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    Getting into dabbing is a great way to up your smoking game from classic joints and bowls to modern, super-potent rips. Once you've got your shatter in hand, you're just a couple of pieces of gear away from taking some sweet dabs. You'll need some sort of rig - that is, a device used for vaporizing dabs. You can get bangers and nails to swap out for your usual bong bowl, or you can get dedicated oil rigs. If you want to get the most out of your dabs, another great add-on accessory is a carb cap. A carb cap is most commonly used in low temperature dabbing on an open-air oil rig, generally with ceramic or titanium nails. This handy little device creates a restricted airflow which helps direct air for better vaporization of your wax while preventing runoff waste. Made of glass, ceramic, quartz, or even titanium, the carb cap features a rounded end and a pointed handle that doubles as a dabbing tool. Whether it's your first time dabbing or you're pounding through a gram of wax in a day, you'll love the benefits and efficiency of adding a glass carb cap to your dabbing routine!

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