bowl easily fits any standard bong with an 18mm male stem
  • Sliding the Badass female bowl over the 18mm male direct inject on an oil rig instantly converts the oil rig into a water pipe
  • Never hurts to have a handle off to the side to keep you from burning your fingers after successive bong rip pulls
  • Free shipping on every order and a 1 day wait to ship after you order so you get your Badass glass bong bowl cheap and easy
  • A quality glass bong bowl that is a steal at $11.95

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  Small Clear Glass Bowls


Dank Geek Small Clear Glass Bowl - $11.99

Dank Geek small clear glass bowl

While these Dank Geek cylindrical bowls may not have handles, they do helpfully come as small as 10mm, for your small bongs or bubblers, yet they also have 14mm and 18mm sizes also available for those folks out there with big bad bongs! Also, you can conveniently specify either male or female glass bowl ends when you order, so that you know the bowl will have the opposite end to fit your bong’s stem.

The colored-marble accents on the side of the slider bowl can be blue, green, pink, purple or white, so that you can match them with your bong, your fingernails, your hair color, or whatever suits your fancy. These nifty little Dank Geek cylindrical glass bong bowls are made in the USA with thick glass, so maybe they’ll last longer and survive a drop or two if the weed makes your fingers less than nimble. Stuff happens.

Happily, these little gems are not expensive and will run you no more than $11.99 USD, or you can make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $3.00 USD each; they make it really easy for you to pick up one of their bong bowls! Another perk is that shipping is free within the US. So, Dank Geek makes it easy on your wallet!

What we love!

  • These glass bong bowls come in sizes as small as 10mm on up to 14mm and 18mm
  • You can specify either male or female glass bowl ends when you order
  • The colored-marble accents on the side of the slider bowl come in blue, green, pink, purple or white
  • Good price and even instalment payment options
  • Free shipping for US residents

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Grass City Glass Bowl + Honeycomb Screen - $7.19

Grass City glass bowl with honeycomb screen, male joint

As long as your favorite bong has a female-ended stem piece, you might want to give some consideration to this Grass City glass bong bowl, which is male-ended so it only fits female joints – not rocket science by any means. The bowl is constructed from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, featuring a conveniently built-in honeycomb screen that keeps ash and marijuana matter from infiltrating your bong and thereby harshing your mellow. The bowl has a small handle to avoid finger burns and is easily removed to ensure the smoothness of your bong hit or rip .

Grass City’s glass bong bowl with colorful and convenient honeycomb screen comes in 3 different joint sizes, the smallest is a 10mm bowl, but there are 14.5mm & 18.8mm sizes as well. And, lastly, this particular glass bong bowl is available in 5 different colors: clear, black, pink, white and green to stylishly accessorize your glass gear.

It matters little where on Earth you live the lit life because you can buy the honeycombed bowl at Grass City for $7.19 USD each with worldwide free shipping available on orders over $50.

What we love!

  • Each bowl is constructed from heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Built-in honeycomb screen keeps ash and pot plant matter out of your bong water
  • These are male-ended bong bowls, ideal for female bowl stems 10mm, 14.5mm & 18.8mm in diameter
  • The bowls come in 5 different colors: clear, black, pink, white and green
  • Worldwide free shipping available on orders over $50

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SMOKEA 9mm Color-Wrapped Standard Slide - $7

SMOKEA 9mm color-wrapped standard slide

These smokin’ Smokea 9mm color-wrapped slide bowls have a very fun, festive look with decorative color wrapping around the top of the bowl, and they come in a small assortment of colors like gold, green and silver.

Each bong bowl is made of thick, durable glass that looks like it can take repeated heating or some occasional and unfortunate dropping without immediately shattering. The Smokea slide bowls are 9mm in diameter and designed to fit on your female-jointed water pipe or bong rig.

The bong plug piece has a glass pull handle to avoid burning your fingers, and O-rings are also included, so it’ll give you a nice, tight fit. Losing smoke from a loose bowl connection sucks!

The Smokea 9mm color-wrapped bowl sells for  a mere $7.00, so it’s a pretty cheap bong slide, but if that weren’t inexpensive enough, you can also make 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.40 USD; plus shipping is free within the United States. You gotta give a bong rip of respect to companies that make it super simple for you to buy their products!

What we Love!

