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10 Best Dab Sticks In World | Electric Dab Straw

dab stick concentrates

Let's start with the basics. If you are a newbie to the world of cannabis concentrates then you might be wondering, what is a dab? Then keep reading! If you're an old pro at dabs simply jump straight down to our list of favourite dab sticks!  A dab is a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate. You place a dab of concentrate on a dab stick and then put that concentrate on the nail using the dab stick.  Some versions of a dabber are an all-in-one unit and do not require a dab rig to enjoy a rip.

The word ‘dab’ is often used to refer to the following:

  • Shatter
  • Nug run
  • Hash
  • Honey oil
  • Honeycomb
  • Wax
  • Earwax
  • BHO
  • 710
  • Black glass
  • Er

You may be wondering, why is it called a dab? The definition of the word ‘dab’ is a ‘small amount’.  It only takes a tiny amount to reap the innumerable benefits. Concentrates contain 50 to 80 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). With such a high amount of THC, it really only takes a tiny dab to get you high.

If you are wondering, "what is a dab stick?" The answer is simple. The dab tool (stick) is like an extension of your hand that lets you dip your concentrate oil onto your dab rig effectively and efficiently. The device comes in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles. It is often called a dabber or a dab stick.

Since concentrates come in so many forms - hard shatter, liquids, butter, sugar, old-school hash - you’ll need to think about the type of concentrate you'll be using before making a purchase. You might want a handy ballpoint dabber to effectively break and divide shatter. However, you’ll want something different for a sap concentrate. You can choose from scoops, spoon-shaped, paddle-shaped, needlepoint or ballpoint dabbers. Having the right dab tool makes enjoying concentrates even more fulfilling.

There's plenty to know about dabs, which is why we've included a list important bits of information at the bottom of this list. Keep scrolling to learn more about using dabbers to measure concentrates, what to consider before buying a dabber, why the size of your dabber matters, and how to dab without a rig. For now, let's get started with the Best Dab Sticks in the World Right Now!


LINX Ares Honey Straw - $110

dab honey stick

    This straw is way more than just a vessel to move your concentrates!

    Enjoy your concentrate nectar with the LINX Ares Honey Straw.  You’ll enjoy potent vapes with the ceramic rod atomizer that heats with optimum efficiency. There is a glass mouthpiece, coil-less ceramic rod, and stainless steel vape path. You depress the power button while dipping the rod into the concentrates. You can use a high or low setting.


    YoCan Evolve Plus Dab Pen Vaporizer - $49.95

    dab pen vapeComplete with a wax container, these dab vapes have everything you need in order to enjoy your concentrates!

    The Dab King Vaporizers has the YoCAn Evolve Plus Dab Pen Vaporizer is a pen dab vape that requires no torch. You can carry it in your pocket with ease to quickly and efficiently enjoy your dabs. It even features a wax container to carry your concentrate. You’ll love these non stick dab containers for their functionality and average price. Comes in a wide assortment of colours to fit every taste.



    Dabstix Water Perc Vaporizer - $84.99

    dab wax marijuanaA complete set, we love this dab stick vaporizer!

    The Dabistix Water Perc Vape is a dab stick vaporizer. The dab stick pen requires no torch and is rechargeable using a USB port. A complete erig dab even comes in a discreet case. This dab vaporizer can fit in your pocket.



    Dabadoo Bolt Pro 2 - $199.99

    dabbing ecig cannabisWith more control you'll enjoy the type of high you want.
    The beauty of this dab dabber is that it lets you precisely control the temperature of your concentrate. The highly portable dab enail device slips into your pocket. A combination of dabber and vaporizer, it has an interchangeable heating rod that can reach temperatures of 200 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.



    Nectar-Collector Honey Badger Quartz Vapor Straw - $50

    dab stick cannabisA true dab stick, this is a great staple to have in your collection.
    This quartz straw is an outstanding addition to your vape collection. It's durable and handy. This dab rod won’t disappoint. Colours do vary.


    Empire Glassworks - Cozmik Narwhal Dabber - $60

    narwhal dabber concentratesWouldn't you love to welcome this adorable creature into your 420-friendly home?
    This darling glass narwhal is almost like a stick figure dab in its intricacy. It has UV reaction colours located in the head and horn which makes it glow. You can effortlessly scoop up your dab using the narwhal’s horn. The stomach of the narwhal acts as a carb cap. All of your friends will be talking about this unique dab stick that is almost like a work of art.



    DankGeek - Ceramic Carb Cap & Dabber - $10

    ceramic carb cap dabsThis is not the first time this simple and durable carb cap has made one of our lists!

