11 Things You Need To Know About CBD Isolate - Number 5 will amaze you!

Jun 23 , 2020

11 Things You Need To Know About CBD Isolate - Number 5 will amaze you!

If you have been looking for the benefits that come along with cannabis, but you want to avoid the high? CBD Isolate may be your answer. With zero trace of THC or other compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD Isolate is exactly what the name implies: isolated cannabidoil.

You won't be the first to try it, either. CBD is rapidly revolutionizing the holistic health world thanks to its vast array of healing properties. As it becomes legalized (if you're in the states and are uncertain of the status of legalization in your state, check out this report) and its healing properties are discovered, its popularity is rapidly growing. And what's not to like about an all natural, pure agent that has been proven to treat medical conditions that range from nausea to anxiety to cancer? If you're afraid it could get you high, worry not: because there is no THC inside users will not experience any sort of high.

In this CBD isolate review we will discuss:

  • What CBD and CBD Isolate are
  • Healing properties
  • How CBD Isolate is made
  • Crystal Isolate vs. Powder Isolate
  • Different methods of taking isolate
  • How to create your own cbd isolate vape oil
  • Dosage
  • The Entourage Effect
  • CBD Isolate vs. CBD Full Spectrum
  • Terpene Infused cannabidiol isolate
  • My top two choices of CBD isolates on the market

    1. What is CBD Isolate?

    CBD is well known for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. You may also hear the term "cannabidiol," which is simply another name for CBD. CBD/cannabidiol is the second most abundant substance out of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant.

    CBD isolate is the pure extraction of cannabidiol from a hemp plant. THC, terpenes (chemical compound responsible for taste and aroma of cannabis), other cannabinoids such as CBN, and plant matter are all removed. The result? A pure crystalline or powder extract of pure cannabidiol with CBD levels ranging from 95-99% purity.

    There are two different types of cannabis plants CBD is found in:

    • Hemp plants - contains less than 3% THC (most CBD products are derived from the hemp plant due to its low THC content)
    • Marijuana plants - larger quantities of the psychoactive compound THC

      2. Healing Properties of CBD and CBD Isolate

        cbd isolate cannabis healingThis is just a small sample of health issues CBD Isolates have been known to treath. Photo: @makecbdlegal

        CBD isolate is so effective at treating a wide variety of health issues, both body and mind, because it interacts directly with the Endocannabinoid System. This internal system can be found inside all of us, and it communicates whether our bodies are balanced or not. When CBD enters the system, it stimulates and boosts the Endocannabinoid System, helping to right the receptors that are sending red flags to the brain.

        The list of health issues CBD isolate has been known to treat is vast. It includes:

        • Pain relief and anti-inflammation
        • Anti-psychotic effects
        • Helps to fight cancer and tumors
        • Reduces and relieves anxiety, including disorders such as: panic disorder, OCD, PTSD
        • Relieves nausea
        • Lowers incidence of diabetes
        • Promotes heart health
        • Suppresses seizures and other neurological disorders
        • Anti-oxidant, making it great for preventing neuro-degenerative diseases and is great for the skin
        • And many more!

          3. How is CBD Isolate made?

          The first requirement to creating potent and pure CBD isolate is to make sure that the plant used for extraction is either hemp or a strain with high cannabidiol such as Harlequin or Charlotte’s Web. The plant must be grown in an organic environment with no harmful chemicals or by-product.

          To begin the process of creating CBD isolate, supercritical CO2 extraction is applied to the hemp plant. This extracts the oils containing the highest levels of CBD from the plant. After this process, the CBD is then decarboxylated. By applying the right amount of heat to the plant, CBD is converted to CBDA. You need to do this in order to create an effective product. CBDA on its own does not have the effects you are looking for, so decarbing is key. Put differently, CBDA is the acidic form of CBD and is not bioavailable in the body.

          Once activated, the CBD hemp oil is then put through a purifying process using filtration to remove all other plant matter. It is then winterized (soaked in alcohol and cooled down or frozen to remove any excess impurities remaining after the filtration process).  The final product? A pure isolate crystalline or powder with up to 99% pure Cannabidiol.