  • Color-wrapped slide bowls have a fun, festive look with decorative gold, green or silver color wrapping around the top of the bowl
  • Made of thick, durable glass
  • Fits all female-jointed water pipes
  • Bowl has a glass pull handle, making lifting easier
  • O-rings are included for a snug fit, reducing vapor loss
  • Cheap but solid bong slide, that you can make interest-free payments on –  you even get free shipping within the United States 

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Big Glass Bowls


Smoke Cartel 18.8mm Male Bowl with Built-In Screen - $12

Smoke Cartel 18_8mm male bowl with built-in screen

You never have to worry about a glass bong screen when you have a bowl like Smoke Cartel’s 18.8mm male bowl piece, because it has its own incredibly convenient built-in glass screen! This solid bong piece also has a side handle so that you can lift it before you hit it without singeing your digits. Pot should be painless!

This big glass bowl is clear and colorless from the handle on up, but the lower half is frosted.  There’s also a smaller 14.5 mm glass bowl size, if your bong is more economy-sized. We’re not judging you by your bong size. Promise.

The Smoke Cartel 18.8mm male bowl piece will set you back $12 USD with free shipping; for an extra 84 cents more, you can buy GlassGuard warranty protection so that if that glass bong bowl ever breaks – hopefully not because you threw it at someone - you can get a replacement male bowl piece for 50% off!

What we love!

  • Stylishly half-clear and half-frosted glass bowl
  • Built-in glass bowl screen
  • Side handle for easy lifting
  • Also available in 14.5mm bowl size
  • GlassGuard warranty protection gives you 50% off replacement glass
  • Inexpensive with free shipping

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Daily High Club 18mm Male Ash Catcher Bowl - $15.99

Daily high club 18mm male ash catcher bowl

With the wrong bong bowl, your bong’s water could get gross from ashy backflow, but the Daily High Club’s 18mm male bowl piece has a built-in side-chamber that will collect your weed ash and keep it from turning your bong’s water chamber into a sooty swamp! What’s more, the ash collector also serves as a handy handle to lift the bong plug out when you go to breathe in the weedy vapor.

One stylish little plug can keep your bong clean and filter your smoke at the same time! This forward-thinking piece is made of top-quality glass and fits on any 18mm female bong stem.

The Daily High Club 18mm male bowl piece sells for $15.99 USD apiece.

What we love!

  • Built-in side-chamber collects ash to keep bong cleaner
  • Ash chamber also makes a convenient handle to lift the bong bowl
  • Made from high quality glass
  • Fits on any 18mm female bong stem

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420 Science GRAV Funnel Bowl - $11.99

420 Science GRAV funnel bowl

You may not be blinded by the 420 Science GRAV funnel male bowl piece, but it is poetry in motion, sliding easily on and off your bong’s 19mm female pipe stem!  The Grav bong 19mm bowl is suited for use on the biggest of bongs, made using high-quality borosilicate glass and also comes in a 14mm male bowl size.

Instead of a handle, the GRAV Funnel Bowl has a "Maria" style ring that goes all the way around the bowl, making it easy to use.  Personally, we think it still seems pretty close to the hot bowl, so this may be a case where you could burn your fingers if you’re not careful. If you don’t take too many hits in a row, you’re probably fine because the bowl wouldn’t have gotten too hot, yet.

The retail price of the 420 Science GRAV funnel male bowl piece is moderate, $11.99 plus shipping.

What we love!

  • 19mm bowl  suited for larger bongs
  • Stylishly molded in high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Smaller, 14mm male bowl size also available

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Cool Bong Bowls


DankstopSkull-Themed Male Replacement Bowl  - $14.99

Dankstop skull-themed male replacement bowl

Macabre and yet still cool, you can smoke weed out of one of Dankstop's skull-shaped replacement herb bowls. Pretend you are toking out of your enemy’s skull like a weedy barbarian king, Conan of Cannabis!

Dankstop’s skull-shaped 18mm male bowl piece is made of thick, clear glass, and is available in blue, clear, amber and green glass skull bowls. There is also a smaller - but still just as cool - 14mm version!

You can get your own colorful skull bong bowl for $14.99 USD, or they will let you make 4 payments of $ 3.75 USD; either way, the shipping is free and you pay no sales tax – not too shabby!

What we love!

  • How could a skull bong bowl not be cool?
  • 18mm male bowl piece is made of thick, clear glass
  • Smaller 14mm version also available
  • Cool skull colors: blue, clear, amber and green
  • Not overly expensive – but you can still make payments

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Daily High Club 14mm Male Double Bowl - $14.99

Daily High Club 14mm male double-bowl

Twice the weed, twice the highness! With this unique two-headed male bowl piece, you can mix strains or share with a friend or significant other, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination! The only thing cooler would be a triple bowl bong slider!

