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Platinum Kush Review | Platinum OG Strain

platinum kush marijuana strain

Platinum Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that has purple hues and bright orange hairs. It has a thick coating of trichomes, which give it a slightly shiny look. This is the reason for the name Platinum Kush, as the crystals look like a platinum coating. This strain also has a relatively high THC percentage and trace amounts of CBD to help balance the high.

This strain is sometimes called Purple Platinum strain, Platinum Purple strain, Plat Kush, Platinum bud, Purple Platinum Khush OG, Platinum Skunk, or Platinum OG strain.

platinum kush strain cannabis

Who could be sad about a handful of Plantinum Kush? @downtownthc

Where does Kush come from?

Kush varieties all come from one plant, the OG Kush strain. OG Kush is one of the most famous strains, but its original genetics are hard to pin down. However, this strain has sparked some of the most well-known strains in existence, and if you see OG or Kush in the name you know that the strain is going to be one of high-quality.

Platinum Kush strain: indica or sativa?

Platinum Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. It was originally created by Apothecary Genetics and was named after the coating of trichomes that cover it. It is either a phenotype of OG Kush or it’s a cross of a landrace strain and another famous kush strain. Either way, Platinum Kush inherits the body-high from its Kushy parents. Strains are often very hard to pin down as to their exact genetics, but at the very least you can rest assured that Platinum OG Kush is a variant of OG Kush.


Platinum Kush weed genetics

Apothecary Genetics likely created this strain from:


It’s hard to pinpoint Platinum Kush’s genetics because weed history is so often vague and lost. This strain is definitely an indica-dominant hybrid, which has enough THC in it to knock your socks off!

Platinum Kush THC level

The average indica-dominant hybrid has around 12.5% THC inside it, whereas the average Platinum OG phenotype has around 17% inside. Some Platinum OG phenotypes can test up to 24%, which is enough to get any stoner off on a strong high.

Platinum Kush price 

Platinum Kush is a dankenstein strain, but it’s actually fairly cheap over in North America where it’s popular. You will be able to find this strain in North America for about $10 a gram. This great strain is difficult to find elsewhere, so you’ll probably be paying about $20 a gram in Amsterdam.

Platinum Kush taste 

  • Spicy
  • Herbal
  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Skunky

Platinum strain should be vaped through a flower vaporizer. This is because the strain's flavors are always richer when smoked through a flower vape. Smoking through a flower vape has a number of useful advantages, not least of which are the health benefits. These benefits come about when vaping organic buds, especially compared to smoking blunts, joints, bongs, etc. Also, you’re actually going to be using less bud to get high, as smoking blunts is incredibly cost-ineffective. Platinum Kush definitely has some of the normal kushy flavors inside it.

Platinum Kush oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Concentrate makers tend to focus on strains that have a large number of trichomes. This makes Platinum Kush a perfect example of a strain that concentrate makers appreciate. That is because of its high THC percentage and large trichome creation. You can make any strain into concentrates, but obviously, trichomes are the main thing that they’re looking for. Making Butane Hash Oil can be considered dangerous, so please be careful.

You can also make any strain into edibles. You must first decarboxylate your marijuana, so please follow our guide to do so. This is another good example of an advantage when it comes to vaping weed. You can easily turn your already vaped bud (AVB) into edibles: simply mix it with either a fat or an oil and you’ve got a ready-made edible! Stick it on some toast with some butter, dig in, and an hour or two later you’ll be high as a kite. Please be wary, this stuff is particularly potent.

platinum kush strain smokeDig in for some Platinum Kush! Photo: @xtremenextlevelunicornshit
platinum kush weed high
How do you like your Platinum Kush? Photo: @bayarea_exoticss

Platinum Kush General Effects
Platinum Kush Medical Effects
Platinum Kush Effects Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoric 55% Pain Relief 85%
Paranoia 50%
Uplifted 50%
Lack of Appetite 80%
Dry Eyes 45%
Happy 45% Insomnia 50% Dizziness 30%
Sleepy 45%  Depression 50%
Anxiety 30%



Platinum weed strain is a heavily indica-leaning hybrid that has both a slight cerebral buzz alongside a heavy indica body high. This high is therefore recommended for feeling relaxed and euphoric. It can also help with stress and pain easily and could help with depression in certain people. Weed is not a fix everything for everyone, so don’t just believe what you read online. Sativas or perfectly balanced hybrids are normally better for depression, but some people could find this strain to help with curbing depression.


Platinum Kush Growing tips 

Platinum Kush weed strain can be grown both inside and outside. Try to make sure that your temperature is kept at the same level, as otherwise your growth may be severely affected. You can also use the SCROG (screen of green method) to increase available bud sites. You should also top and train this plant while pruning, to allow sunlight and energy to get to the bottom of the grow.

Platinum Kush flowering time 

Platinum Kush has a relatively long flowering time, sitting at about 9 weeks.

Platinum Kush seeds 

Platinum Kush’s seeds aren’t available online. This is a clone-only strain. This means that if you’re not in North America or a famous Amsterdam coffeeshop, your likelihood of finding this strain is very low.

Platinum Kush yield 

Platinum Kush’s yield is pretty low. It’s only about 250-350 grams per square meter. Low yield and the difficulty in finding the seeds or clones make this strain less desirable to grow.

platinum kush grow marijuanaPlatinum Kush just hanging out, photo: @aquarius4206


What is the Platinum Kush marijuana strain? 

Platinum Kush is either a phenotype of OG Kush, or it’s a cross of a few kush strains and something like Afghani indica. It’s always hard to say the exact genetics of certain strains. However, it’s definitely a kush relative as it carries on the tradition of Kush’s being indicas, or indica-dominant hybrids. This can help with stress, pain, sleeping, and, in some cases, depression:

  • Exact genetics unknown
  • Very popular in North America
  • Very hard to find outside of North America
  • High trichome production makes great concentrates
  • High THC percentage
  • Can help with sleep, stress, pain, and depression


Have you tried Platinum Kush before? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

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