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Dual Purpose Portable Vaping

The Hera is an easy-to-use dual-use vaporizer that is compatible with dry-herb and concentrates. Think of the Hera as less snazzy but more powerful version of the Pax that costs much less. This thing is built to take a hit or two and keep on vaping. The outside body is stainless steel and it has a thick 2mm touch screen.

The simple one button for on, off, and vape mode is a breeze to learn and the temperature screen works just like you would want, allowing you to easily scroll between a hundred degrees of variable settings.

You can swap out different chambers to use with flowers or oil which gives the Hera 2 fantastic versatility. The ability to use it for both types of cannabis really makes it outshine other vaporizers of the same price.

It comes with a custom 2680mAh capacity, which is pretty good. That will get you through a day's worth of sessions most likely and it takes a mini USB charger which can be found pretty much anywhere.

Best of all is that the Hera 2 pretty discreet. Other vapes look like e-cigarette most of the time but the Hera is flat enough to look like an MP3 player, if anyone used those anymore.


  • Seamlessly switch between Dry Herb & Extract modes (dual-use)
  • Ceramic & Stainless Steel hybrid dual-chamber
  • Hybrid heating technology; high quality, dense vapor
  • Compact sleek design; VUI touch screen
  • High precision 100 different temperature settings ( 350°F-450°F)
  • 2680 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery; 90 minutes session time
  • Haptic Feedback; Active vibration, LED progress lighting control 

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