Daily High Club’s lit two-headed male bowl piece is made of thick, clear glass, making it a sturdy addition to your bong set! The double bowl fits any standard 14mm female bong stem and it has a short handle, so that you roast your weed and not your fingers!

The Daily High Club 14mm double bowl piece is sold for $14.99 each, plus the usual shipping and handling.

What we love!

  • Two bowls, twice the weed, say no more
  • Sturdy piece made of thick, clear glass
  • Double bowl fits any standard 14mm female bong stem
  • Short handle for easy handling - and preventing accidental finger crisping! 

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Empire Glassworks Avocadope 14.5mm Bong Bowl - $41.99

Empire Glassworks Avocadope 14-5mm bong bowl

A little salsa for your bong set! This detailed avocado-shaped male bowl piece is perfect for any fiesta you might wanna liven up with smoking down some fine marijuana!

Empire Glassworks Avocadope 14.5mm glass bong bowl is handmade in the USA, crafted using heat-resistant borosilicate glass – so it ain’t likely to suddenly break on you from repeated use! The male plug end attaches securely to any 14.5mm female bong stem, assuring smooth delivery of vapor without leaking!  The narrow tip of the avocado-shaped piece serves as the handle when you rip.

The Empire Glassworks Avocadope 14.5mm bong bowl costs $41.99 each, order two and there is free shipping on any order over $50. Go ahead and get a back up bong bowl for when the other avocado needs cleaning!

What we love!

  • Awesome avocado shape
  • Handmade in the USA, created using heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Attaches securely to any 14.5mm female bong stem
  • The avocado tip is its own bong bowl handle
  • Free shipping over $50 

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Cheap Bong Slides


Pulsar Vaporizers Bong Slide - $9.99

Pulsar Vaporizer's bong slide

A basic budget bong slide for your rig’s set is not a bad thing, especially if it is a solid, reliable piece!

Sold at Aqua Lab Technologies, Pulsar Vaporizers’ slider for bongs is made of borosilicate glass, has a deep bowl design (deeper bowl = more weed) and fits securely on any standard 14mm or 18mm female joint stem.

The Pulsar Vaporizers’ male bowl piece has a flat, comfortable-to-grip handle to keep your fingers safe from hot bong bowl glass. Lastly, the sides are etched with the Pulsar logo, which looks stylish and sophisticated.

Pulsar Vaporizers’ capable and classy 14 - 18mm bong slides will run you $9.99 USD - or 4 automatic, interest free payments of $2.50 USD – plus shipping.

What we love!

  • Deep bowl design holds plenty of weed
  • Made of solid borosilicate glass
  • Fits securely on any standard 14mm or 18mm female joint stem
  • Flat, comfortable handle
  • Stylish Pulsar logo just looks cool
  • You can buy it outright or make 4 interest free payments

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Grav Labs – Clear Single-Hole Martini Bong Bowl – 14mm Male Bowl - $12

Grav Labs clear single-hole martini bowl, 14mm male bowl

Sure, maybe this is just a no-frills, martini glass shaped bowl, but simple is not a negative if you’re shopping for a cheap bong bowl that does what a good bong bowl does best: hold your weed. Sold at Dab Lab, this functional glass plug piece securely fits your 14mm female bong stem receptacle, assuming that is what you have.

There is no handle on this one, just a ring around the glass bong bowl itself, so due caution would be advised to avoid burned fingers. Handles are our personal preference, but it is an otherwise solid piece.

The Grav Labs thick martini glass male bowl piece sells for $12.00 plus shipping.  Olives are not recommended.

What we love!

  • No-frills, functional glass bong bowl
  • Securely fits any 14mm female bong stem receptacle
  • Though there is no handle, there is a glass ring around the bowl that may help some (we would love to see this same excellent piece with a handle, though)

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Smoke Cartel "Bolt Neck" Bong Bowl with Marble Handles and Built-In Glass Screen - $10

Smoke Cartel bolt-neck bong bowl with marble handles

The term “bolt neck” makes us think of the old, black and white Frankenstein movies, but that’s neither here nor there - this particular thick glass bong slider graciously gives you the option of choosing between a male and female bong bowl to match your rig’s connector.  You can also choose between either 14.5mm or 18.8mm sizes, to match your particular bong.

Smoke Cartel’s bolt studded bong bowl is available in four different colors: black, clear, blue and green glass bowls.

