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    No matter how you choose to go about it, it seems like smoking weed is more popular than ever before. You can get huge arted-out glass bongs, complete with bong adapters to turn your eye-catching piece into a rig for dabbing. On the flip side, you can get a mini dab rig to take massive dabs discretely (and without taking up nearly as much space as bulkier glass pieces). Beyond all the incredible options for smoking, you can even store your top-shelf bud in 420 jars made specifically for keeping your cannabis like new as long as possible. No matter how many amazing innovations and improvements show up in the world of smokeables, it seems like nothing quite compares to the good ol' bubbler. Weed seems to taste better and hit harder through a weed bubbler pipe, yet it's as smooth as any bong. When you get a bubbler for weed, you get the perfect balance of smooth filtration and handheld convenience. If you haven't used a bubbler weed pipe before, you may have a few questions. Do you grind weed for a bubbler? You absolutely can, especially for nice, fat hits, but just breaking it up will suffice. Why is the weed in my bubbler wet? Most likely there's too much water in the weed star bubbler, although you could also be holding it at the wrong angle and causing splashing. How to smoke weed out of a bubbler? They're generally pretty similar to a standard bowl, in that there's a carb you need to hold when hitting the bowl. Just toss in some water and some weed and get to smoking in comfort!

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