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11 Best Water Pipes Brands

A group of colorful bongs, or waterpipes, image courtesy of High Society 559 on Instagram

What is a water pipe? Well, a water pipe is a bong and a bong is a water pipe. If you’re unfamiliar with water pipes or bongs, welcome to your education, padawan stoner; we are gonna enlighten you and make you a Jedi bongmaster… or at least tell you what all the fuss over water pipes is about!

Water pipes, or bongs, are chambered cannabis smoking pipes that use water and/or ice as a filtration system. Historically the word “Bong” is derived from a Thai word, “Baung” which is their word for a cylindrical, wooden water pipe. Word has it that the term water pipe was coined so that headshops in the dark days before medical and recreational marijuana legalization could sell bongs for ‘tobacco use only’.  As if, doubtful anyone ever believed that!

The idea was that calling bongs water pipes and selling them for non-ganja use would prevent the authorities from interfering. Nowadays, there are some places online, like, that still insist that pipes, bongs or water pipes and vaporizers are for tobacco and not weed. To that we say ‘whatever’.

How to use a small water pipe? Using a water pipe is fairly straightforward, put water in pipe or bong, hold flame on bowl of weed, lift bowl of weed, the smoke goes into the water chamber or chambers, and then you put your mouth on the large opening at the top - the mouthpiece, then you inhale. So simple even a stoner could do it!

Bongs come in a variety of shapes and configurations – tubular bongs, beaker-bottom bongs, oval-based UFO bongs, multi-chambered bongs – also known as recycler bongs, plus modular inline perc bongs like the STAX system of bases, chillers and percs. You might find a work of art created by master glass blowers at Empire Glassworks. You will also encounter homemade gravity bongs made from a coupla plastic bottles, as well as water pipes made from thick-assed borosilicate glass, silicone unbreakable bongs, bamboo water pipes and ceramic smoking rigs. A varied creation the water pipe is!

Now you have some basic background on bongs, water pipes and whatnot – and we’ll keep adding important information as we take a look at some of the best of the best bongs and water pipes that the weed wired world has to offer. Let's take off into our list of best water pipes...


Staff Pick



The piece that needs no introduction. The Original Beaker stands at a respectable 12- inches tall and features 9-millimeter thickness all around the piece including an ultra-thick joint, reinforced base and ice catcher. Tank Glass prides itself on making simple, sturdy and straight- forward pieces right here in the USA. Every piece is hand made to order by a specially selected team of Tank Glass Artists and is shipped with care - for FREE - anywhere in the USA. With the Tank life time Warranty, you can bet that they stand by the quality of their pieces and you can too. It’s hard to argue with 100+ 5-Star Reviews! The Tank Glass Original Beaker will be a mainstay in your arsenal for years to come! 

What we love:

  • Handmade in the USA by Tank Glass artists
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Removable downstem & bowl
  • 12 inches tall
  • 9MM glass thickness
  • Ring ice-catcher
  • Free Bong Bag
  • Free Shipping 
  • Tank lifetime warranty

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Custom Little Sista 5mm Green Goblin Bong

Custom Little Sista 5mm Green Goblin Bong

Hey, little sister, what do you say? It’s a nice day for some bong hitting! This RooR glass bong is officially called Little Sista, but has also picked up the nickname ‘Green Goblin’ – perhaps after the Spider-man villain, that dude could have used a few bong pulls to chill himself out!

This is one of those beaker-bottom bongs, handmade by RooR in Germany with 5mm thick borosilicate glass and bistable joints that add 40% more glass to ground notches, or joints, increasing stability and reducing breakage.

Little Sista also has a removable 18.8mm female ground joint downstem and 18.8mm male-ended herb bowl, plus a 3-pinch ice cube catcher in the neck of the mouthpiece.

The large beaker bottom of the 34 centimeter/13 ¼ inch Little Sista provides the bong with decent water and smoke capacity, as well as making the water pipe very stable while standing upright.