The dual marble handles might provide some finger protection, but we’re leery about that after a long smoke sesh. On the plus side, it does have a built-in glass screen to help keep your water pipe clean while conserving precious pot flower from infiltrating your bong water and being wasted. There are better ways to be wasted!

10 bucks with absolutely no shipping charge makes the price right for this particular plug.

What we love!

  • Even if we question the effectiveness, the “bolt neck” looks good
  • You can choose between male and female bong bowl connectors
  • Available in either 14.5mm or 18.8mm sizes
  • Comes in four different colors: black, clear, blue and green
  • Built-in bowl screen

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Metal Bong Pieces


Eyce GR2 10mm Bong Bowl Piece - $22.95

Eyce GR2 10mm-Bong-Bowl-Piece

It would be incomplete of us to not at least consider metal bong bowls.  We’re not against them, so much as heat conducts better through metal, so they may get hotter faster – that works for weed but notsomuch for your fingers. That said, if you have a metal bong rig, then you may want a metal bong slide.

Now, the  Eyce GR2 10mm metal bong bowl piece is slick and sturdy, futuristic-looking, made from high quality titanium. This metal bong bowl can be ordered to fit either 10mm male or female bong stems.

Unfortunately, there is no handle on the metal bowl piece, which could get hot because metal conducts heat so well. Due caution is deffo recommended when handling any potentially hot metal, like a titanium bong bowl slider.

All things considered, if you like the look of this bowl and it suits your rig, then the Eyce GR2 10mm metal bong bowl piece can be found on Everyone Does It for $22.95 plus shipping.

What we love!

  • Slick and sturdy, futuristic-looking, 10 mm bowl made from high quality titanium
  • Can be ordered to fit either male or female bong stems
  • Eyce is a cool name brand and the stylish logo adds to the overall look 

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Headway Replacement Metal Pull Slide - $5

Headway replacement metal pull slide

Headway’s unpretentious, simple 9mm male bowl little metal pull slide fits a similarly-sized female bowl stem. Its biggest plus is that it comes with a wide plastic handle that is ideal for keeping your fingers from getting burned by the hot metal bowl piece.

If you’re looking for a simple, small, metal bong bowl that will safeguard your sensitive finger flesh, get this one! The Headway 9mm male bowl piece retails for $5.00 USD upfront, or you can pay in 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $1.00.

What we love!

  • Elegant in its simplicity
  • Wide plastic handle to keep fingers safe
  • It’s only 5 bucks - or you can pay in 5 automatic, interest free payments of $1.00

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While in some ways a bong bowl is a bong bowl, you do want a bowl that is solid, that fits physically and stylishly suits your rig, and you want a slider that makes it a breeze to blaze the amount of weed that you want. So, what is the best bong bowl? In the end, it’s whatever works best with your favorite rig.

Some things to keep in mind about bong bowls:

  • Bong bowls, or bongs slides, can be glass bong bowls or they can be metal bowl pieces, though glass on glass bowls are the most common. 
  • Your bowl sizes can very from a 9mm bong slide on up to an 18mm or 19mm bong bowl piece. The bowl and stem pieces have to fit inside one another, so if the glass water pipe stem is a 14mm female joint then you would need a 14mm male bowl to attach to it. When it comes to joints vs bowls, bong stems and bong bowls always have to be opposite gender, male bowl to female joint or female bowl to male joint. 
  • Whether you have a big glass bowl,  a 1 gram bowl, or a small 9mm slide bowl, hitting on a bong means you need the right-sized bowl, or plug, so that the vapor is trapped in the water chamber and flows up into the mouthpiece; a good fit between bong stem and bong bowl is crucial! 

Every piece of your bong rig should enhance the look of your set and the effectiveness of your smoking experience. A bad piece could ruin an elsewise good high by leaking smoke or breaking easily. Once you have purchased the right glass or metal male bowl piece or female bong bowl for your favorite bong, then there’s not much else to do but bang a gong and light your bong!

Here is a quick video run down on how to choose the best bowl for your bong:

Researched and written by David and Leah Kaye Weathers.

 David and Leah Kaye Weathers David and Leah Kaye Weathers are a freelance cannabis writing and graphic designing husband and wife team from Lansing, Michigan. They are passionate advocates for medical and recreational cannabis legalization in the United States. They enjoy not only smoking and vaping, or dabbing, marijuana but also cooking with weed infused veggie oil. They like to spend their free time wandering along nature trails in search of the perfectly chillaxing spot for a smoke sesh.
(Cover image: bong bowl, image courtesy of DMT - Don't Mention This on Instagram)

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