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    Whether it's for the holidays, a special birthday, or just because it's a Tuesday and you really feel like making someone's week better, gift shopping for your friends and loved ones is always a treat, especially when they're of the sort that would enjoy a fancy new bong or a pack of their favorite flavored rolling papers. But with so many incredible gifts out there for the marijuana lover in your life, how could you possibly know where to start looking? If they're interested in dabbing but haven't made the leap into getting all the gear and tools needed to start enjoying concentrates, you can grab one of these rigs to get them started off right (or you can go with a nail that will convert their favorite bong into a rig instead!) But what about the smoker who already seems to have it all? They've got huge bongs, colorful bowls, arted glass bubblers - everything. What do you get those friends? Why not let them flex their favorite herb from head to toe with some of these great hats and beanies? We've got all kinds of great stoner apparel, from hats to jackets to joggers and more! Don't stress out over trying to find that one piece of glass that they actually don't have; just grab a few pieces of swag for them instead so they can rock the look top to bottom when they're enjoying all their fine glass!

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