Accessories 4" Wooden Dugout Box w/ Bat

4" Wooden Dugout Box w/ Bat

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The biggest problem with buying dugouts is that you do not know if the one hitter you have or want fits properly. Why not buy a dugout then that includes one with purchase? In comes the 4" Wooden Dugout Box w/ Bat with everything you need. The 3" one hitter that fits perfectly inside the dugout is actually our very own Cigarette Bat. With its unsuspecting theme, the Cigarette Bat is great for smoking without garnering any unwanted attention. All 3" of the bat fits in the spring loaded slot allocated. The spring in the bottom is quite, well, springy so you do not have to worry about your one hitter getting stuck inside. Next to the bat holder is a wider hole meant for your dry herbs or tobacco. You can easily fit materials in here to keep you constantly packing the chillum bat. Just pop out the bat and poke the tip into your dry herbs for easy packed hits. When not in use, turn the swivel top until both the pipe and herb holder are completely covered to keep both safe. The swivel top keeps everything inside your 4" Wooden Dugout Box from falling out. Although the one hitter is made out of sturdy aluminum, no one wants all their herbs to drop on to the floor.

  • Includes 3" Fake Cig Bat
  • Carries One Hitter and Dry Herbs
  • Base Width: 2"
  • Swivel Lid
  • Made from Wood