    This ceramic dabber and carb cap can withstand low temperatures for optimum performance. It works well with  14mm and 18mm dab rigs and fits ceramic nails.

    There is a hole for airflow and ventilation. The long stem makes collecting a dab easy. If you are looking for simple ceramic sticks at an extra affordable price point then this is a great option.



    Dr. Dabber Aurora - $100

    vaporizer dab weedEnjoy your concentrates on the go with this vape pen!

    Anyone who makes the Dr Dabber switch will understand why this beaut has been selected as one of our favourites. A dabber pen combo, the Dr. Dabber Aurora Pen kit features lets you enjoy concentrate at low or high temperatures. It has a ceramic mouthpiece so your taste buds can enjoy every rip. Your purchase will include a docking station, applicator, and storage. So sit back, turn that Dr Dabber switch to "on," and enjoy each puff from this magical stick.


      Dabtech Daborizer - $80

      dabbing stick concentrateStep into the 21st century with this daborizer, ladies and gents!

      The Dabtech Daborizer is not a simple dab stick. It is a straw vape pen that is often referred to as honey straw dab nectar stick or nectar collector. You dip the tip into your concentrate and inhale through the other end. The dab stick vaporizer requires no torch to operate. The only drawback to this dab straw is that it uses more concentrate than a standard dab rig requires using a traditional dabber.



    1. USA Assorted Color Dab Stick 7"
      - $15

    2. dabber glass stick waxWe love this simple glass stick with a touch of colour!

      We're taking a return to basics with one of our favourite choices in the USA assorted colour dab sticks. Each one measures a handy 7 inches. They are made of heat resistant glass and feature a very basic design. If you are looking for a glass dab stick that is lovely, functional, and affordable then you’ll love this one.




      If you're looking through all the drawers in your house and wondering what can you use as a dab stick then it’s time to buy an actual dabber, nectar straw, or vape straw to truly enjoy your dabs. The above list of 10 best dabbers in the world includes standard dabbers that are fashioned to effortlessly scoop up the concentrate and apply it to the nail on a dab rig. There are also a few to all-in-one dabber stick units that let you enjoy a rip without breaking out a large dab rig. Instead, you can carry everything you need in your pocket. Please take the time to read each description before making your decision.


      Dabbers to Measure Concentrates

      It’s hard to measure a dose of cannabis concentrate. Most concentrates are sold in gram/half gram (500mg-1000mg) sizes. You can purchase cartridges and syringes, such as Ripstix, to measure more accurately, but they tend to carry a hefty price tag. With a spoon or paddle dabber you can more evenly dose butters or waxes. The pointy dabber is great for figuring out the dosage of pull-n-snap or shatter.


      Always Consider Dab Rigs and Nail Before Buying a Dabber

      Your dab rig will have a nail that is made from either ceramic, titanium or quartz. You’ll want to choose a dab stick that is made of the same material or something comparable to the nail.

      When you decide to purchase a dab stick, you should try to choose one that not only works well with your favoured concentrate, but that also fits your rig nicely.  Many dab rigs come with their own tool. A dabber tool will be fashioned with a carb cap. Place the cap directly on top of the nail to effectively suppress and control airflow. This will help you achieve the ideal vaporization temperature that allows the concentrate to sublimate. Remember, only some dabbers have carb caps. However, if the dabber does come with a carb cap then you will need to make sure it fits your nail because they vary in size.

      Please remember that a honey straw, nectar stick, or dab stick with vaporizer are all-in-one units so you don’t need a dab rig to enjoy your concentrates. They are great items if you are on the go and just want a quick hit.


      Dabber Size Matters

      You are obviously not going to want to purchase a full-sized dabber for a pocket-size vape pen. Dab stick size matters. Always consider where you will be using the dab rig so you can determine if you want to carry around a large dabber or a more petite model.


      How to Dab Without a Rig 

      Nowadays, the dab stick has evolved and revolutionized. You can now use a dab stick pen to vape dabs without a rig. The dab vaporizer is handy. You can dab without torch, with an electric dab straw, or portable perc vaporizer. Making moves like that to a Dr Dabber switch or to another electronic dabbing device may seem expensive at first, but consider the fact that you're not investing in large, glass bongs that you convert into dab rigs, and you'll see that the total dollars spent is not that many.

      And with that we leave you to explore your options and pick the one that's right for you and your needs!

      Still have questions about which dab stick is best for your use? Leave us a comment below and we'll get back to you! 

      Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

      Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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