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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Strain | Platinum Cookies Weed Strain

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain plants, image from Trim Camp on Instagram

These ‘girl scout cookies’ aren’t the kind that your co-worker guilts you into buying from their kid for a troop fundraiser; Platinum Girl Scout Cookies cannabis has the same lineage as regular Girl Scout Cookies - plus one! GSC, as it’s now called for probably litigious reasons (the youth group not wanting their name associated with a weed strain, we would guess) is the offspring of 55% Sativa hybrid weed OG Kush and the pure Sativa Durban Poison; Platinum GSC has the exact same lineage but with the addition of one other mysterious, unknown marijuana strain. Despite having a pure Sativa parent, and another Sativa-dominant hybrid parent, Platinum GSC, also known as just Platinum Cookies strain, is a 60/40 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. The taste and aroma of this high-THC hybrid weed strain are like that of sweet candy, ripe berries, and pungent spices. The general effect of smoking Platinum Girl Scout Cookies cannabis is an uplifted mind and bodily relaxation, with a giddy, almost giggly happiness! Platinum GSC pot is generally prescribed for medical marijuana patients suffering from back pain, migraines, stress, and depression. For a recreational user, smoking or vaping Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is potently mood-elevating, euphoric, leaving their body relaxed but also tingly.

Holding some Platinum Girl Scout Cookie Nugs, image from kevikev on Instagram
(Holding some Platinum Girl Scout Cookie Nugs, image source: kevikev on Instagram)



Platinum Girl Scout Cookies has a pretty impressive pedigree, born as it was from crossing the mighty Sativa Durban Poison, which has a 17-26% THC content, and the slightly Sativa-heavy hybrid, OG Kush, with 20% - 25% THC – and OG Kush is itself a byproduct of mixing the fairly balanced hybrid Chemdawg with a pure indica Hindu Kush landrace, or genetically ‘pure’ weed strain cultivated in its natural environment which has never been crossbred with another variety. Platinum GSC is a 60/40 indica-leaning cannabis hybrid that has an impressive 17-28% THC content of its own. Originally developed in California, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies weed strain has become understandably popular throughout the world for its fruity spiciness with an earthy aftertaste in flavor and its pungently aromatic skunkiness with hints of sweetness and berry undertones; it is also well-known for its simultaneously physically relaxing but mentally uplifting high! Medical marijuana doctors have prescribed Platinum GSC to patients for a variety of complaints from severe stress and depression to chronic pain issues. Other than the original Girl Scout Cookies weed strain  having a slightly more minty taste, the 60% indica and 40% Sativa Platinum GSC cannabis strain is very similar to its equally famous sibling in cannabinoid composition and effects.

For comparison Fire OG, Lemon Skunk, and Strawberry Cheesecake are similar weed strains in their Indica/Sativa balance and effects.

Platinum GSC in a dispensary can, image from az_traww on Instagram
(Platinum GSC in a dispensary can, image source: az_traww on Instagram)


Platinum GSC Cannabis General Effects Platinum GSC Cannabis Medical  Effects (works for) Platinum GSC Cannabis Side Effects
Relaxed 100% Stress 100% Dry Mouth 100%
Uplifted 90% Depression 85% Dry Eyes 90%
Happy 80% Pain 70% Dizzy 40%
Euphoria 60% Nausea 50% Anxious 30%
Engaged 50% Insomnia 40% Headache 10%


Platinum Girl Scout Cookies buds in a dispensary jar, image from tokegirls on instagram

(Platinum Girl Scout Cookies buds in a dispensary jar, image source: tokegirls on Instagram)


You can probably get your hands on an ⅛th ounce of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies leaf at your downtown dispensary for approximately $30-45 for medical-grade cannabis, whereas recreational is fractionally more expensive – price and availability are, of course, variable dependent on where you are geographically and the availability of whatever ganja strain you are looking for. Buying that top shelf weed nug online is another option but you might have to pay shipping, also check the law in your area first. Platinum Cookies strain marijuana is available in oil cartridges for your pen-vape, as well as wax, shatter, or resin for about $35 for ½ gram and $60 for a full gram. Blunts run from $7 a piece to $17 or more depending upon their sizes, which tend to vary in size from half a gram to two grams or more. Medible, or edible marijuana, product labels are often vaguely non-specific regarding the exact weed strain used in baking the goodies, usually, they just indicate the level of THC or CBD, so it’s hard to shop for something like Platinum Girl Scout Cookie edibles - unless you wanna make your own weed cookies or cannabutter brownies, then you can use whatever strain you want!

Platinum GSC plants outdoors, image from MataphysicalFitnessPDX on Instagram
(Platinum GSC plants outdoors, image from MetaphysicalFitnessPDX on Instagram)


Like just about any other pot plant, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies ganja can be grown indoors or outside by a fairly competent cannabis grower. Platinum GSC pot plants have a flowering time of 45-65 days and will yield up about 6 ounces a plant when grown out in the fresh air and sunshine, but will deliver a far more modest yield indoors. The hybrid weed plants top out at 70 inches, or just under 6 feet (nearly 2 meters) and are bushy with lots of buds, or nugs, which are colored vividly sage green with a purple tinge and generously coated with frosty trichomes.

If you want to try your hand at raising up your own small garden of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strain plants, lots of online nurseries and seed repositories sell them – for instance, you can get 15 seeds per pack for $100 at THC and World-Wide Marijuana Seeds has 10 seed packets for $99. Shop around, you just might find a deal! Plants or cloned plants can be found at offline nurseries and provisioning centers for around $25-$40 per plant – as always, we recommend that you consult an online menu, maybe call, email or text message ahead to make sure they have some Platinum Girl Scout Cookies plants or clones in stock and on hand to sell you.

Platinum GSC nugs and rolling papers, image from toppotninj on Instagram
(Platinum GSC nugs and rolling papers, image from toppotninj on Instagram)



If you’re at all confused about the difference between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and just plan GSC weed, worry not – other than a more minty taste to the latter, they have very similar effects and either may be just as good, try them both! Platinum Girl Scout Cookies cannabis is some potent Indica-dominant weed, relaxing to your body, soothing to your aches and pains, but with a bit of a Sativa heady uplift! This California native hybrid ganja has become popular worldwide with recreational tokers for its mood-elevating, euphoric head-high, and deep body relaxation, and Platinum GSC is highly sought after by medical marijuana patients with depression, severe pain issues, migraines, and stress. When you light yourself a bowl or take a drag on your vaporizer pen, you’ll notice its skunky smell with a berry and cinnamon taste and undercurrent of earthiness, almost dankness. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies cannabis has a respectable amount of THC content, up to 28% depending upon phenotype or particular grower’s harvest, and is popular enough that it is likely stocked by your favorite online or offline dispensary, in leaf or concentrated forms, and seeds and plants for growers are also commonly found. So, try an eighth or so, for yourself; if you are of a mind to cultivate your own, get some seeds or plants and have at it – as Snoop Dawg himself has been known to say, “it’s all good”! 

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