12 Best Sherlock Pipes - no.3 is crazy!

Mar 14 , 2019

12 Best Sherlock Pipes - no.3 is crazy!

An homage to the famous Sherlock Holmes and the pipe he smoked from, the Sherlock Holmes pipe is perfect for anyone looking to add some stately character to their smoking profile!

The Sherlock Holmes pipe is dedicated to and was inspired by the original wooden Sherlock pipe. His was made from wood, and the everyday toker's pipe has evolved into the glass Sherlock pipe. In a way it has become a Sherlock pipe for weed. The Sherlock pipe has become an inspiration and standard for pipes by Grav Labs Sherlock pipes to High Times pipes, just to name a few, but these brands (and others) look to take the Sherlock style and apply it to their own pipes.

The Sherlock pipe weed is so much more - the Sherlock design can come as a Sherlock vape, or, for those who prefer something more compact, some brands offer a mini Sherlock pipe. Still unsure whether the Sherlock is for you? Consider the following question in terms of the cannabis experience with a Sherlock pipe – do you know the difference between a chillum vs. a pipe? A chillium pipe is one that is traditionally made of clay and is common in countries like India – another difference between the chillium and a token weed pipe is that the chillium is often used for “one hit” as opposed to pipes that are filled, packed and inhaled multiple times.

Have a token Sherlock moment with Watson and check out Weed Republic’s array of Sherlock glass pipes, spiral glass pipes or the more common spoon pipe. Whatever your smoking style or preference, our inventory of glass pipes is sure to please you. Still not sure? Why not check out the 11 Best Glass Bongs in the World Right Now – Every Budget Covered and see for yourself - who knows what hand blown glass pipes you’ll find!


Grav Sherlock - $19.95

 sherlock pipe glassBeautiful colours and a beautiful design, we love this Grav Sherlock! Photo: @GlassHous

In the search for a mini Sherlock pipe that is also budget friendly? Why not check out the Grav Sherlock by dankgeek. This 4” multi-color glass pipe is truly a nice homage to the great Sherlock Holmes. What makes the Grav Sherlock unique and a great budget-friendly pipe is that unlike most standard pipes on the market, this is a straightforward and easy to use pipe. It comes with a built-in ash catcher as well as a nice bowl to pack the herbs down into.

Simple and compact, you can carry this pipe in your coat pocket and pull it out for inspiration just as Sherlock did. Whatever your color choice, dankgeek offers 5 to choose from and the fact that it’s budget-friendly (costing less than $20 a pipe), while most pipes in the market cost $100, is an added bonus. You can visit Weed Republic and buy all five colors for the price of one!

What we love:

  • Sherlock style
  • Various colours
  • Built-in ash Catcher
  • 32 mm Borosilicate glass
  • 4” long



Grav Hammer Sherlock - $19.99

 hammer pipe sherlockSign us up! This handy pipe is perfect for any gathering. Photo: @DankGeek

Choose from the rainbow with this pipe carb, the Grav Hammer Sherlock by dankgeek. This averagely priced helix bong is shaped like a hammer and comes in over a dozen colors. Designed with a deep bowl for dry herbs, this is a compact and durable Sherlock. This particular pipe is an improvement or rather an enhancement to the original Grav Sherlock, so if you are looking for an update you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to its compact, 38 mm tubing and a strong borosilicate tube – tokers can rejoice with a new hammer pipe for their enjoyment. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention this unique pipe's flathead hammer shape, which means it can stand and support itself. Talk about magical!

What we love:
  • Over a dozen colours to pick from
  • Hammer style
  • 4.5” long
  • Deep bowl
  • Built-in ash Catcher
  • Scientific glass



Grav Large Sherlock - $22.95

glass pipe marijuana Are you sensing a theme here?

Looking to splurge? Maybe you are looking for a BIGGER hit? Check out Grav Large Sherlock by dankgeek, which is the larger version of the Grav Sherlock. With a built-in ash catcher and 32 mm borosilicate glass, you can rest assured if you were happy with the regular sized Sherlock by Grav, you will enjoy this larger pipe. For some tokers, they ask how to clean your weed pipe when its smaller than a standard or typical glass pipe, but rest assured, the extra two inches makes it as easy and simple as cleaning a four inch.

This glass pipe is a great way to enjoy your Mary Jane while not having to break the bank!

