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    Chillums are a type of hand pipe that are the simplest in design and the most affordable. Chillums features a straight shot from the bowl to the mouthpiece and typically lack a carb. Chillums are perfect for those looking for a convenient on-the-go piece that can easily fit into a pipe case, pocket or purse. Chillums are similar to one hitters but typically feature a larger bowl, wider diameter, and include many more artistic designs. Many people who are comfortable using one hitters like to upgrade to a chillum as their next piece due to the similarity in use while allowing more options in artistry and size. While chillums are the simplest hand pipe by design, Weed Republic carries a wide selection of unique designs made from materials including glass, metal and wood from some of the greatest brands in the industry including GRAV, Empire Glassworks, American Helix, Marley Natural and several more. If you're looking to upgrade from a one hitter or just need a more unique on-the-go piece shop a wide selection of chillums online at Weed Republic.

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