You can nab a Green Goblin, or Little Sista if you prefer, water pipe for £200.99/ $259.43 USD and there is free shipping within the UK only.

Why we think this is one of the best water pipes brands:

  • Handmade in Germany by RooR using high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Removable downstem & bowl
  • 34 centimeters/13 ¼ inches tall
  • 18.8mm female ground joint
  • 5mm glass thickness
  • 3-pinch ice cube catcher
  • Beaker bong = sturdier!

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tree percolator smoke high


When you are looking for a top-shelf percolator bong then you definitely want to consider Tree Perc Bongs. The Tree Perc Glass Bong has been designed with ten arms to its perc to further filter the smoke prior to inhaling. It comes equipped with a splash guard to prevent water from coming up the tower of the bong and reaching your mouth. The splash guard also doubles as a three pinch ice catcher. Place ice cubes into the ice catcher to further cool each hit so it becomes an icy delight. With this lovely bong, you can say goodbye to harsh hits and relish each drag off the mouthpiece. 

What we love:


  • Sturdy, 5-inch beaker base
  • Ten-arm perc for ultimate smoke filtration
  • Removable and interchangeable downstem, making this water pipe appropriate for both dry herbs and concentrates

Bubble Barrel to UFO Perc Straight Tube by Diamond Glass - $200.00

diamond glass bong

Coming in at 15", this beautiful work of glass deserves its spot on the top shelf of your bong collection. While other straight pipes lose their elegance with their height, Diamond Glass has managed to maintain theirs. Is it the UFO perc that helps separate it, the bubble barrel perc, or the mili feature that add to this bong's beauty? We think it's the combination of all of the above!

More than simply easy on the eyes, the combination of the UFO and bubble barrel percolators all but guarantee that the smoke you hit is smooth as a cucumber by the time it hits your throat. Mindful of the specs, you'll be getting a bong with an 18mm female joint and a 14mm glass bowl.

What we love:

  • Hits as smooth as honey thanks to the two percs your smoke passes through before it reaches you
  • Tall and still elegant
  • Choose between topaz and purple colour accents

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Glass Rose Straight Tube Water Pipe by Empire Glassworks - $249.99

rose glass bong

Want to impress the one you love with a rose that will never die? This precious, 11" Empire Glassworks bong is sure to evoke a smile when it's handed over. The craftsmanship that goes into this straight tube bong is something only master glassblowers like those found at Empire Glassworks could pull off. Measuring in at 10" tall, this glass water pipe is a wonderful mid-sized addition to any bong family. The borosilicate glass it is constructed with means it will be a long-lasting family member, too!

You'll be even more motivated to keep your bong clean so the beautiful rose inside doesn't wilt away Beauty and the Beast Style.

What we love about this Empire Glassworks beauty:

  • Artistic, romantic style thanks to the glass rose inside
  • Borosilicate glass construction
  • 14mm female joint

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Double Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher with Water Recycler

TAG - Double Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher with Water Recycler

TAG, you’re it!  This Thick Ass Glass cylindrical bong is loaded with some righteous cool options and extras!

It has a large built-in ash catcher – though it has to be above 7 inches high to function properly. Your weed smoke from the burning bowl pull will pass through the Thick Ass Glass 8 ¼ inch tall pipe’s ash catcher, then the water chamber, through whatever in-line percs there are, and then into your mouth and lungs. Ash catchers consist of a bowl, a chamber, a joint, and a diffuser; what the ash catcher does is prevent ash and leafy particulates from being inadvertently inhaled by the toker. Another plus is that using ash catchers will keep your water pipe or bong clean longer.

Also part of the package are a pair of honeycomb percs suspended in the water chamber of this tubular pipe. A honeycomb diffuser, or percolator, is basically a disc with dozens on up to hundreds of holes. Bubbles are created in your water pipe and forced through the honeycomb, which reduces the size of the bubbles, increasing the amount of interaction between smoke and water – and you get cool, clean, smooth hits! No ice catcher needed.

