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    Did you know that grinding up your bud could help you get more stoned? It’s true! When you rip up your flower by hand, you rub some of the trikes off on your fingers; that’s some of the good stuff that gets you high. When you grind up your bud, you keep all that good stuff and if you get a three piece grinder, you can collect all the kief that comes off of it too. You can use this later by sprinkling it on top of a bowl or by using a kief press (you can even make this at home with a couple of pencils and some tape. 

    Sweet Tooth’s grinders are top of the line in function and look! They come in a wide variety of gorgeous, vibrant colors and styles. Whether you’re after a classic three piece, the cheaper standard two piece, or a more unique funnel design, they’ve got you covered. All of their grinders are highly functional, amazing quality, and highly affordable. The absolute best part is they have a lifetime warranty.

    The construction of these herb grinders is made out of a sturdy anodized aluminum. Some designs feature a see through window, so you can watch as your flower grinds up and others are opaque throughout. The bright color stays beautiful the whole time you own it, letting you show your personality with all of your stoner accessories! This grinder will look and function great for years to come. Plus, it’s super easy to clean with a little alcohol or a cleaning product.

    Check out our complete collection of amazing Sweet Tooth Grinders. You won’t be sorry you made the investment in this top of the line grinder. It’s worth every penny.

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