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There's nothing like being able to get your hands on good, good bud. You know it as soon as you're within 15-feet of it: the smell hits you right across the face, and you know that bag is going to be full of beautiful, shimmery buds. With all the legalization going on around the country, it's never been easier to get your hands on top-shelf bud (and lots of it). But even as legalization has become more widespread and smoking a bit more destigmatized in general, there are still a lot of people who find the whole idea taboo (older parents, anyone?) This means you may need a place to tuck your weed every now and again; it also doesn't hurt to have a solid storage option for keeping your bud nice and fresh. 420 jars are a great option for maintaining the quality of your dry herb, but they can be a bit less than discrete with their huge, colorful pot leaves and rasta symbols. If you need something that's totally inconspicuous, stash cans are the answer. Weed stash cans are designed to be covert storage jars that can be hidden in plain sight. After all, who's going to question the can of soda sitting on your shelf? If you're more of a tea drinker than a soda fan, there are Arizona stash cans that will fit right in with your usual drinks. Fake stash cans are the perfect way to keep your bud out of sight, whether that's for guests or just for your peace of mind while you're away from the house, and stash soda cans are definitely more discrete than typical weed storage jars and stash boxes.
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