Maui Wowie Strain Review - (Everything You Need to Know & More!)

Maui Wowie Strain Review - (Everything You Need to Know & More!)
Maui Wowie Strain Review - (Everything You Need to Know & More!)

Maui Wowie (aka Maui Waui) is a sativa strain which is tropical by nature. It’s a classic sativa strain, coming from the landraces of Hawaii. It’s likely this strain itself is a landrace strain (or incredibly closely related to one) and has volcanic soil beginnings. Its sweet pineapple flavors and high-energy creative euphoria are what make it so delightfully popular.

maui wowie marijuana leaf plant

Dark green cannabis leaves just watered, photo:

Maui Wowie Background

Maui Wowie is one of those strains that, in its heyday, was considered one of the best strains in the world. It has a fairly strong sativa high which, by today’s standards, would not be considered particularly strong but was strong back in the 1960s when the strain came about. These strains are what has given rise to all of today's crazy strains. It’s plausible that it would have been better simply to leave the plants as they were and not experiment so heavily. Maui Wowie remains a classic because it is fairly potent and has a pleasant tropical and pineapple flavor.

The Maui Wowie name of course comes from the Hawaiian island named Maui. The 'Wowie' part almost certainly comes from what people say after taking a hit. Especially if you pack this baby into a flower vape, where the flavors will taste even better.

Maui Waui Lineage

The exact genetics of Maui Wowie isn’t known, but the strain definitely came out of Hawaii. When it was first bred and started appearing, it was incredibly popular. This is because in the 1960s the average THC percentage of a strain was much lower and this strain blew stoners away.


Maui Wowie THC 

The THC percentage of Maui Wowie is average today though it was considered strong 50 years ago. In the 1960s the average THC percentage was around 8%, and as breeding techniques have improved, the average percentage has risen to around 15% (probably even higher in places like Amsterdam and especially in the US).

Maui Wowie has around 13% on average. Once one of the high-rollers of THC is now considered a mellow smoke. Slowly being outrun by the newer strains coming out of California, she also competes with even older strains such as Kosher Kush.


Maui Wowie Cost

As Maui Wowie is a fairly old strain, it’s pretty cheap. An eighth of an ounce costs as little as $20 in the dispensaries of California. It will be harder to find the strain elsewhere, and you may pay a premium in Amsterdam as clippings or seeds are hard to come by.


Maui Wowie Taste Profile

  • Tropical
  • Pineapple
  • Sweet
  • Candy
  • Potent

Maui Wowie is a typically tasty landrace strain, which has a good amount of potency. This could only truly be appreciated as mentioned before through a flower vape. Once you’ve got your flower vape, you can eat the already vaped bud, after mixing it with fat or oil. 


You can only truly appreciate the smell and taste of Maui if you grind it up first. This allows the terpenes to be released and then you will truly appreciate the tropical nature of the strain.


Maui Wowie Oil, Wax, Shatter & Edibles 

As you can see in the picture below, you can make concentrates out of Maui Wowie fairly easily. You can actually make edibles or concentrates out of literally any strain, provided that the seeds or clippings you are using are actually from that strain.

Edibles are definitely the easiest to do. We have a great guide on decarboxylation, which is required before you make an edible. Once you decarb your weed, make sure you mix it with a fat or oil.  Then, simply bake a delicious edible.

maui wowi shatter dab ready

Maui Wowie dab ready, photo: @t.o.420.leia
maui wowie baby bud

Maui Wowie just budding, photo: @kastnergeneticz702


Maui Wowie Weed Strain Effects

Maui Wowie Effects

Maui Wowie Medical
Maui Wowie Side Effects

Happy 100%

Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Uplifted 80%

Depression 90%

Dizzy 50%

Energetic 60%

Pain Relief 50%

Headache 30%

Euphoric 50%

Fatigue 40%

Anxiety 20%

Relaxed 40%

Lack of Appetite 35%

Paranoia 15%


Maui Wowie has sativa-dominant cerebral effects which start as soon as you take your first hit. It will make you feel incredibly happy and relaxed as well as giving you a burst of creative or euphoric energy -- perfect before an activity. Whether it be chores, exercise, or some work, you can achieve an enjoyable boost with a little hit of this strain beforehand.

Pure Sativa like Maui Wowie are great for dealing with stress and depression, thus this strain is also a good way to curb depression.


Maui Wowie Growing Tips

Maui Wowie is an indoor and outdoor strain. If you live in the right conditions like in beautiful Hawaiian weather, then first of all, congratulations. Secondly, you’ll find this strain grows incredibly easily outside. However, if you live in a colder climate, you’ll have to take your growth inside. It grows very tall and will be quite pungent.


Maui Wowie Flowering Time

This beautiful strain can be expected to flower between 7 and 9 weeks after planting. This strain is pretty resistant to molds and mildew, making it a great strain for first-time growers in the right climate.


Maui Wowie Seeds

The seeds are regrettably hard to find, although a lot of seeds are offered online. Whether they are legit or not is difficult to say. The best way to get this strain would be to get a cutting of it, but this is extremely difficult as well.


Maui Wowie Yield

This strain buds around 400/500 grams per plant, making for a pretty good yield for the flowering time. It’s a fairly resilient strain.


maui wowie grow tips

Maui Wowie tends to have a lot of leaves, photo:

Maui Wowie Overview

Overall, Maui Wowie is a sativa strain that is very closely related to the Hawaiian landrace strains. The high is heavily cerebral but enjoy a creative and euphoric high that relaxes your whole body. Being a pure sativa makes this strain great for dealing with stress and depression. She is also a heardy strain to grow, resisting disease, mildew, and mold. Make sure to give her a whiff because she smells just as amazing as she tastes, especially in a flower vape


Tell us about your experience with this strain? Did you like it?

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