Blue Cookies Cannabis Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Oct 18 , 2018

Blue Cookies Cannabis Review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Blue Cookies is another #dankenstein strain. This is a strain which was created in Washington, by FTS Farms (From the Soil). It is a classic combination between two very well-known strains, which have been crossed to try to make an even more flavorful strain. This particular strain is a cross between Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies.



blue cookies nug@glass_light_photo took a snap of a blue cookies nug

Blue Cookies Background

Also known as Blue Girl Scout Cookies, this slightly indica-dominant leaning hybrid offers a great balance between its mental and body effects. This strain was brought together mainly from flavour reasons, and hence it's a great-tasting strain. However, it also has a clear headed and very relaxed high, making it perfect for relaxing during the day or at nighttime.

The way this strain got its name was simply taking the Blue from Blueberry and the Cookies from Girl Scout Cookies. It's originally from Washington, which means that it's probably a fairly new strain, as Washington only legalised marijuana in the last few years.


How expensive are Blue Cookies?

This strain won't be that expensive in Washington, it's probably around $13 a gram over there. In other places, however, it will be much more expensive. Particularly in Amsterdam, as it's very hard to find the seeds for this strain. You would therefore need a cutting of this strain if you want to start growing it, which is, of course, incredibly difficult to come by.


How strong is this strain?

Blue Cookies is a pretty strong strain. On average, it has around 19% THC, with the strongest phenotypes having around 24.6% THC. The average indica or indica-dominant hybrid these days has around 13% THC content, to put things into perspective.


Blue Cookies Lineage

Girl Scout Cookies strain

  • One of the most famous strains in the world
  • sweet taste and very desirable high
  • high THC percentage
  • sweet and earthy
  • euphoric

Blueberry strain

  • indica
  • won best indica in 2000 High Times
  • cross of many exotic landrace strains
  • relaxing effects
  • berry taste and aroma


Blue Cookies Taste Profile

Prepare yourself for this strain as the taste is simply amazing. It's hard to think of a better taste combination than Girl Scout Cookie and Blueberry mixed together, so this is definitely one to try with your flower vape.

  • blueberry
  • earthy
  • sweet
  • flowery
  • berry
 blue cookies cannabis strain indoor grow
Blue Cookies indoor grow with bright green and healthy leaves, photo: @urbanclones


Blue Cookies Effect

Blue Cookies Effects

Blue Cookie Medical
Blue Cookies Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 90%

Happy 80%

Depression 90%

Dry Eyes 40%

Euphoric 70%

Pain Relief 80%

Dizzy 30%

Sleepy 40%

Insomnia 60%

Paranoia 15%

Uplifting 30%

Lack of appetite 40%

Anxiety 10%


This strain is indica-dominant so the main thing you're going to get from it is a very relaxed feeling in the body just like a warm hug. You will probably want to lie down, so it's best to smoke this strain at night. However, as it still has some cerebral effects, it will keep you slightly energised should you be able to power through the initial couch-lock feeling. This strain is great for creativity and stress-busting.


Blue Cookies Seeds

Unfortunately, there are only really clippings of this plant available on the market. If you do get some seeds, they're likely not Blue Cookies - but one can purple dream...


Blue Cookies Yield

The yield of this strain depends on whether you grow it indoor or outdoor. Outdoor is going to be incredibly hard unless you're in California or somewhere where you can get consistent high temperatures during the day. Indoor, however, is possible in most places and grows well in limited spaces.

Pruning early and bending the leaves is important to keep it from growing too big and bushy. If you want to have the bluish tint to the leaves, you must "shock" the plant before harvesting. Find out if that's worth doing in the video below.



Blue Cookies Overview

Blue Cookies is a fantastically well-rounded strain with two well-known parents. The bud has an earthy-sweet aroma and a berry blueberry taste of deliciousness. When you smoke her, she will relax your whole body as well as feeding you with a surge of uplifting vibes. Enjoy a cerebral and sativa high, though this is an indica-dominant strain. If you can resist the urge to crash, you will definitely stay active with these cookies. Blue Cookies is hard to come by, so if you find any, consider yourself a lucky little cookie monster. 


Too stoned to read? Watch this video instead.


Have you had an experience with Blue Cookies? Tell us about it in the comments.


Written by Hamish

Hamish comes from Yorkshire in the UK but travelled across the sea to the Netherlands because the grass was greener on the other side. He has travelled to California and has sampled some of the best-tasting strains over on the West Coast. He smokes out of a flower vape and only smokes blunts, having used weed to help him quit tobacco a few years ago. He loves all things edibles and hash, but he finds concentrates to be a little unnecessary...

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