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    If you've been smoking for a while, you've almost certainly experienced the heartbreak of a broken piece or two. It seems like we've all had that moment, a few bowls in, when something goes haywire and suddenly your Sherlock pipe is in pieces, your bong is in shambles, or your bubbler is broken beyond belief. Having great glass pieces onhand is always nice, of course, but the risk of them being destroyed is always just around the corner. If you're familiar with these devastating, often unavoidable, moments, check out our great selection of silicone water pipes. Outside of the actual glass bowl itself, every inch of these incredible pipes is all but indestructible. You can knock them off the table straight onto concrete, stuff them into backpacks full of books and computers, or literally even fold them in halfand poof! they pop right back into shape like new! Silicone bongs and bubblers are the perfect alternatives for your typical glass water pipes, offering the same filtered smoking experience in a much more durable package. If that wasn't enough to sell you on them, silicone water pipes are even easier to clean than their glass counterparts; just pop your pipe in the freezer for a few hours, grab it out, give it a good squeeze, bend, and a shake or two, and all that dirty old resin will literally just fall right out - no need for tedious cleaning with isopropyl and salt. With all those great features, you'd probably think that silicone water pipes must cost more than the glass ones, right? This is hardly the case, as silicone pieces actually cost just a fraction of typical glass pieces. Indestructible and cheap? Sign us up!.

    If you've smoked for a time, you've probably felt the pain of one or two shattered pieces. After a few bowls, we've all experienced a situation where something goes wrong, and suddenly, your bong, piece, or bubbler is in utter disarray. It's always good to have excellent glass pieces on hand, but there's always a chance that they may get broken. Browse their fantastic assortment of silicone water pipes if you are familiar with these tragic, frequently inevitable times.

    Every part of these great pipes, aside from the glass bowl itself, is virtually unbreakable. They can be folded in half, dropped from a table directly onto concrete, packed into a bag with laptops and books, or bent in half and popped right back into form. As considerably more lasting substitutes to standard glass water pipes, silicone bongs and bubblers provide a similar filtered smokey flavour.

    If more was needed to persuade you to choose one, silicone water pipes are even simpler to cleanse than glass water pipes. Place your pipe in the freezer for a few hours, remove it, give it a good squeeze, bend, and shake, and all that soiled old resin will fall right out. There's no need for laborious cleaning with isopropyl and salt. You would assume that silicone water pipes would be more expensive than glass ones, given all their wonderful characteristics, wouldn't you? Inexpensive and unbreakable? This differs because silicone bits are far more affordable than regular glass pieces.

    Waxmaid Springer Silicone Water Pipe 

    The platinum-cured silicone is used in the Waxmaid Springer foldable silicone water pipe. It is "food safe" approved for use in gourmet applications, and the safety level exceeds FDA clearance norms. Waxmaid Springer is a space-saving water pipe different from other common models because of its flexible and foldable form. It can be expanded from 6.9 inches to 11.6 inches, and its mouthpiece can be rotated 360 degrees for smoking ease. 

    For storing your lighter/dab equipment, the down stem of the Waxmaid Springer foldable silicone water pipe has a powerful magnet. Your pipe won't fall over, thanks to the suction base design. Your time and resources for maintenance are saved by using silicone material rather than glass. The flexible silicone water pipe made by Springer is reliable, long-lasting, and secure. Rasta, Pink Cream, Blue White Green, GID Green, Black Red, and Translucent Orange are only 6 of the stunning hues offered. Any replicas that resemble the original Waxmaid patent design that is available are counterfeit goods!

    Ooze Bectar Silicone Water Pipe

    The Nectar is a hybrid product that enables you to consume both flower and concentration! The nice thing about this product is that it has a distinctive shape, fits well in your hand, and is portable. Filling it up with water is simple. Remove the silicone top and pour water into the container; utilising the concentrate is equally simpler. 

    The titanium nail must then be torched before being used to attack your focus. Breathe deeply, and enjoy. Place your dish under the silicone flap and turn it on if you use flowers. Features include Flower Bowl, Bubbler, Titanium Nail, Geode, Stash Jar, and Nectar Collector. Silicone in a geometric shape that resists heat.

    Ooze Sax Silicone Water Pipe

    The OOZE SAX Silicone Water Pipe is a unique, compact pipe in the form of a saxophone or sherlock that fits comfortably in your palm. Its wide mouthpiece and this combination will give you an amazing cloud-filled experience that you will remember.

    A quartz glass bowl insert and silicone construction characterise the SAX Silicone Water Pipe. Its silicone surface has a wonderful, soft touch, comes in various vibrant colours, and is the perfect size to carry anyplace. Included is a quartz glass bowl that is uncrackable. Exterior Silicone that resists heat is utilisable and clean. They are offered in a variety of hues (supplied at random).

    Ooze Clobb Silicone Water Pipe

    Since it has never been made before, the Ooze Clobb is genuinely innovative. It is a 4-in-1 pipe made of silicone glass. It has a hammer-like appearance. It is a 4-in-1 that may be used as a setup for concentrates or a water pipe for dry herbs. Installing 510 thread cartridges is one of the finest advantages of this water pipe that no other one has. The connected nectar collection can also be used as the mouthpiece. Just use a titanium nail that passes through the water container to take it out simply.


    Silicone water pipes are comparatively sustainable, easy to clean, foldable, and easy to carry, enhancing flavour. You would assume that silicone water pipes would be more expensive than glass ones, given all their wonderful characteristics, wouldn't you? This isn't the case because silicone bits are far more affordable than regular glass pieces, inexpensive and unbreakable.

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