And this TAG bong is a recycler water pipe, which means it is made to recycle the smoke by bringing it in a loop that goes back through the water chamber and percs again, which is going to further filter and diffuse the smoke, giving you an exceptionally clear hit of cannabinoid-laced smoke, without harshness!

The TAG - Double Honeycomb Disc Ashcatcher with Water Recycler is made of 5mm thick glass and the stem of this Thick Ass Glass water pipe has a 18mm female joint to accommodate an 18mm male bowl – ya want these parts to snug together tightly!

The price for such a fully loaded water pipe is $74.99, or you can make 4 automatic, interest-free payments of $18.75, your call; and the shipping is free within the United States.

What we love!

  • 5mm Thick Ass Glass
  • 8 ¼ inches tall
  • Large built-in ash catcher
  • Pair of honeycomb percs suspended in the water chamber
  • Recycler water pipe loops smoke through water chamber and percs again for extra-smooth hits
  • 18mm female joint accommodates an 18mm male bowl

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Small Bubbler Water Pipes and Mini-Bongs


4" USA Mini Raked Concentrate Water Pipe 10mm - $15.00

4-Inch USA Mini Raked Concentrate Water Pipe-10mm

Despite its teeny tiny 4-inch height, this dazzling mini raked concentrate water pipe delivers your medical or recreational weed hits smoothly and most enjoyably.

The made-in-the-USA pipe features vibrant raked color patterns of opposing spirals layered one on top of another, it’s what’s known as fumed glass; fuming is the process of vaporizing a metal like silver, gold, or platinum onto clear glass, then the atomized metal will cause the glass to appear to change color. When you’re high, it is mind-bendingly cool!

It’s more than a glittery water pipe, though, it also comes with a 10mm thick glass, female-ended dab nail concentrate bowl.  This little bong is supersonic for hitting the wonder wax – and we don’t mean maybe!

The water pipe comes in assorted colors, every pattern is unique, every hit will be an oasis!

You can get your own 4-inch Mini Raked Concentrate Water Pipe to bang off from for a mere $15.00 plus tax and shipping from an online headshop.

What we love!

  • 4-inch mini-bong
  • Vibrant fumed glass, raked color patterns seem to change color as the lighting changes
  • Comes with a 10mm thick glass, female-ended dab nail concentrate bowl
  • Only $15 plus tax and shipping

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Buddie Burners Kaboom Blunt Bubbler - $34.95

Buddie Burners Kaboom Blunt Bubbler

How to use small water pipes? This is a tick-tick-tick-Kaboom little water pipe that you can use to filter your blunt when you burn one down while travelling, outside in a park, or maybe at a local music festival. This baby bubbler bong is made of sturdy borosilicate glass and is designed to add water filtration and cooling to your favorite pre-rolled cannabis blunt cones.

What is different about hitting through the Buddie Burners Kaboom Blunt Bubbler versus similar bubblers is the 14mm female joint that you could easily attach a 14mm male-ended bowl to and use as a puny portable water pipe. It’s two pipes in one, which is way cool!

What’s more, you can wear the blunt bubbler around your neck on a chain because it has a jewelry hoop on top. Fashionably discreet, unless spotted by a stoner who knows a smoking accessory when they see one – in that case, maybe they’ll wanna share some weed with you! Pass it around; its durable glass construction make it okay to share.

The conveniently placed, front-facing carb makes the Buddie Burner easy and comfy to hold while providing impressively large, silky smooth hits.

Pick one up for $34.95, or 5 automatic and interest-free payments of $6.99 apiece, pop a good-sized preroll in your portable water pipe, and pot smoke on a picnic table down by some pond or a river – sounds like Paradise! Another plus, shipping is free!

What we love!

  • Made from high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Portable water filter for your pre-rolled pot cones
  • Water pipe joint also fits 14mm male-ended bowls (not included) – turning this bubbler into a very mini mini-bong
  • Pendant hook so you can wear it like ganja swag
  • Conveniently placed carb hole for larger hits and a comfortable grip

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Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe - $59.99

Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

You want flash? You want pizzazz? Well, this isn’t that water pipe, but this bent neck water pipe is a reliable little mini-bong, made using high-quality borosilicate glass with colored accents. Not fancy, but it filters and cools your herbal hits - it will get you high!

The Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe design features one chamber housing a honeycomb perc - the honeycomb perc is riddled with dozens of small holes to diffuse and filter your smoke or vapor for some slick, smooth hits!

This water pipe features a 90-degree, 14mm male joint that holds the female bowl pull snugly, sealing it tightly and increasing stability. A tight seal ensures none of the good stuff is gonna leak out!

The bent neck angle offers a more comfortable smoking experience in addition to acting as a natural splashguard. At the end of the bent neck is a flared mouthpiece that ensures an airtight seal with your lips to give you a full and flavorful smoking experience, with no lost smoke or vapor.

The Mini Bent Neck Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe piece has a thick, wide and sturdy base to ensure your piece does not tip over easily if you bump it while banging, and so it sits safely on any flat surface. Even if it does tip over, its durable glass build will do a better job of protecting it.

You can get this simple bent glass water pipe in a variety of color accents – pink, green and colorless clear – for $59.99 with discreet free shipping, so your nosy neighbor won’t know you got a bong delivered - unless you leave your window open when you rip from it, that would be on you though!

What we love!

  • One-chamber design, with a built-in honeycomb perc
  • 90-degree, 14mm male joint seals tightly with female bong bowl
  • Bent neck angle offers a more comfortable smoking experience in addition to acting as a natural splashguard
  • Made of high-quality borosilicate  glass
  • Colored accents in pink, green and colorless clear

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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe - $108.00

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe

Rip a hit reggae-style with this Marley Natural sleek, one-piece bubbler pipe made from hand-blown, thick, smoky-tinted borosilicate glass accented with a gold stripe. This happening hammer-shaped bubbler could be a jammin’ edition to your water pipe collection! One of the best water pipes on the market, you'll be feeling the love in no time.

The lightweight, 4 ½ inch Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe has a built-in ash catcher and its eight-slit percolator stem gives you extra aeration for maximum elevation! This water pipe will take you higher!

Marley Natural designed this with a larger carb hole for both clearing smoke and filling/draining water from the bottom of the bowl.

Dreads are optional, but you can go Jamaican with your ganja if you pick up this stylish, smoky bubbler water pipe for $108.00, or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $21.60, with free shipping. Once you unpack it from the shipping container and then pack it with weed, you can gather your crew around for a weed jam sharing your ‘one love’ of weed – so tell your people, get ready!

What we love!

  • Pipe made from hand-blown, thick, smoky-tinted borosilicate, durable glass accented with a gold stripe
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Eight-slit percolator stem
  • Larger carb hole for both clearing smoke and filling/draining water from the bottom of the bowl

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Medium-sized Water Pipes and Bongs

Graffix 10" Bubble Skinny Acrylic Bong - $19.00

Graffix 10-Inch Bubble Skinny Acrylic Bong

Graffix 10-inch Bubble Skinny Acrylic Bong is totally tubular, as in precisely cylindrical, and considered an original classic bong design.

This Graffix water pipe features a shaped mouthpiece that has been carefully crafted to fit comfortably around your mouth. A good seal on your face keeps the smoke outta your eyes and gets it into your lungs!

Another highlight of this piece is the Graffix custom glass downstem promising you a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience. The weed bowl is a glass pull slide with a handle, removable base, and cool Graffix jester skull decal.

Each Graffix 10-Inch Bubble Skinny Acrylic Bong is easily disassembled for easier cleaning with 91% isopropyl alcohol. And you’ll want to clean your Graffix water pipe fairly regularly because bong water deposits can build up inside your rig and make it smell somewhat swampy – like gator farts, nasty, just nasty!

You can get one of these skinny, upright water pipes in several color variations, like green or a light purple bong, and your cost will be $19.00 or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $3.80 apiece, with free shipping because the fun never ends - and why should it?

