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Lemon Cake Strain

lemon cake strain

Lemon Cake is a delightful strain created by Heavyweight seeds. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that leans about 80/20 towards the Sativa side. It has a sweet taste, which comes from its Lemon parent. This pungent, lemony taste should be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer for maximum flavor potential. Although most Sativa-dominant hybrids help with depression, Lemon Cake is a little different. It’s much better for treating stress or pain.

This strain is sometimes called London Pound Cake Strain, Cupcake strain, or simply Skunk Cake.

Marijuana Cakes

Marijuana Cakes or Skunk cakes are marijuana-infused edibles that take the form of a cake. They are very common in the Dutch coffeeshops because tourists simply love to eat their brownies. They are very tasty but exceedingly potent. Some of them will knock you completely off your feet, so make sure you wait long enough after eating a small part of it to test how high you feel. Rushing through an entire brownie simply isn't worth the suffering you'll be subjected to afterward! Simply enjoy it bite by slow bite.

lemon cake strain sativa

You’ll be motivated to keep a clean pipe if you’re putting Lemon Cake in it! Photo: @themarijuanamadam

Lemon Cake: Indica or Sativa? 

Lemon Cake leans 80/20 towards the Sativa side of the Indica, Sativa, hybrid spectrum. You can see this immediately when you look at the buds, which have the typical Sativa shape. This strain is very potent, as it was created both for flavor and for potency. This makes it a dankenstein strain, as it’s a cross between two or more dank strains to make one monster strain. If you manage to find this strain, you should definitely give it a go, especially if you like Lemon or Cheese strains. Note that Lemon Cake buds don’t grind super easily, but it’s still recommended to grind this strain up, allowing the full flavor to be released. Finally, this strain’s name most likely comes from the thick coating of trichomes that cover it, making it perfect for creating concentrates.


Lemon Cake genetics

Lemon Cake is a cross between one lemon strain and one cheese strain, which is why it’s also sometimes called Lemon Cheese Cake. This strain was definitely bred for taste and potency reasons, and you can see this in the two strains brought together by Heavyweight Seeds, who are well-known European breeders:
  • Lemon Skunk
  • Cheese

This cross between Lemon Skunk and UK Cheese (or simply Cheese) makes for an absolutely fantastic taste that you don’t want to miss out on.

Lemon Cake THC percentage

Lemon Cake is fairly potent. The average Sativa-dominant hybrid has around 13.5% THC content, whereas the absolute minimum for this strain is 17%. However, some more powerful phenotypes, or those which are bred in the best of circumstances, can test at up to 25% THC content. This is very strong and could leave some people feeling overwhelmed. This is also because it’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is the most likely to make you feel too stoned. If you do feel too stoned, follow this guide to feeling less stoned:
  • Have a cold shower; try to stay in for as long as possible
  • Have a hot pot of coffee, as strong as you think you can handle (don’t drink too much!)
  • Go for a workout such as a run or a swim

After you complete these steps, you should feel much better. Swimming is the best form of exercise for feeling less stoned, as the water helps you even more. If you don’t feel comfortable swimming when you’re completely zonked, then just go for a run.

Lemon Cake price

Lemon Cake isn’t that expensive. That is because the seeds are available to purchase online from a number of different sources. It’s also not that new of a strain, and, although it was probably once considered a boutique, it isn’t really anymore. As such, you shouldn’t be paying more than $10 a gram, whether you’re in LA or in Amsterdam.

Lemon Cake taste

Lemon Cake brings together two exceptionally good tasting strains, which have two very well-known flavors inside them. Cheese and Lemon are perhaps the two most sought-after tastes on the market, and, as such, Lemon Cake is the obvious wünderkind of this cross. You should definitely grind this strain up and then smoke it inside a flower vape, as this allows you to enjoy the full taste of the strain. This is because there’s no combustion of paper or of plant material, so the taste is much purer. The full taste palate of Lemon Cake is:
  • Lemon
  • Cheese
  • Citrus

Lemon Cake oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

The Lemon Cake strain is a perfect example of a good strain to make into a concentrate. This is because concentrate creators look for two things: potency and taste. However, they’re not just looking for potency, they’re looking for trichomes, which Lemon Cake is covered in. Furthermore, its unique taste makes for a fantastic taste when you hit that dab rig. But, making Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is considered to be very dangerous, so if you do attempt this at home, please be extremely careful.

You can use any strain you like to make edibles, but it’s not really recommended that you use either expensive or hard to grow strains. However, if you’re using a flower vaporizer to get the most out of your buds, then you can use the already vaped bud (AVB) to easily make edibles. Just mix it with a fat or oil, and bang! You have some extremely potent edibles. The best and easiest way to do this is to simply put some butter on some toast and put some AVB on the toast. The taste isn’t too bad either, especially if you use a low heat and a nice strain. If you don’t use AVB, you will need to decarboxylate your weed first.


lemon cake cannabis harvest

All smiles when harvesting Lemon Cake! Photo: @ripplewraps

lemon cake marijuana grow

Lemon Cake 7 weeks in, photo: @mass978grower
Lemon Cake General
Lemon Cake Medical
Lemon Cake Negative
Uplifted 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Relaxed 90%
Muscle Spasms 90%
Dry Eyes 75%
Happy 80%
  Pain Relief 75%
Dizziness 55%
Euphoric 70% Headaches 55% Paranoia 40%
Focused 60%  Fatigue 55%
Anxiety 25%

Lemon Cake is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is normally what many folks use to treat depression. However, Lemon Cake is much better suited for treating stress, because it lacks the indica side of the strain that also helps with depression. It’s a potent strain and packs a kick, and it will seriously help you dissolve your stress almost immediately. However, it’s not recommended to smoke this strain at night, because it will keep you up with its euphoric cerebral energy.

Lemon Cake flowering time

According to the original breeders, Lemon Cake takes around 9-10 weeks to grow indoors and will be ready for harvesting around mid-October outdoors. This a mid to long growing time, and it’s recommended you leave this strain for as long as possible, and cure it well afterward, to maximize that pungent smell.

Lemon Cake growing tips

You will definitely need some kind of carbon air filter or exhaust fans if you’re intending on growing this strain indoors; it’s exceptionally potent. You should also top this plant regularly, to allow for light to get to the bottom of the strain. This involves removing any broad, unnecessary leaves at the top of the strain.

Lemon Cake seeds 

The seeds can be found from multiple sellers online. We recommend trying to get them from the original growers, Heavyweight Seeds.

Lemon Cake yield

The yield of Lemon Cake is about 600-700 grams (21-25 ounces) per plant. This is a pretty decent yield, particularly for a nice strain like this.


lemon cake sativa edibleTake a bite out of this Lemon Cake and feel the Lemon Cake high! Photo: @canrosafit

What is the Lemon Cake strain? 

This strain is a very tasty strain, which was created by European breeders Heavyweight Seeds. It’s a powerhouse of a strain, containing up to 25% THC. Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid, making it a perfect choice for stress relief. 
  • Potent and tasty
  • 25% THC (maximum)
  • Stress relief
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Should be enjoyed inside a flower vaporiser
  • Shouldn’t be too difficult to grow
  • Seeds can be found online


Have you smoked or had edible Lemon Cake before? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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Platinum Vape just released “Lemon Pound Cake” which is 91%. The flavors and effects are exactly like described here. It’s a very potent strain with really intersting effects. Super uplifting and mood enhancer but spaces me out. Find myself dosing off. Really good for pain relief! Would like to try the flower now