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    With weed growing stronger and tastier by the day, we’re all looking for a smoking experience that matches that quality. For some of us, the perfect bowl is the standard hand pipe. It’s a time-tested, tried-and-true design that relishes in its own simplicity. For others though, water pipes are that ideal match. The cooling effect of the water delivers a softer, smoother hit, as the filtration removes any particulate and tar that come through with the smoke. If smooth and seamless smoking sounds like your ideal experience, you’ve got to make the switch to water pipes. And if you’re not sure about them yet, why not try out some cheap glass water pipes that won’t break the bank? You can go the route of bubblers, which function like something right between a bong and a classic hand pipe, giving you a water reservoir for cooling while also implementing a side hole for carbing your hit. Or you can try out one of these cheap percolator bongs that offer the same sort of multi-level filtration as their expensive counterparts. There’s nothing wrong with opting for cheap water pipes and bongs; they’ll smoke the same as any other water pipes. Cheap definitely doesn’t mean poor quality - it just means if you happen to prefer dry smoking over cheap acrylic water pipes, you won’t be out too much money. There are even cheap scientific glass water pipes and cheap ROOR water pipes, so you can feel like you’re smoking out of something expensive without worrying about paying rent on time.

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