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    Marijuana concentrates are getting more popular by the minute. We still love old fashioned dry herb, especially smoking it through our favorite diffused downstem bong, but there's no denying the potency, convenience, or cost-effectiveness of concentrates. As great as these modern concoctions are, they take a little bit of know-how and equipment to enjoy them to their fullest. You could always just pop a bit of wax onto a packed bowl or line a blunt with it, but concentrates are best enjoyed by dabbing. This means you'll need a rig, like one of these recycler dab rigs, and a glass banger or quartz dab nail to go with it. You may have some questions with all the new lingo and gear, but we've got all the info you need. If your first thought was "how do I use a dab rig with a glass banger," fret not; in short, you'll just heat up your banger/glass nail until it's "red hot," let it cool for 10-15 seconds, then drop your concentrate on the banger and enjoy your dab. But how long do I heat a glass banger? Just until it's red hot - don't overheat it or you may risk damaging your banger! Glass works well-enough as a material for dabbing, but you have to be careful not to mistreat it since it isn't as durable as quartz or titanium. If you prefer low temp dabbing, glass bangers will be perfect for your needs.

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