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    Advancements in the world of weed have come in so many shapes, sizes, and materials. Affordable yet durable acrylic bongs and acrylic pipes have made smoking accessories more accessible without sacrificing the quality of your smoking experience. You can take your smoking session to the next level of shire swagger with these Gandalf pipes. At the meeting point of old school and innovative, there are even CBD rolling papers that you can load up with the super-potent bud that’s being grown nowadays, giving you the perfect meeting point of relaxation and a good time. Whatever you choose to smoke it through, you’re going to want the best herb grinder for your top-shelf bud. If you prefer convenient and time-saving options, an electric herb grinder or automatic herb grinder is going to be the option for your dry herb grinder. If you prefer to keep it simple and hands-on when you’re grinding your bud, you can opt for a titanium herb grinder, a stainless steel herb grinder, or even the classic wooden herb grinder. But how to use an herb grinder? In the case of an electric herb grinder with kief catcher, you’ll just toss your bud in and let it rip until it’s at a consistency you’re happy with. For a typical 4-piece herb grinder, you’ll pop the top section off, stuff it full of bud, replace the top, grind away, and then open the central barrel to find your freshly, consistently ground herb (then you can pop off the bottom piece to see all the precious kief you’ve collected).

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