Death Star strain review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

Oct 13 , 2018

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Death Star strain review - Everything You Need to Know & More!

This strain was developed by 'Team Death Star'. It was made in around 2000, in Ohio, but only really began to grow in popularity in 2004. It spread through the Midwest, and then, Death Star eventually appeared on the East Coast. In 2010 it appeared in the High Times and it's known for its indica-dominant hybrid effects which are very potent and great for medical marijuana users.

This strain should NOT be confused with Death Star OG, Death Star Kush or Dark Star strain.

 death star cannabis nugs with orange hairsDeath Star buds are covered in orange hairs and silver crystals, photo: @sparkmyganja420



Death Star Background

Death Star is a potent indica-dominant hybrid created in Ohio in the early 2000s. It's a cross between two infamous strains, one from Amsterdam called Sensi Star, which is a strain that's completely covered in crystals. Its other relative, Sour Diesel, is amongst the most famous strains in the world. Its name is, of course, a reference to the intergalactic space weapon in Star Wars. The connection?  The buds look slightly silvery because of all the crystals it's covered with and may resemble the death star glimmering in the sky. Or, maybe due to her sedative effects, she is the last thing you will see like the infamous Dark Side ship.

Death Star Strength

This strain is potent, as mentioned before. The average indica is around 12%, whereas this strain can be a whopping 26%. However, most Death Star grows will be around 20% THC. This is a fairly solid number, and it definitely has potent indica-dominant effects.

How expensive is this strain?

Death Star isn't that expensive. It's around $15 a gram, or $35 for an eighth. This is a pretty good price, as it's only a medium shelf product. However, if it's a good grow, this stuff breaks up nicely in a grinder, and turns into a very tasty smoke.


Death Star Lineage

Sour Diesel

Sour D or Sour Diesel is a globally famous strain. From the coffeeshops in Amsterdam to the dispensaries in the US, you will find this strai basically anywhere. It has a diesel aroma, which it almost always passes onto its relatives. Death Star is no difference, although it's not as strong smelling as something like New York City Diesel.

Sensi Star

Sensi Star is a Dutch strain. It was created by Paradise Seeds, which is a little strange as it contains the word Sensi. It's not actually created by Sensi Seeds, as you may expect. However the strain itself is a very heavy indica which is covered in crystals and has a nice smoke.


Death Star Taste Profile

  • diesel
  • citrus
  • sweet
  • earthy
  • mint

The diesel is still definitely the main taste profile with this strain, but there definitely is a nice hint of citrus and sweetness to this strain also. Overall, this combination makes for a fantastic smoke, particularly if you're a Diesel enthusiast.

Can you get Death Star in shatter, wax, oil or edibles?

Yes. Firstly, you could grow the strain yourself and then make any of these types of products yourself. Also, because it’s an American strain, the likelihood is that some of the dispensaries across the states will have some Death Star goodies.

death star strain concentrates and weed Death Star concentrates taking over the galaxy, photo: @chiralpirate

 Death Star Effects

Death Star Effects

Death Star Medical
Death Star Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Pain Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 80%

Happy 85%

Stress Relief 90%

Dry Eyes 40%

Euphoric 70%

Depression 60%

Dizzy 30%

Uplifting 40%

Insomnia 60%

Anxiety 15%

Sleepy 40%

Lack of appetite 40%

Paranoia 15%

Fair warning: this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. It’s very indica-dominant. This is because of its Sensi Star heritage, which is known as being a heavy-hitting indica.
THIS IS A NIGHTTIME STRAIN. Do not smoke this strain if you want to do some exercise, or before work, or when you wake up. You will feel more tired and lazy.

However, if you’re looking to relax, or if you want some help sleeping, pick up this strain. A bong of this 45 minutes before you go to sleep will help you drift off into an easy, cloudy sleep. You will feel relaxed, and this strain will help you bust some stress after a long day at work.




Death Star Growing Tips

It’s actually fairly easy to grow. This is one of the main reasons it's pretty popular as a grow it yourself strain. Also it is fairly mould resistant, and you can get away with an organic grow with this strain also.


Death Star Flowering Time

Indoors, this strain can take about 9 weeks to grow. The yield is around 15 ounces. Outdoors this strain takes about the same amount of time to grow, and needs shelter but also sun. It will grow 13 ounces per plant, but is hard to grow in colder climates


Death Star Seeds

Unfortunately, this strain is not a Dutch strain. You're normally out of luck unless it was a strain which was created by one of the Dutch seed banks. The reason for this, or at least it seems so, is that US growers use clippings, and keep their strains secretive. Dutch strains, on the other hand, make money from selling the seeds themselves, hence it's in their best interest to have the official seeds on their website.

Death Star feminized plant
 Death Star is even glittering with crystals as a female plant, photo: @mike_muster

Death Start Overview

Death Star is an indica-dominant hybrid with only about 20% sativa. Her bud is dark green with orange hairs and has a massive amount of crystals which is inherited from her parent, Sensi Star. Diesel like aromas come from her other parent, Sour Diesel. While relaxing, she is also a sleepy strain and will promote couch-lock. She is great for before bed!


Too high to read? Watch this viedo review:


 Written by Hamish

Tell us about your Death Star experience. Did it bring you to the Dark Side?


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