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    Smoking accessories can take your next session to the next level in more ways than one. If you've already got the perfect grinder loaded up with so much kief it looks like you dropped it on the beach, a pollen press will let you convert that dusty goodness into a hash cake you can use on your next bowl, in a joint, or, one of our favorites, as a cake on your hemp hookah. Another great "accessory" isn't so much an accessory as a piece: the classic bong. Any sort of bong, be it an ice bong, a huge straight tube bong, or even a colorful pink bong, is the perfect thing to take your smoking to all new heights. Their massive chambers let you milk bigger hits than any hand pipe could even dream of, and the percolating effect from the water smooths, cools, and filters your hit, so those massive rips aren't too harsh to enjoy. Once you've got your hands on a bong that suits you, you'll want to keep it safe with one of these great bong cases. Bong bags and cases are specially designed to hold those peculiarly shaped pieces of glass, keeping them safe from harm as you take them with you (or even just protecting them from the turmoil in your own house). In the world of 420 science, bong bags may seem simplistic, but these have been painstakingly, scientifically designed to protect your bong. Hard cases and padded glass bong cases will keep your bong good to go for years to come!

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