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    If you've been getting into concentrates as much as we have lately, you'll already know about shatter and its incredible properties. If you're still new to the dab scene, fear not, because we're here to help! Concentrates (also called wax, shatter, dabs, and isolate) are extremely potent concentrated forms of the compounds found within marijuana. They can be up to 99% THC, or they can have no THC whatsoever and instead be comprised of CBD, CBG, CBN, or other cannabinoids that are being used more and more frequently. When it comes to taking dabs, you'll need a few pieces of equipment besides the usual smoking gear. First off, a rig. This could be a quartz dab rig, a portable dab rig, or even just a piece to modify your favorite bong. That leads to the second bit of gear you'll need: a quartz banger or a titanium dab nail. Basically, this is going to be heated up with your torch and then used to instantly vaporize your wax as you hit your rig. Another bit of useful equipment is a dab pad. But what are dab pads for? Instead of storing your wax on parchment paper and dealing with the many struggles that entails, square dab pads like these offer a more convenient place to keep your wax and collect individual dabs from it. Non-stick dab pads come in so many awesome designs, like frankenstein dab pads, trippy dab pads, fallout dab pads - you can always find one to match your personal style!

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