What we love:
  • Sherlock design
  • 8 colours available
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • 6” long



Grav Poker Sherlock - $49.99

 purple pipe highPurple tokes for days... 
Have you ever seen a purple glass pipe? The Grav Poker Sherlock by dankgeek is a pipe that offers tokers the ability to buy a purple pipe. This Sherlock sitter pipe is one that comes in 10 different colours and is considered a mid-range pipe. Very much replicating that of the wooden pipe that the great Sherlock used while on a case, this pipe offers a deep bowl for packing in the herbs. Weed Republic has many available in stock and an array of colours to suit all styles and feels.

What we love:
  • 10 colours to pick from
  • Helix bong
  • Sherlock style
  • Sitter pipe



Saxophone Sherlock Pipe - $39.99

 sherlock cannabis high saxophonePractice your scales with this smooth Saxophone Sherlock Pipe!

Getting high has never been so musically enjoyable as it is when taking a toke from a Saxophone Sherlock Pipe by dankstop. This clear saxophone-shaped Sherlock pipe is one that allows the user to watch the bubbles heating then enjoying a smooth, warm hit. With a deep bowl, users can pack in tobacco or dry herbs for their enjoyment. Designed with a Dewar’s joint, this allows for a joint to be connected to the chamber which creates additional support. While it is a clear glass, there are different colours available that give off a unique accent and adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Made with a circular mouthpiece for the musician who enjoys a hit, this will make the experience smoothing and enjoyable. With an affordable price tag, Weed Republic offers plenty in stock and positive reviews.

What we love:
  • Deep bowl
  • Ash-catching curve
  • Marble support
  • Circular mouthpiece
  • Clear and coloured glass
  • Dewar’s joint



Handheld Sherlock Bubbler - $9.99

 sherlock bubbler pipe smokeGet twisted up in all the best ways with this Handheld Sherlock Bubbler.

In the market for unique, hand-blown glass pipes? Why not check out the Handheld Sherlock Bubbler by hemper. This under-$10, multi-colour glass Sherlock pipe is a great purchase for newbie tokers and those who are looking for a Sherlock to add to their collection. For seasoned tokers, they know that this unique, handheld bubbler can be used with or without water and that, because of the type of pipe, users will enjoy a smoother hit. Featuring a glass-on-glass joint to the bowl piece, this is compact and can be brought easily in comparison to typical bubbler bongs in the market. Not to mention, for $9.99, you can’t go wrong with the Handheld Sherlock Bubbler!

What we love:
  • Large bubble
  • Glass pipe
  • Multi-coloured
  • Built-in bowl



Candy Cane Sherlock Pipe - $29.99

 candy cane marijuana smokeIf your friends ask why you've got a candy cane that smells like weed, just go with it!

'Tis always the season to get jolly and holly when you've got the Candy Cane Sherlock Pipe by dankstop. Who says Christmas ends January 1st? Why not keep it going with this thick and themed Sherlock pipe. Featuring a curved neck and deep bowl, which allows for more herbs and tobacco to be packed, this Sherlock pipe has a side carb hole through which the smoker can control the airflow while inhaling. Designed with a comfortable mouthpiece, this holiday-themed pipe is a great way to keep the holidays going and keep the Merry-ness Merry with these unique, hand blown glass pipes!

What we love:

  • Coloured/themed glass
  • Bent neck
  • Thick glass
  • Deep bowl


Elephant Head Sherlock Pipe - $24.99

elephant sherlock cannabisTake a walk on the wild side with this pipe!

Who says smoking up has to be boring and from a standard bong? Why not use a novelty bong like an Elephant Head Sherlock Pipe by dankstop. These wilderness wonders can now be enjoyed in the comforts of your home – and really within your fingertips! The best part is you don’t have to spend thousands on a flight down to Africa. The Elephant Head Sherlock Pipe is a great novelty pipe that has an unbeatable price tag that makes it affordable no matter your budget.

This unique and intricately designed glass is a Sherlock pipe in the shape of an elephant head. It features a deep bowl for dry herbs and a bent neck, which allows for a smooth flow of smoke, resulting in a smooth hit. This Sherlock is a pipe carb, which means there is a hole on the side that allows the toker to control the amount of airflow while inhaling. At Weed Republic, we offer a fully stocked inventory of Elephant Head Sherlock Pipes – but don’t wait, you never know when they may go extinct!

