Nova OG Strain - Everything you need to know & more!

Jan 11 , 2019

Hybrid pain relief

Nova OG Strain - Everything you need to know & more!

Nova OG Strain Overview

If you want to talk about dankenstein strains, then you need not look any further than Nova OG. Nova OG, also known as simply Nova, was created by the Canadian grower, LP Tweed.

A dankenstein strain is a strain which takes two dank strains and crosses them together. The end result is an even danker strain. Nova OG is definitely that. It was created to have a high concentration of both THC and CBD. This is rare in today’s hype around producing the strongest and dankest strains possible for recreational users, but the equal CBD and THC proportion are very important for medicinal users. The problem with this is that in some people's opinion, the stronger the strains get, and the lower the CBD content becomes, the more potential there is for harm to the body.

This strain is not to be confused with Triple Nova strain, LA OG strain, or Pink Nova weed.


Nova OG Nug

Indica dominant strain, Nova OG contains balanced levels of both THC and CBD making it an excellent medicinal strain that can still be enjoyed recreationally.  Photo: @420_turkbros


Nova OG Strain - Indica or Sativa?

Nova OG is an 80/20 indica to sativa blend, making it an almost pure indica. Technically, however Nova OG is indeed an indica-dominant hybrid, although it doesn’t really have much in the way of sativa effects. It’s a fantastic medicinal marijuana strain for treating a number of different conditions, which will be discussed later in the article. In general, you can expect to feel very relaxed after you inhale the slightly spicy-tasting strain that is Nova OG. It does have some uplifting effects as well, which means it can be used as a daytime medication without feeling too lethargic or couch locked. Some people would definitely call Nova OG a gas weed strain, meaning it’s high-quality.


Nova OG Genetics

Created by LP Tweed, Nova OG was made specifically for medicinal users. He took two strains, one with very high CBD content and the other with some nice cerebral effects, and crossbred them together. The result?  A strain that is the best of all worlds (not both worlds) containing THC, CBD, sativa, and indica effects. This truly makes it a well-balanced strain. It has the ability to treat a wide variety of medical conditions while still giving the user a nice high without feelings of lethargy or tiredness. The two strains which are crossed together to create Nova OG are:

  • Harlequin
  • Jack the Ripper


Nova OG THC Percentage

The average indica strain contains around 12.5% THC, whereas the average THC percentage of Nova is much higher, coming out at around 20%. Some of the stronger phenotypes or those which have been grown by a master farmer, can sometimes test at up to 23% THC. Nova also contains about 19% CBD, which makes it a beautifully balanced strain.


Purple Nova Price

The seeds for Nova OG are very hard to find, which in effect means the price is typically higher. In addition, the fact that high CBD strains aren’t particularly popular for recreational users can drive the price up even higher due to low demand. Although, in a North American dispensary, you usually won’t be paying more than $10 a gram because prices are generally lower in that region of the world. The likelihood of finding a coffeeshop that sells Nova OG is very low, but if you do, the price will be around $20 a gram, if not more.


Nova OG Taste

Nova OG has a great taste that is more on the savory side, rather than being sweet. Its flavours are similar to its parents (Harlequin & Jack the Ripper), and should definitely be enjoyed inside a flower vaporizer, as the taste inside a flower vaporizer is always better. This is especially true if you grind the herb up first. This is because there is no combustion of plant material. The lower the temperature of the vaporizer, the better the flavour. You can play around with the temps until you find the perfect balance between flavour and potency.

The full flavour profile of Nova OG is:

  • Spicy
  • Herbal
  • Woody
  • Diesel

    Nova OG Strain - Oil, Wax, Shatter, Edibles, etc.

    Nova OG makes a very good concentrate. The fact that Nova OG has about 20% THC and 19% CBD means that you can make a very potent concentrate with a very nice flavor profile out of it quite easily. 

    You can use a method such as butane blasting to create concentrates. It is important to know, however, that making butane hash oil is pretty dangerous. Butane is a highly flammable gas and has been the cause of many home fires and explosions from blasting it into wax. Unless you are very well educated on the process and take all the necessary precautions, it is not recommended that you do it. 

    You can make any strain into edibles, and a strain like Nova OG would make some really great medicinal edibles. You must first decarboxylate your weed, and then mix it with a fat or an oil. If you don’t do both of these steps, you may as well chuck your weed in the bin, as the edibles won’t work.


    Nova OG Top

    A good looking, frosty cola of Nova OG. Nova is high in THC and CBD, making it a great strain for both medicinal and recreational users. Photo by: @1000seeds


    NovaOG Concentrate

    Nova OG concentrate. Photo by: @fttyby420


    Nova OG Effects

     Nova OG Overall Effects Nova OG Medicinal Effects- (Reduces) Nova OG Negative Effects
    Relaxed Depression Dry Mouth
    Happy Inflammation Lethargy (only in high doses)
    Euphoric Cramps
    Focused Nausea
    Creative Stress

    With so much genetic balance, Nova OG has a wide array of potential benefits. However, as an indica-dominant hybrid with a high percentage of both CBD and THC, users report that it’s one of the best strains they’ve ever used for pain and inflammation. Nova is an incredibly good medicinal strain, and more strains similar to this should be more widely available around the world, not just in dispensaries in North America.



    Nova OG Flowering Time

    It’s very hard to find information about Nova OG, due to it not being a particularly popular or well known strain. This is because it is mainly a medicinal strain, often causing it to be available in the strictly medical only dispensaries. However, the flowering time of Nova OG is thought to be about 7-8 weeks, because it’s an indica, which traditionally have shorter flowering times.


    Nova OG Strain Growing Tips

    Again, information is hard to come by, however, topping the plant is almost always necessary with indicas. That is because indicas generally grow large and unnecessary leaves at the top of the plant, which can be trimmed away to allow sunlight and nutrients to get to the bottom of the plant. This increases yield.


    Nova OG Strain Seeds

    If you want outdoor feminized seeds of an OG Kush relative, then Nova OG is a perfect choice. However, the seeds are very hard to come by. A lot of places claim to be selling these seeds, but making an informed choice is always difficult because a lot of these companies are snake oil salesmen. It’s a jungle out there, so good luck!


    Nova OG Strain Yield

    The yield of Nova OG is around 2 ounces per foot squared, which is pretty decent.


    Nova OG Plant

    Dont they just grow so fast? Nova OG plant awake in the light and growing strong. Photo by: @chefsecretgarden

    What is Nova OG Strain?

    Nova OG is a medicinal strain, which can really help a lot of users with a lot of conditions. In particular, this strain helps with pain and inflammation. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid which contains a balance of CBD and THC.  This fine balance is the reason makes such a great medicinal strain. Seeds cannot be found easily online, which will disappoint a lot of users who want to use this strain for its medicinal effects. It’s a fairly rare strain as well, as not many sellers grow medicinal strains.

    Overall Characteristics:

    • Overwhelmingly a medicinal strain (although it can be used recreationally)
    • Very hard to find this strain, but if you do, then you’re in for a treat
    • Good taste, good smell
    • Great effects
    • Can help with pain and inflammation during the day, without leaving you feeling too lethargic
    • Should top this strain to maximize yield, if you can find it

       Want to learn more about NovaOG? Watch this video review:


      Written by:Hamish |  Cover Photo by: @hopelord

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