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Hemp oil is a wonderful product that can be used either topically or ingested to provide many of the health benefits associated with the cannabis plant. However, unlike traditional methods of consuming cannabis – smoking or eating products full of THC – using CBD-rich extracts such as hemp oil won’t get you high. Of course, we all like to get high now and then, but you can't always be baked when you just need a little pain relief. For those occasions, CBD hemp oil is simply wonderful stuff. The benefits of hemp oil are numerous. It can be used to treat insomnia, lack of appetite, epilepsy, arthritis, and more; hemp oil for anxiety is even common these days. Typically, hemp oil refers to an extract from the whole hemp plant, but it's regulated to contain less than 0.3% THC. This means that it won’t get you high. However, you will get the added health benefits from this compound as well as CBD and various other cannabinoids and terpenes contained within the oil. For those wanting a strictly CBD oil, these are available as well and are completely free of THC. Hemp oil CBD extracts are wonderful products that can change the way you live for the better! 

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