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    As long as we've been smoking weed (which, historically speaking, is a long time now), there have been several smoking implements that have stood the test of time. Of course, rolling papers are certainly an old, tried-and-true way to enjoy any sort of smokeable, weed notwithstanding. But even older and more reliable than papers is the classic wooden pipe. Simple, rustic, and generally hand-carved from a single piece of wood, wooden pipes (for weed or for anything else you like) are truly a testament to the benefits of simplicity. Modern smoking offers us tremendous bongs packed from end to end with percolators and whatnot, it offers us vaporizers that are scientifically engineered to give us a healthier consumption method, and it even offers us highly-concentrated waxes to enjoy all the best parts of marijuana without having to actually smoke it. Yet, somehow, the traditional wooden weed pipe still stays around, being beloved and used by smokers worldwide. They're classy, elegant, and beautifully simplistic in nature (although some modern ones are slightly less simple, offering things like built-in storage chambers and smoke mazes that help to smooth out your hits). We've got all sorts of wooden pipes for weed, from dugouts to chillums to monkey pipes. Take a look around, pick your favorite, and see why these wooden pieces have stayed around year after year!

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