            4. CBD Crystalline Isolate vs. CBD Powder Isolate

              cbd isolate powder health
              CBD Isolate in bulk! What would you want to treat with yours? Photo: @extractlabs
              Crystal Isolate (often referred to as Isolate Shatter or Slabs) and Powder Isolate possess all the same effects and qualities. The only difference is simply in their structure. Crystal Isolate is pure CBD crystals, and Powder Isolate is, well, pure CBD powder.

              Powder Isolate is better for creating edibles, vape juices, or oils. Crystal/Shatter/Slab Isolate is easier for dabbing or vaping.


                5. Ways to Take CBD Isolate

                  cbd isolate holistic medicinalCBD Isolates could have you feeling great on the inside! Photo: @hempsecret


                  The easiest way to take CBD isolate is to drop it under your tongue; this is known as a sublingual. The membranes in your tongue absorb the isolate and deliver them directly to your bloodstream. The sublingual approach is considered to be the most bio-available method of taking CBD isolate, meaning the highest potential amount of the cannabidiols available in the isolate are processed and used by your body.  It is best to let the isolate sit under your tongue for 1-2 minutes before washing down with water or juice.


                  CBD isolate powder is extremely easy to mix with fatty acid oils such as butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil or any of your other favorite cooking oils. Mix it with a salad dressing for an extra medicinal kick to an already healthy option. Add some cannabidiol-infused butter to those yummy brownies you’ve been craving. The possibilities are endless! Remember that when cooking with CBD, it boils at 320°F to 356°F, after which point it loses much of its effectiveness.

                  Topically - Oils or Lotions

                  CBD isolate can be melted into a carrier oil such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, or any other of your favorite skin care oils. The CBD oil mixture can then be directly applied to your skin. If you want to take it a step further try infusing your blend with herbal essential oils.


                  Smoking CBD isolate can be done in a number of ways. It can be dabbed or flash vaped using the proper dab rig, or it can be sprinkled on top of an already-packed bowl of marijuana. For a double dose, you can sprinkle pure isolate on a CBD doobie rolled with a high CBD strain. You can also vape CBD isolate in a vape pen intended for special extracts that will heat your isolate to the proper temperature.

                  Interested in vaping CBD isolate with some THC kick? You can also infuse your own vape liquid with CBD. To make your own CBD infused vape liquid, combine 200 mg of Isolate to every 10 ml of liquid.  Heat the vape liquid to 120 degrees fahrenheit, then mix in the isolate until dissolved. Let it cool and voila! Your very own homemade CBD infused vape liquid!

                    6. How to Make CBD Tincture From Isolate

                      It is extremely easy to make your own tincture from isolate by dissolving it in high fat oils like MCT oil. All you need are the isolate, the oil, a double boiler, a funnel and a dropper bottle. To make, follow these simple instructions:

                        • Pour 1 to 2 inches of water into the bottom pan of the double boiler and set it on medium-low heat.
                        • Place the top pan on the bottom pan and add your isolate and oil. (Try starting at ½ grams of powder to every 1 ½ tablespoons of oil and work your way up from there as you see fit).
                        • Stir the mixture until the powder is completely dissolved.
                        • Remove from heat and let tincture cool down.
                        • Use the funnel to pour tincture from the pot into the dropper bottle. It’s suggested that you keep it refrigerated when you are not using it.

                          7. What is the Right Dosage of CBD Isolate?

                            Another benefit of using CBD isolate is the ability to control dosages.  Due to its 99% purity, one milligram of CBD isolate represents one milligram of active CBD. The "right" amount of pure CBD to ingest, smoke or apply varies from person to person. Each body is different, so the length of time it takes for your body to feel the effects of CBD will vary, too.

                            Many users start at around 50mg per day. This is a fine place to start, but play around with it. See what works for you depending on what you're trying to treat.
                            The amount of time CBD take to work on your body depends on how you take it and the rate at which your body eliminates the CBD.  Start low and work your way up accordingly. If you are using a dropper, start with one or two drops max. If you're using a vaporizer, take just a small hit off of it. Then consider the amount of time to start feeling effects: an oral ingestion method may take up to 6 hours to take effect, and a vaporizer could take a full hour. Be patient! It will be worth the wait.

