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    With weed being legalized and decriminalized in more and more places, the stigma attached to our favorite plant has been steadily declining. Although it used to be a faux pas in many circles to even talk about smoking, now you can pass around a cheap glass pipe on your back porch without batting an eye. Beyond just the social stigma, legalization has meant a lot more research and development in the world of marijuana. We've got incredible, scientifically-designed glass (like these inline perc bongs) to give you the best hits you've ever taken, and the weed has gotten stronger than ever before. But, even with all the legalization and destigmatization, sometimes you have to keep your smoking on the down-low. Air filters are a great way to keep the smell low while you get high. Air filters for smoking, like the Smoke Buddy, help to reduce both smell and particulate in the smoke you exhale. You may remember the DIY air filters for weed you used to make: a paper towel tube, some dryer sheets, and a rubber band or two, all meticulously crafted into a device that was perfect for making you think it was covering up the scent of your weed. While sploofs like that are basically useless, real air filters like these will actually help with the skunky scent you're hoping to cover up. If you really want to keep your smoke lowkey, pair one of these air filters with a  Monkey Pipe that has its own smoke stopper built right into the bowl. Then you'll be able to smoke discretely practically anywhere!

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