downstem and bowl Metal Adjustable Downstem - Pink

Metal Adjustable Downstem - Pink

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Yup. We've got the world's first adjustable downstem: the Titan-Stem 3.0™ in Pink. Never worry about breaking a downstem again. This adjustable, aircraft-grade aluminum downstem will fit perfectly into all of our Tank Glass products. And don't be fooled by cheap knock offs. Tank Glass is an authorized Ace-Labz® distributor of Titan-Stems so you know what you're getting is 100% authentic.

Universal Downstem Features:

  • Fully adjustable and unbreakable
  • Version 3.0 (upgraded with a built in perc and a non-stick finish)
  • Fits both 14mm and 18mm joints
  • Fits Tank Mini, Tank Original, Tank Max & Tank Straight
  • Provides powerful multi-hole diffusion
  • Adjustable to fit 2.5"- 8.5" length
  • Easy to clean, smooth matte non-stick finish
  • Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Comes with 18/18mm joint & 18/14mm low pro adapter
  • Comes with original box & packaging
  • Color: Pink