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    If you've been smoking for a while, you've almost certainly been around a bong or two. These water pipes have become synonymous with our favorite herb, being iconically featured in every bit of stoner culture from movies like Cheech and Chong to TV shows like Key and Peele (they've even been used in a lot of anti-smoking propaganda!) But if you're new to smoking, or if you've just stuck with more traditional spoon pipes and joints, bongs may still be a bit of an enigma to you. Why have these flower-vase-looking pieces maintained such popularity throughout the years? How do they even work? Bongs (and other water pipes) differentiate themselves from dry pipes with the addition of percolation - that is, they pass the smoke through some water as a means of filtration and cooling. The downstem (the part that actually goes into the water) is a key part of any water pipe, and it's a great place to start if you're looking to upgrade your bong. A diffused downstem will help to cool your hit even further than typical straight tube downstems by forcing the smoke through multiple openings, creating a greater surface area that comes into contact with the water (that's the long way of saying it makes your smoking experience even better). Whether you're looking to upgrade your favorite bong or just need to replace your downstem after an unfortunate run-in with the floor, we've got all the diffused glass downstem options you could ever need. Just make sure you know what joint size you need so that your new downstem is compatible with your piece!

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