What we love:

  • Vapor rig
  • Thick glass
  • Deep bowl
  • Bent neck



Hemper – Sherlock Bubble Rig - $29.99

 bubbler pipe smokeBeautiful design, beautiful tokes! We love this bubbler.

Looking for a simple, compact and discreet glass pipe? Check out the Hemper – Sherlock Bubble Rig by dankgeek. This glass bong resembles a tea pot and features a female joint with a male tobacco bowl. Designed with strong glass, and standing at only 7” tall, this compact Sherlock pipe is easy to take anywhere with you.

Featuring a downstem system, it allows for the diffusion of dry herbs or concentrates. The glass pipe is clear, but there are three coloured marbles that sit in its centre. Simple and compact, tokers can enjoy this travel-sized Sherlock Bubble rig.

What we love:
  • 14 mm female joint
  • Male tobacco bowl
  • 7” tall
  • Bent neck
  • Compact and discreet



Juicy Handmade Wooden Sherlock Pipe - $26.00

 sherlock wooden handmadeHandmade with care to ensure a quality toking experience.

How do you pay homage to Sherlock Holmes when you are a fan of marijuana? Simple! You purchase the Juicy Handmade Wooden Sherlock Pipe by Smokea. This wooden Sherlock pipe is non-toxic and biodegradable and allows tokers to truly feel like Sherlock did with this wooden pipe. Designed with a finished enamel that prevents it from catching on fire – this non-toxic and biodegradable pipe is a great purchase.

Available in two different colours, red or blue, why not enjoy a toke with this sustainable Sherlock pipe? You can even feel good when you are done and looking to replace your Sherlock, becuase you can do so knowing it’ll biodegrade back into earth. How fitting for smoking some natural cannabis!

What we love:

  • Available in red or blue
  • Sherlock pipe
  • Wooden design
  • 4.75” long
  • Biodegradable



Sesh Supply Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler - $49.99

 cornucopia marijuana highGo deep with the Cornucopia! Photo: @J&C CBD

Looking for a unique Sherlock pipe? Then the Sesh Supply Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler by dankgeek is the perfect glass pipe for you. A mid-range glass bubbler, this hand pipe is portable and is an ideal mix between Sherlock and glass pipe. Looking for that smooth hit? Fill the chamber with water, watch it boil, and let the vapour flow through your lungs as you inhale the smoothness.

Prefer to smoke dry? This hybrid pipe allows smokers to smoke with or without water to have the best of both worlds. Available in two different accents, it features a downstem diffusion, which, when water is added, smoothness is a guarantee! At Weed Republic, this Sesh Supply is the perfect glass pipe for newbies and seasoned tokers alike.

What we love:
  • Sherlock style
  • Downstem diffusion
  • 5.5” tall
  • Blue or white accents



Raw Uncoated Wooden Sherlock Pipe - $18.75

 wooden sherlock pipe marijuanaGo old school with the un-coated wooden Sherlock pipe by Raw.

On the art of deduction, the Raw Uncoated Wooden Sherlock Pipe by Raw is almost identical to the pipe of the great Sherlock Holmes. This handmade wooden Sherlock pipe is a sustainable weed pipe that features a logo lasered onto the pipe. Its removable mouthpiece means you can accessorise this wooden pipe with a new mouthpiece when you feel the need to switch it up.

At 5.5” long, it is a compact and eco-friendly pipe. With a deep pipe, you can pack your dry herbs or tobacco in and enjoy a soothing and relaxing smoke. It's durable and comes with the perfect canvas carrying pouch, meaning you'll be able to take this uncoated wooden Sherlock pipe anywhere you so desire!

What we love:
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Removable mouthpiece
  • Carrying pouch included
  • 5.5” long



Picking a Sherlock is not like picking a Grav labs spoons or a standard Galaxy glass pipe. What separates the Sherlock from glass bowl pipes on the market is the unique curved mouthpiece which results in a smoother hit in comparison to straight pipes and mouthpieces. Buying a Sherlock can vary price point and can vary in intricacy. Depending on the experience you're looking for, one might simply go with a pinch hitter pipe, or, for those are Lord of the Ring fans, a glass Gandalf pipe. Whatever your preference (or your budget) know that Weed Republic has an array of Sherlocks available. From a Galaxy glass pipe or a rainbow colour changing pipe – whatever your pipe desires, check out our Weed Republic inventory and posts for more!


Questions about finding the perfect Sherlock pipe? Drop us a comment below!


Written by: Merylee | Cover Photo by: @Oana Chiriac

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