Accessories Silicone Concentrate Dab Mat and Tool Set

Silicone Concentrate Dab Mat and Tool Set

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Protect your tabletop from HOT and STICKY accidents!

This silicone dab mat and tool set is an essential for the novice or the expert dabber! Our mats are well suited for just about anything you need to do around the pipe. Stop burning your nice countertop and leaving a sticky mess! Finally, no more flimsy parchment paper for you!

No more drippy accidents!

Originally designed as baking mats these are a made from woven-fiber that is then covered with food-safe silicone rubber. Because of this combination these mats easy to clean and highly durable. Most importantly will not morph and distort even after the HOTTEST dab session!

Our wax carving tool is a classic style; and there is a reason its remains so popular! The spoon end is thick and wide for the perfect scoop. Not going for big gobs? Certainly this is where the pointed poker end is here to help! Get your shatter exactly where it needs to be. Tips are easy to clean and will last for even the most avid of dabbers!

On your table, in your car or at work… be ready with all the tools you need; when you need them!

Included in Set
1 – Polished Silver Wax Carving Tool
1 – 3ml Silicone Dab Storage Container
1 – 5”x4” Fiber Reinforced Non-Stick Silicone Dab Mat

Small Silicone Dab Mat
Mat Size: 5” x 4”
Food-Safe Fiber Reinforced Silicone
High Strength, Durable Dab Pad
-Temperatures of up to 600°F
-Non-stick for even the purest concentrates
-Protect your table top from HOT nails

Silver Wax Dab Tool
Tool Size: 4.75”
Polished Metal
-Deep Grip Grooves
-Great for Wax, BHO and shatter!

3ml Colored Silicone Dab Jar
-Capacity: 3ml
-Food-Safe Silicone
-Secure jar lid / dab dish
-Coordinating colors