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    If you don’t know what a Chillum is, then you’re about to discover some useful information. These simple, traditional clay pipes made by Cheech and Chong bongs and pipes will give you a very nice smoke indeed. Although they are more expensive, when it comes to smoking equipment it is important to think about what the added quality buys you. In addition to chillums, Cheech glass also makes high quality bongs. Cheap, nasty plastic bongs are pretty bad for your smoking experience. These Cheech bongs are made from the highest quality glass, and with a name like Cheech, they have to be good. The chillums are perfect because they are also portable, and you can stick them inside your pocket easily enough, and the bongs are great for more stationary smoke sessions where a smoother hit is desired. If you’re interested in arted designs, then Cheech bongs have got you covered. These beautiful designs make for a stylish as well as a pleasant smoke. No matter what sort of pipe you go with, you can't miss with Cheech and Chong glass!

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