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Super Glue Weed Strain Review | Crazy Glue Strain

Super Glue marijuana weed

As the name suggests,Super Glue strain is strong, sticky and can fix almost anything. Like handling the adhesive glue, the Super Glue strain is not for beginners. If you’re not careful, you’ll have the goo all over the place! Super Glue (also known as Superglue weed) has a reputation of hitting hard like a smack in the face – at first it stings but then it tingles and feels uplifting and refreshing. You’ll immediately feel a rush of endorphins to the brain where the high will stick like glue. This isn’t like a sniffing glue experience where it will rush to your head and knock you out. Tokers will still be able to function, maybe even better so with their head in the clouds and a smile on their face. With upwards of 23% THC content, you may want to take it slow if you don’t want the room to start spinning. For such high THC, anxiety is low, though some users experience a bit of it and inexperienced users might experience too much to handle. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a definite head high but one that encourages focus. This is one of those easy cannabis strains to use for the motivation of a deep house cleaning day or cabin-fever puzzling. For experts, this Super Glue OG can spark up an insightful conversation about the cosmic universe or enhance your interest for a mild hike or long walk through nature.


super glue weed bud marijuanaHappiness bound in one bud, photo: @cultivar_syndicate


Winning third place for best Sativa at the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015 by Vallejo Patients Care set this new strain on the map to fame. It is unclear who the original inventor of this gluey strain is, but Seedism Seeds surely has a name for their Super Glue bud. By crossing Northern Lights and Afghani, you know straight away that this potent strain is quality kush. Popular on the west coast of the U.S. but gaining a reputation worldwide, Super Glue strain is loved for its high yield and desirable high making it a cash crop in warmer climates.
Northern Lights is a well-loved bud in northern Europe (coincidental? I think not) and Afghani is the OG of Indica kush creating a prodigal sticky bud. Super Glue strain was on the rise in 2015 after its claim to fame at the Cannabis Cup, though soon was taken over by her cousin’s popularity, Gorilla Glue. Not as highly praised, she is definitely one to make an acquaintance. Like Gorilla’s little sister, Super Glue strain has less THC and less of a couch lock – making her more sociable though she is a little more temperamental to grow (check out the growing section below for more details).


The Indica to Sativa ratio is an adequate balance of 60/40 but tends to have a more favorable Sativa effect. You’ll feel the initial pang of indica straight to the brain. As time passes, relieve pain of this indica hit eases away, distributing its relaxing effects all throughout the body like a soft Xanex. As the distribution takes place, the Sativa blossoms in your head, alleviating anxiety and focusing your attention on the matter at hand. Super Glue strain is a great strain for a stroll, tedious task, or mind-blowing theories.


You may be more familiar with the popular Gorilla Glue strain (GG4), the original glue strain getting its name because while trimming this bud, the scissors stuck together like glue. Many people often mistake Super Glue and Gorilla Glue as siblings, but they don’t have similar parents. In comparison, though they have a similar high Super Glue strain is more intense – the superhero version or more like the Super Gorilla Glue strain. Though Super Glue has a distant cousin, Crazy Glue weed, which shares the same grandparent, Super Silver Haze, and can get a little bit confusing to keep straight. Especially when people mistakenly start calling both buds Krazy Glue as other strains do. Though similar in name, they are not the same. Super Glue tingles while Crazy numbs you. While both are great for a creative high, Super Glue tends to stick to your head while Gorilla and Crazy Glue are a tad more mellow.


Super Glue Weed Colorful Bud
Whoever said glue couldn’t be colorful? Photo: @cali_cnt_crew
Super Glue plant grow
Super Glue in all her glory, photo: @growmedicine


Super Glue is not typically a night time sleeping aid, though many find it helps alleviate symptoms of insomnia. The dominant effect is physical relaxation which can be quite enjoyable during the daytime along with its happy and focused attributes (also helps with muscle spasms). Tread lightly though; this strain might make you feel invincible when in reality you’ll be tripping over your own feet. Try not to do any heavy lifting or handle glass objects (like a bong) as you are likely to drop them. Also, it might be wise to use only your feet as transportation while your brain is stuck in this gluey high.

Super Glue Effects

Super Glue Medical
Super Glue Side Effects

Relaxation 100%

Stress Relief 100%

Cottonmouth 100%

Happy 80%

Depression 80%

Dry Eyes 50%

Energetic 50%

Pain 60%

Dizzy 30%

Focused 40%

Insomnia 40%



As the name implies, get crafty with called super glue here. Tune into your creativity! Though your mouth might dry up, your mind will be full of thoughts and conversations. If you venture into the world, you might catch yourself saying, “Wow, did that just happen?” because you start to notice the strangeness in everything normal. During movie time, be prepared to burst out into laughter, even at the not-so-funny parts – yes, the director actually knew you’d be smoking some Super Glue and is messing with you…


  • Earthy

  • Piney

  • Caramel

  • Sour

Overall, this strain is pretty adaptable: helpful around the house for focused and tedious chores, enjoyable on a stroll in the sun, relaxing for a day of chill, and drowsy to help you sleep. This strain is a cheap way to get high, but you’ll get stuck on it like glue for sure. Glue tokers always come back for more, and for good reason. It is one of the best strains to keep around the house for the times you need an any-occasion strain. Going on vacation or heading to a festival – you aren’t sure what to expect, so you take Glue along with you.

