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    Having a collection of glass pipes is a longtime favorite activity of weed smokers everywhere. They come in a practically limitless number of shapes, sizes, and functionalities. You can get one of these stylish shire pipes to put a little Gandalf flare into your smoke sessions, and you can keep a silicone oil rig on standby for whenever you feel like breaking out your dabs. And, of course, no stoner's collection would be complete without some sort of over-the-top piece, like a super-intricate dragon bong or one of those massive straight tube bongs that take two people to operate and make you look stunningly similar to someone playing a digeridoo. Whatever is on your 420 shelf, if it's getting mileage, it'll need to be cleaned every once in a while. We've got all the best cleaning products to get your glass looking good as new. A bit of 90% isopropyl and coarse sea salt, coupled with some vigorous shaking and scraping, has been a go-to way of cleaning glass pipes for ages; it can certainly do the job, especially if you have enough patience and elbow grease. But cleaning products made for weed resin are going to do the best job of cleaning your glass. If you're trying to be environmentally conscious, you can go with one of our natural cleaning products. These sorts of "green" cleaning products are just are effective as some of their harsher competitors. We've got the best natural cleaning products for your well-used glass, so pick up a bottle or two and get your piece back to the shape you bought it in!

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