                              8. The Entourage Effect

                                It used to be believed that CBD isolate was the most powerful and effective way to maximize the healing properties of cannabis therapy. A logical belief, considering that typically the purer a substance is, the more potent its impact is. However, back in 1998, a group of Israeli researchers, including the “father of cannabis research, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, discovered the "entourage effect." The "entourage effect" is in reference to the synergistic relationship of the many components within a cannabis plant. That is to say, when these components interact, they create a more powerful influence on the human body than any one component operating by itself. Therefore, CBD has been proven to actually be more effective when terpenes and other cannabinoids are also present because they amplify each other's chemistry.

                                  9. CBD Isolate Compared to CBD Full Spectrum

                                    CBD isolate is the form of purified Cannabidiol extract, created by filtering all other cannabis plant content from the extract. On the other hand, CBD Full Spectrum, also known as "full plant extraction", is a CBD oil containing trace elements of all the compounds that constitute the cannabis plant. These elements include cannabinoids, terpenes and even THC. Full Spectrum also contains a variety of essential minerals and compounds that are necessary to a healthy body including fiber, protein, fatty acids, etc.

                                    Once the concept of the entourage effect became well known in the cannabis scene, CBD Full Spectrum became the more popular option for CBD extract. So why would it still be useful to use CBD isolate? Well, while CBD and hemp are legal in a lot of places around the world, marijuana and THC are only legal in a few places. Therefore isolate is an excellent way to receive your CBD supplement if you are in a place where THC is illegal, if you get drug tested or if you’re just not a fan of getting stoned.

                                      10. CBD Isolate with Terpenes

                                        You may be wondering if CBD oil smells like weed? Put simply, the answer is no, it does not. This is because CBD oil is devoid of any terpenes, which are the aromatic chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Terpenes are what give each strain its flavour and smell.

                                        Some CBD isolate producers add terpenes back into CBD isolate, because they recognize that some users enjoy the tastes and smells of marijuana. This brings the product back to a more familiar state, but still keeps it free of any high-inducing THC. If you're shopping for CBD Isolate and see products named for cannabis strains (especially popular for tasty strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Pineapple Express), then you're looking at a CBD isolate that had terpenes added back in.

                                          11. My Favorite CBD Isolates on the Market

                                            Medterra CBD Isolate (Med99 Isolate Powder)

                                              Medterra offers numerous incredible CBD products, including their CBD isolate. Many producers do not specify where their hemp plants come from, meaning consumers can't be sure that the hemp was grown with ethical and healthy standards. Medterra uses only organically grown hemp from the state of Kentucky under the guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Knowing where and how the hemp was grown is massively important, which is why I love this product!

                                                Cycling Frog Raw CBD Isolate and Terpene Infused CBD Isolate by Lazarus Naturals 

                                                cbd isolate medicinal

                                                  Next serving is all yours! Photo: @cyclingfrogcannabis

                                                  The Raw and Terpene Infused CBD Isolate by Lazarus Naturals is a highly sought after product. The Raw CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like: pure cannabidiol with no taste or flavor.  The terpene-infused CBD isolate comes in three different flavors: Lemon-Lime, Valencia Orange and Hawaiian Citrus. Lazarus Naturals makes all of their products in-house with vegan and gluten free ingredients. They are also a company built on community outreach and offers 60% discounts to veterans, individuals with long term disabilities, and low income families.


                                                  CBD isolate is quick, easy to use. It has no taste or smell, making it great to mix with other products and food. Because it contains 0% THC, and therefore no psychoactive properties, it is safe for people of all ages to use, including children and elderly people. It is also a good option for those that do not live in a state where Cannabis is legal or for those that get drug tested.

                                                  All of this, and we haven’t even mentioned the potential medical miracles this magical compound is capable of! If you want to do yourself and your body a favor, we highly recommend taking the isolated route to cannabidiol healing.


                                                  Still have questions, or maybe you have comments to share? Drop us a comment below!

                                                  Written by: Brittany | Cover photo by: @cbdorigin

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