What we love!

  • Comfortable, shaped mouthpiece
  • Glass pull slide with handle
  • Custom glass downstem
  • Easily disassembled for easier cleaning with 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • Cool Graffix jester skull decal
  • Available in several colors like green and purple bong glass

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UFO WS-Line By Weed Star - $55.99

UFO WS Line by Weed Star

The UFO WS-Line Bong is perfect for a close encounter of the weedy kind!  Made with 5mm thick quality borosilicate glass, you can blaze away with your thicc-thighed ganja girl on this clear glass water pipe with the flying saucer in the middle. Maybe have more than a sighting, find a little physical evidence and, if you’re lucky, make contact – if so, use protection, some of those alien microbes can be nasty!

This marijuana mothership actually has 2 diffusers, an inline diffuser in the lower water chamber of the base and a UFO diffuser. The saucer-shaped diffuser is actually a variation on the ‘showerhead percolator’, which uses a tube, or pipe, coming up through the middle from the chamber below, and is itself covered by a larger tube. Air and water come out the top of the inner tube and then run down to the bottom of the outer covering of the perc where air and smoke exit into the water as bubbles. The UFO interior diffuser is a more artsy version of the showerhead perc with bulging spheres in the middle so it resembles a flying saucer type UFO, hence the name. See, the truth is out there!

Weed Star’s UFO WS-Line water pipe has an 18.8mm female joint and docks with an 18.8mm male-ended bowl. There's also an ice catcher built into the smoke column at the bottom of the mouthpiece, allowing it to be filled with ice cubes, which help cool and filter the smoke. All of this adds up to out-of-this-world cooling and smooth smoke filtration!

If you want to experience the extraterrestrial smoothness of this bong for your own self, then you can pick one up for $55.99 of your Earth monies (USD), plus tax and shipping! Then you can sit out on your back porch at night, toking away and watching the skies!

What we love!

  • Made with 5mm thick quality borosilicate glass
  • 2 diffusers, an inline diffuser in the lower water chamber of the base and a UFO diffuser
  • 18.8mm female joint connects with an 18.8mm male-ended bowl
  • Ice notches are built into the smoke column, allowing it to be filled with ice cubes, which help cool and filter the smoke

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Vortex Gravity Bong - $98.99

Vortex Gravity Bong

You’ve heard of gravity bongs, but you fell asleep in science class and so the word ‘gravity’ intimidates you… worry not, my narcoleptic friend, the gravity bong is among the simplest – yet most effective - of concepts. Homemade gravity bongs work by submerging a smaller, cut-in-half bottle with a weed bowl on top in a larger bottle or bucket of water; then while lighting the herb, you slowly draw the smaller bottle out of the water in the bucket to fill with smoke from the burning pot leaf.

You then unscrew the lid, put your mouth over the bottle’s opening, push the bottle down and then let gravity push the smoke upwards into your mouth and lungs. Actually, it’s air pressure that propels the smoke, but air pressure bong isn’t as good a name as gravity bong.

Since the Vortex Gravity Bong is manufactured and not cobbled together from a 2-liter soda pop bottle and a mop bucket, or something, you don’t have to worry about leaks or that nobody bothered to wash out the mop bucket before using it for your gravity bong! Eww!

The Vortex Gravity Bong is 331mm/13 inches high, made of colorful acrylic (available in blue, green and smoke) – so it is super-portable and very sturdy!

This tubular bong is easy to use: you simply open the valve on the side, pour the water in slowly, letting it fill the bottom chamber, then you tip it upside down and fill the top chamber with water – once full, you tip it right-side up, close the valve briefly and light your bowl, immediately opening the valve so that it releases water back down to the bottom and, as the smoke fills the vacuum left behind, you just lift the bowl and breathe in the smooth, purified smoke! Nice, huh?

The straight mouthpiece of the Vortex Gravity Bong accommodates either a male or female bowl piece.

If all this sounds like your kind of water pipe, then you can plan on plunking down $98.99 USD, plus tax and shipping. Find it on a trusty online headshop by clicking the Buy Now button!