Superglue Grow Info

Seedism Seeds does not offer SuperGlue seed online, so anyone interested in growing a baby will have to get a cut off of a mature and healthy plant. The consensus is that Superglue is medium difficult, so you might need help with your initial cultivation. Superglue is really laid-back, which means it is well suited for growing indoors and outside.


Super Glue weed strain can yield more than 20 grams per plant with proper care. She can be a bit harder to manage because she is very susceptible to mold. With such big kolas, add in some humidity or rain and you are going to have a big problem. If you do take on the challenge, make sure to have good airflow and ventilation. Outside, if it rains or there's high humidity, try getting a fan or at least shake the buds so they don’t sit in the wet and cold.
FYI, dedicated growers of the glue strains have to invest in new scissors often because, well, that is how it got its name in the first place – the trimming scissors start to stick together as super glue got on them! The woody, sweet, and pungent smell is a classic stimulating aroma – it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Take a look below at these succulent plants growing outdoors. This grower from Northern California shows us a 10-foot plant and claims he’ll yield 8 pounds of bud using a 300-gallon pot!

Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks

Climate: Warm weather with lots of suns. Mediterranean climate best suits this strain.

Location: Indoor and Outdoor. Anywhere outdoors with enough sunshine during the growing period. The Indoor grows well with hydroponics.

Height: Around 4 feet indoors but can reach 6 feet outdoors!

Yield: 14-22 ounces, with the most yield coming from an outdoor grow.

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    Super Glue plant bud marijuana
    It’s almost time for harvest, photo: @notillarmy_420
    scissors glue harvest
    Sometimes harvest gets sticky, photo: @berkshireponics


    When you’re in a pinch and need a quick fix-it tool, my go-to is always super glue, the glue that fixes anything. Super Glue weed strain is just that – an all-around easy to smoke strain for groovy vibes, whole-body relaxation and focus for group settings at an evening setting or crafty projects at home. Super Glue is adaptable for most situations; it won’t knock you out if you are at a festival or at a park picnic, but it will also help you sleep with soothing effects. It’s perfect for daytime outdoor playtime and nighttime low-key chill time. If you’re familiar with Gorilla Glue and feel slightly hesitant to try, don’t be – she is a much gentler glue with less THC and more vibrancy to enhance your energy. As the new saying goes, “if it ain’t broke…” still, you can fix it with some Super Glue.

    Effects and Medicinal Benefits of Superglue

    Let me say this hybrid won't necessarily cause a zombie-like stupor after just some hits, therefore don't let the name discourage you. Unlike other buds like GorillaGlue, SuperGlue can be used as a relaxing smoke at any time. Also helps with some pain relief. SuperGlue provides elasticity to the brain and provides relaxation in the body. For those seeking some cerebral concentration and conversation-provoking ideas this may be the best starting point.


    • Relaxation – you will feel all like “ahhhhhhh…”

    • Focus – you’ll think hours went by while you rearranged your closet and it’s only been a few minutes.

    • Any occasion – It’s a round-robin – good for any time.

    • Anxiety and stress relief – bathe in relaxation. You may even experience some drowsiness.

    • Sticks like glue – You can actually feel a sticky brain. Maybe because your mind gets stuck on particular things or you can only handle to focus on one thing at a time!

    • Dry mouth – so stay well hydrated while you have some sticky fun.

    What is super glue cannabis strain?

    Previously named "Tackyglue," Superglue - a hybrid indica-leaning strain produces a functional and relaxed body high in mind and spirit. It smelt like pine and had a sweet caramel flavour and is produced by Seedism Seeds. Superglue is created when crossing Afghanis and Northern lights.

    Is Super Glue Marijuana Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

    As superglue is derived from Afghani and Northern Light, it seems like superglue will likely be an indica strain in the long run. It wasn 't quite so. Superglue is a hybrid strain form of indica that is 60% sativa and 60% indica, with indica delivering a relaxing vibe while sativa maintaining energize and productive.

    Which Gorilla Glue strain is the strongest?

    Gorilla glue 4 GG #4 has the strongest THC concentration at a level of more than 30 %.

    How many weeks is super glue strain?

    SuperGlue Strain Flowering Time: Superglue flowering time ranges from seven to 10 months. It's a common strain to produce clones of, as the slow maturing process makes it an ideal strain. Generally speaking, strains demand moist surroundings and they can be mimicked when grown indoors. It appears to me to have tiny flowers, but dense nugs.