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Dankenstein MK Ultra Strain

mk ultra hybrid indica

Who doesn't love learning about secret government missions? What about those that involve the use of marijuana as a truth serum? If that's your jam, then you need to know about MK Ultra. This strain is named after the CIA project that was tasked with discovering various forms of mind control. The main reason for the name is that this Indica-dominant strain has very rare, mind-bending, cerebral effects not commonly associated with indicas. MK Ultra won 1st place in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and won 2nd place in 2004. It was originally created by T.H. Seeds and is a dankenstein strain. Being that it's a cross between two already very dank strains, and the end result is a beautifully dank strain that should be savored and smoked inside a flower vaporizer, "dankenstein" is a worthy title for MK Ultra.

This strain is sometimes called Ultra OG, Ultra Sour Strain, Ultra MK, and MK Ultra OG.

mk ultra marijuana nug

Hands on MK Ultra? Don’t let go! Photo: @inkphienz

MK Ultra: Indica or Sativa?

For most strains their classification as Indica or Sativa is pretty straight-forward. When it comes down to it, MK Ultra is classed as an indica because it grows like one and has a 60/40 split. However, as mentioned before, the effects are actually far more like a Sativa. Don't be surprised if your experience is far more cerebral in nature than other indicas. No worries: that's not unusual for MK Ultra. Maybe the CIA was on to something...

MK Ultra genetics

MK Ultra, named after Project MK Ultra, was created in the late 1990s by T.H. Seeds. They took a Sativa-dominant hybrid and an indica-dominant hybrid and crossed them together in the hopes to make a dank new strain. They accomplished this goal, and now have MK Ultra, a highly-decorated Indica-dominant strain. The two strains which were bred together to create MK Ultra were:

G-13 is thought to be a strain that was smuggled out from a government research facility. It may have had some connection with Project MK Ultra, which is another reason for its name. T.H. Seeds knew exactly what they were doing when they created this dankenstein monster.


MK Ultra THC percentage

As this is a bit of an older strain, you can expect it to not have exceptionally high potency. We consider potency in the following bands:

  • 0-8% THC - for newer stoners
  • 8-25% THC - medium level stoners
  • 25% + THC - Potent

The average Indica strain these days contains around 12.5% THC. MK Ultra contains around 18% THC on average. This makes it great for medium-level stoners. The strongest phenotypes of MK Ultra still only test at 21.8%, so you're unlikely to come across a phenotype that is considered overly potent. Despite this, if you’re a newer stoner you should be careful.

MK Ultra price

MK Ultra is not particularly expensive. You can find MK Ultra seeds online, meaning anyone and everyone can grow this strain (grow tips below!). This drives the price down significantly. Also, this strain isn’t considered to be the dankest of the dank anymore, as newer and danker strains are created every day. As such, you shouldn’t be paying more than $10 a gram anywhere in the world for this strain.

MK Ultra taste

MK Ultra’s taste is very typical of its parents. It gets its earthy, kush smell and flavor from its OG Kush relative. You should definitely grind up MK Ultra before you smoke it, as this allows for the full taste profile to be realized. If you stick it inside a flower vaporizer as well, then you’ll have an amazing taste. It’s far superior to smoking it in a blunt, because there’s no combustion of plant material, and the heat that you use is much lower than if you were to smoke it normally.

MK Ultra oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc. 

You can very easily make pot and weed cookies using any strain you like. Firstly, decarboxylate your cannabis. After you’ve activated the THC inside your cannabis, you should mix it into butter. Once you’ve got butter, simply replace butter in your cookie recipe with cannabutter. At the end of the process, you will have some potent pot cookies. The other method of making edibles extremely easily is to use Already vaped bud (AVB) and mix it with a fat or oil. This is easier, as you don’t have to decarboxylate your cannabis first.

You can also make concentrates out of any strain. People prefer potent strains covered in trichomes and that tastes great. OG Kush relatives are always covered in trichomes, and MK Ultra is no different. This strain has a thick coating of trichomes, making it a perfect candidate to make into BHO. Making Butane Hash Oil is pretty dangerous, however, so be extremely careful.

mk ultra marijuana smoke nug

Nugs of MK Ultra: who should be so lucky as to bring one home? Photo: @official_creolegoldcollective


mk ultra marijuana strain grinderGrindin’ on that MK Ultra! Photo: @thomas_at_the_station


MK Ultra General
MK Ultra Medical
MK Ultra Negative
Relaxed 100% Pain Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoric 75%
Stress Relief 95%
Dry Eyes 40%
Sleepy 70%
Insomnia 75%
Dizziness 30%
Happy 65% Depression 70% Paranoia 10%
 Hungry 45%  Lack of Appetite 55%
Anxiety 10%

MK Ultra is an Indica-dominant hybrid, but it has predominantly Sativa effects. This is quite rare and has to do with the growth structure. Because effects of a strain are always passed on by the parent strain, and, in this case, one parent strain was a Sativa-dominant hybrid, its effects are probably transferring to MK Ultra.

MK Ultra is a great strain for pain and stress, and in some cases may help people with depression. This is incredibly dependent on the person; you'll have to try it out for yourself and determine if it helps you.

It’s also important to note that if you do smoke this strain expecting an Indica and you end up getting some mind-bending cerebral effects, you might want to know how to feel less high. Here’s a guide to feeling less stoned, in case you feel overwhelmed:

  • Eat an orange, this is supposed to counteract feeling stoned
  • Go for a cold shower, stay in as long as you can!
  • Drink a nice, hot pot of coffee
  • Relax in a room on your own for a while and focus on your breathing
  • If you feel up for it you should go for a swim or run
  • At the end of all of these steps, you should feel far better

MK Ultra flowering time

The flowering time of MK Ultra is about 8-9 weeks. It’s recommended that you leave this strain for the entire time to maximize yield, potency, and flavor.

MK Ultra growing tips

MK Ultra has a short, bushy stature as it’s an indica. Thus, you need to trim the unnecessary leaves at the top of the plant, which will enable sunlight to reach the bottom of the plant.


MK Ultra seeds 

The seeds aren’t available from T.H. Seeds, but there are many reputable companies who sell this strain online.

MK Ultra yield

The yield of MK Ultra is about 350 grams per square meter, which is above average.

mk ultra indica marijuana growBeautiful grow of MK Ultra, photo: @walkerweedseed 

What is the MK Ultra strain?

MK Ultra is best defined as an Indica-dominant hybrid with Sativa-dominant effects. This means it can grow like an indica, but gets you high like a Sativa. The cost of MK Ultra isn’t massive, and the number of weeks it takes to grow is not particularly high. The MK Ultra strain is like a fight between the government and legalization, hence the naming after a secretive CIA operation.

  • Indica-dominant plant with Sativa effects
  • Great, potent strain for medium-level stoners
  • Can help with pain, depression, sleeping problems, but mainly stress
  • Gets you pretty high
  • Should be vaped inside a flower vaporizer

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