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    Nothing beats smoking through fresh, clean glass. Instead of tasting like your old dugout pipe that's seen more milage than an 80-year-old truck driver, a freshly cleaned hammer bubbler will let you taste everything your weed has to offer. Clean glass also means healthier smoking and more ease of use, instead of being full of resin and halfway clogged. But maintaining clean glass can be a lot of work, even with a mini bong like these. It's practically impossible to scrub off the gunk and resin that builds up after a significant amount of smoking through any piece, and most glass pieces have tons of nooks and crannies that are entirely out of reach. If your piece is discolored beyond recognition or too clogged to hit, bong cleaner will fix it right up. There are always a lot of DIY bong cleaner options, like isopropyl alcohol, but homemade bong cleaner will never compare to real, professionally made glass bong cleaner. You can go for a natural bong cleaner, like orange bong cleaner, if you want to be environmentally responsible while you clean your glass. If you have a plastic or silicone bong, you'll want to consider specially made acrylic bong cleaner so the chemicals don't leech any harsh compounds out of your bong or make the plastic thin and brittle. While you're at it, grab some bong water cleaner to keep your smoke tasting better for longer and reducing buildup on your bong.

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