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We all love having eye-catching, jaw-dropping glass on the shelf. Even if it only gets used as often as your great grandma's fine china, that piece of glass is as much a work of fine art as it is a bong, hammer bubbler, or hand pipe. But how do you find that piece of glass? The one piece that's so perfectly you, beautifully crafted, and uniquely interesting that it stands out in your glass collection and catches all the eyes you want it to? We can help with all your smoking wants and needs! Depending on your particular style, you can go with a roaring dragon bong that smokes a bowl right through its mouth or a delicate, intricate flower bong, every petal meticulously handblown to perfection. If your looking for something to scratch a nostalgic itch, maybe something from a favorite TV show would do. "Dragon Bong Z" has a nice ring to it, after all. Once you've grabbed the perfect dragon water bong, pair it with an arted grinder to complete the set. When you break these two out together, you'll be the envy of the whole smoke session. Just make sure you take care with your precious new bong, dragon or otherwise; this sort of art can be fragile, and needs to be treated with care!
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  • Grinder and Storage Container Shredtainer Dragon Chewer
    Grinders Grinder and Storage Container Shredtainer Dragon Chewer
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