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    We all love smoking weed, but sometimes it couldn't hurt to try for a healthier smoking experience. It can be as simple as an ice bong for cooling off your hits since a good bit of the damage done by smoking comes from the heat of the smoke itself. Alternatively, you can void combustion entirely with one of these vaporizers. This way you can set your favorite temperature for vaping to ensure you get exactly the compounds your after while avoiding all the harsh byproducts of combustion. If you prefer the flavor and sensation of traditional smoking to vaping but still want to give yourself a healthier smoking experience, another great option is to start using hemp wick. The choice of hemp wick vs lighter is practically a no brainer. Lighter fluid creates a fairly harsh, byproduct-laden smoking experience, and the heat from a lighter can scorch your bud too aggressively, leading to less potent and fewer hits. All-natural hemp wick instead burns at a lower temperature, free from all the harsh chemicals in lighters, and burns your bud more efficiently. Now you can get a hemp wick lighter sleeve to keep your hemp wick around just as easily as you keep a lighter on hand. You can always wrap a little hemp wick around your lighter, but the best hemp wick lighters come with built-in accessories to make using your hemp wick easy and convenient. Grab a hemp wick lighter holder or hemp wick dispenser lighter and make your smoking healthier than ever before.

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