What we love!

  • Gravity bong efficiency and fun
  • 331mm/13 inches high
  • Made of colorful acrylic (blue, green, and smoke color options)
  • Straight mouthpiece accommodates either a male or female bowl piece
  • Super-portable and very sturdy!
  • Easy to use

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Lungbuster Supersized Bongs and Water Pipes

Hidden Glass 17" Curved Honeycomb Bong - $161.00

Hidden Glass 17-In Curved Honeycomb Bong

With a name like Zong bong, how can you go wrong? This Z-shaped water pipe looks like an exotic bong, but it is actually quite the clever design! The zig-zag shape is cool-looking, true, but it actually serves as a splashguard, preventing water from the water chamber from bubbling up and into your mouth.

The 5-inch wide base houses an enlarged honeycomb percolator for lots of effervescent filtration!

Standing 17 inches high, this curvy bong has a female 18mm stemless joint to accommodate an 18mm male-ended bowl plug.

If you prefer purebreds to mutts, then you’ll be glad to know that this Curved Honeycomb Bong comes with a Hidden Glass frosted decal and a stamped Authenticity Logo!

If you fancy yourself a beautiful bong, then you can pick up one of these long Zong Bongs for $161, or 5 automatic, interest-free payments of $32.20; and the shipping is free in the United States.

What we love!

  • 17 inches high
  • Z-shaped water pipe looks like an exotic bong
  • Zig-zag shape actually serves as a splashguard, preventing water from bubbling up and into your mouth
  • Enlarged honeycomb percolator for lots of effervescent filtration
  • Female 18mm stemless joint
  • Hidden Glass frosted decal
  • Stamped Authenticity Logo

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Cheech & Chong™ Glass Framed Water Pipe - $164.99

Cheech and Chong Glass Framed Water Pipe

Wow, man, it’s a Cheech and Chong beaker bong! These guys are, like, the godfathers of stonerdom – ‘Up in Smoke’ is considered the first great ganja movie, unless you count ‘Reefer Madness’ (also a comedy, even if unintentionally)!

This is a well-crafted and decidedly cool 15-and-a-half-inch tall beaker tube water pipe with a built-in inline showerhead perc. The comedy team of Cheech and Chong are cool because they’re funny, beaker bongs are cool because the wider shape makes for a more stabilized base, and they can generally hold more water than  narrower tubular bongs.  The big plus of extra water storage is that it allows you to more easily control the type of perc filtration and amount of drag resistance present during inhalation. So, you can finesse your high – far out! And beaker-style water pipes generally require less cleaning or water changes; also far out!

A removable 14mm male-ended bowl piece slides into the stubby female joint angling from the side of this classic beaker-bottomed bong.

The Cheech & Chong™ Glass Framed Water Pipe is available in amber, teal, green and color-changing shades; the color-changing bong could be totally trippy to toke from!

Along with your bong, they also send you some goodies:

  • Cheech & Chong™ Glass Collectible Rainbow Tie Dye Box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Cheech & Chong™ Glass Sticker
  • Cheech & Chong™ Glass Mini Catalog

If you wanna be up in smoke and have your own wacky adventures and misadventures, then pick yourself up a Cheech & Chong™ Glass Framed Water Pipe today for $164.99, plus tax and shipping. Then you can cue up one of Cheech and Chong’s movies, maybe ‘Dazed and Confused’, ‘Pineapple Express’, some Harold and Kumar, and have a binge-watching bong fest!

What we love!

  • 15-and-a-half-inches tall
  • Stable beaker-bottom bong
  • Built-in inline showerhead perc
  • Removable 14mm male-ended bowl piece
  • Comes with all kinds of Cheech & Chong™ swag (see above)

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Rick and Morty bong - among others, image from Pipeline Kaneohe on Instagram

(Rick and Morty bong - among others, image from Pipeline Kaneohe on Instagram)


B. Wilson - Worked Donut Inline Bong - $360.00

Ben Wilson Worked Donut Inline-Bong

Doin’ the donut bong we are! You’ve probably not seen an exotic bong as wholly different as this water pipe with a hole in the middle! You may prefer Crispy Crème or Dunkin, but everybody is gonna love this sweet treat of a water pipe!

