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    Everywhere you look is new, bigger, and more intricate glass pieces. Bongs have transformed from a simple straight tube with a percolator on one end into an art form and a scientific endeavor, packing honeycomb percolators on top of tree-arm percolators, all on top of a recycler bong. Seriously, it's unbelievable what all is being done with glass today. But as nice as all those innovations and improvements can be, sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics with an old school hand pipe. These come in enough shapes and sizes that you can still find one that suits your personal style, but they're much more straightforward (and affordable) than tremendous bongs and the likes. You can grab a color-changing glass hand pipe to watch it evolve into its own work of art bowl after bowl, or you can go with one of these Sherlock pipes to bring out your inner detective. There are helix hand pipes that mix cool air into every hit so your smoke is smoother and tastier than ever before, and there are even dab hand pipes that let you enjoy your concentrates without the need for a rig. Check out our glass hand pipes, wooden hand pipes, and more, to find your perfect hand pipe today!

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