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    Concentrates are all the rage these days. And who's surprised that these awesome, potent extracts would gain such popularity? We've been collectively growing stronger and stronger weed, so when technology gave us the option of actually extracting all the best parts of marijuana, it only made sense to jump on that bandwagon. We still love a bit of dry herb now and then, but concentrates are such an awesome and affordable smoking experience that we always keep some on hand (there are even tools for enjoying both through the same piece, like these dry herb and wax vaporizers and these bong accessories that can turn your favorite glass bong into a rig in seconds). With all these changes in the world of weed, some new equipment is needed to get the most out of your concentrates. You'll need a dab rig (or a banger or nail for your favorite water pipe), a torch, and a wax dabber tool. But what is a dabber tool? Basically, a dabber tool is a little implement for getting your wax into your rig without burning yourself in the process. You can always try a makeshift dabber tool, but trust us when we say the safest, most effective route here is to go with a proper dabber tool kit and leave the homemade dabber tool in your drawer. We're always game for a double-sided spatula-tip dabber tool, so you can load up both ends with wax at once and take your dabbing game to the next level. But really the best dabber tool is the one that best suits your personal needs (although we highly recommend a titanium dabber tool if you're looking for the best of the best).

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