The 9-inch tall bagel bong is more than just different-looking, it has a highly functional straight tube design with a reinforced multi-slit inline perc that offers percolation perfection while the integrated triple donut holey design further diffuses your smoke and acts as a splashguard – that’s right, the three-way donut hole is a splashguard - and they say donuts aren’t good for you!

The slender mouthpiece on this oh-so-unusual bong has a flared lip around it for better sealing and comfort when you inhale. And this signature one-of-a-kind water pipe designed by Ben Wilson has a 14mm ground female joint size with matching worked disc screen slide to burn your weed in.

And it comes with Rasta color accents, which is all kinds of cool runnings, mon! It comes in blue, too, which is also very nice.

Made in California, USA,  the B. Wilson - Worked Donut Inline Bong is just a stunning one-of-a-kind bong that does what it was made to do: deliver you a sweet smoke, and look good while it’s doing it!

If you take our recommendation, then you can own your own bong with a hole for $360 USD plus shipping and handling. When it comes in, grab a package of doughnut holes from the store, and blaze away – don’t forget the milk!

What we love!

  • Stunning one-of-a-kind doughnut design
  • 9 inches tall
  • Multi-slit inline perc
  • Integrated triple donut design further diffuses your smoke and acts as a splashguard
  • Slender mouthpiece has a flared lip around it for better sealing and comfort
  • 14mm ground female joint with matching worked disc screen slide
  • Rasta or blue colored accents
  • Made in California, USA

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Aqua, water – put in a pipe and you have cooling and filtration for your weed smoke, less coughing and it tastes better! That is the essence of a bong or a water pipe, whatever you prefer to call it. Pot pipes are handy, sure and simple, too – but the hits can be harsh and tend to lead to a lungbuster or several. If you add a little water to the weed pipe, then you have a bubbler; a little more size, then you have a mini-bong, from there the size and complexity go way up. There are single-chambered, double-chambered, and triple-chambered bongs. Ash catchers will keep your toke and your glass cleaner. More sophisticated bongs and water pipes are inline perc bongs with additional chambers for filtration and cooling. Some, like the STAX modular bong can be configured in different ways to really bring out the best in your bong blasts, enhancing smoothness and flavor.

There are some beautiful bongs out there, and some exotic bongs too; they come in every color imaginable from purple bongs to black bongs and Rasta bongs to just about any color you can think of, and just plain clear thick glass is pretty popular, too. Unbreakable bongs are great for on-the-go smoke seshing. A glitter bong might be great for an apartment pot party. Find a beaker bong if you want to count on something sturdy! You gotta know what you need from a bong to truly find the best water pipe brands for you.

Do you want a recycler water pipe that brings the smoke through the filters and percs for additional chilling and cleaning of the vapor? Do you want his and her pipes, maybe one a chamber bong and the other a gravity bong? Heavy glass bongs are best for heavy users, whereas a more delicate sandblasted glass pipe might be okay for the occasional rip of weed smoke. The ideal bong for you is whatever fits your leaf-lovin’ life.

So, spark your bent neck, glass water pipe’s weed bowl, lift the slide, let the smoke filter through your water chamber and inline percolators, refined and cooled until it enters your mouth and lungs and you feel the high crest like a wave! That’s what a hit on a water pipe can do for you! Whether it’s a Syn Bong, or a Wizard Bong, or Goldstein Bong, Empire Glassworks creation, or one of the brands that we featured above, bought from a trusty online headshop, once you find the water pipe that meets your needs then all you need after that is some good ganja to smoke in it!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is vid of a dude discussing 'What is a water Pipe and How to Use it' - covering some of the same info we just did:


Megan Medeiros Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University. She's the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing, and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

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