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    Bongs are one of the most famous devices for using cannabis. They are a relatively safer way to consume cannabis than joints and spliffs. They are available in different sizes and shapes. They are available in plastic tubes glass water pipes, massive rigs having ice chambers, glasswork and percolators.

    Bongs are also known as water pipes due to their cylindrical structure. The bowl of the water pipe bong is connected to the silicone bong by the down stem, which leads to the water's surface. The smoke moves through the water before inhaling.


    Bongs have many advantages over other smoking devices. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

    • Various bongs are available in the market according to one's budget. You can choose the Bong according to your budget. You can buy Bongs made of Borosilicate glass, which is durable and easy to carry. They can be used for both dabs and dried cannabis.

    • Smoking weed using a bong is quite an easy task. Bongs are comparatively more straightforward to use than joints, spliffs and blunts. The mechanism of usage is straightforward. You need to ignite the bowl and inhale it using a mouthpiece. No additional accessories are needed for a Bong except a lighter or a mesh screen.

    • The Bong provides smoother hits. The smoke moves through water or ice before reaching your throat or lungs, which cools down the smoke giving you smoother inhalation. Water filters various byproducts in the smoke that may cause harsher hits. For a cleaner smoking experience, glass bongs are the best.

    • Bongs are easy to clean. You need to clean them using warm water and a cleaning solution. Several accessories are also available in the market, like a percolator. Percolator is a water filtration chamber that provides a smoother hit by cooling the smoke.

    • Ice chambers are also available in the market to be used with Bongs. They are placed above the water and below the mouthpiece, providing second-level filtration. To cool the smoke, they also have ice cubes.

    • You can use Ash catchers with the Bongs. They provide smoother hits and make the cleaning process of the Bong very simple.

    • Sustainability and durability of the Bong are two of its attractive features. Using a rig will cost you some money initially but will save you from spending a lot on filter tips, papers and blunt wraps. Bongs made of Borosilicate materials are very durable. You can carry acrylic Bongs with you anywhere. Glass Bongs are delicate and difficult to handle as they can break when smashed. They are resistant to high temperatures and breakage.

    • Ceramic and glass Bongs are visually stunning. You can use high-end Bongs as interactive and functional art pieces. Bongs can also serve as decoration pieces when not used.

    • Bongs provide you with instant and smooth hits. When using a joint, it may take up to 10 minutes to enjoy weed, while using a Bong is instantly delivered to your body, providing a pleasing effect.

    You can enjoy the pure flavor of weed using Bongs. Glass Bongs are easy to clean, provide a smooth hit, and quickly notice the resin in them. 


    Being a new smoker, buying the perfect Bong can be a daunting task. Various styles, designs, glass thicknesses and percolators are available in the market. There are different types like top bongs work beaker bongs, straight tube bongs and recyclers. While buying a Bong, check the glass thickness as it affects your Bong's long-lasting durability. The thickness of glass ranges from 2-7mm. You can choose any of these thicknesses according to your preference. Go for a thicker glass, as it will be heat resistant and challenging to break.

    You can buy silicon, glass or acrylic Bongs according to your needs. You can buy an acrylic Bong if you want easy to carry it anywhere it is easy to carry. Glass Bongs are very attractive, but you need to be careful while using them as they can break if smashed. Silicon Bongs are durable and long-lasting. They are made of Borosilicate, which is resistant to heat and breakage. They are also easy to clean.

    You need percolators for your Bongs. Percolators are not necessary for the Bongs, but they enhance the smoking experience. While choosing a percolator, look for the smoothness and the amount of drag it provides while inhaling the smoke. While buying a Bong, keep in mind its cleaning process. Glass bongs can be challenging. To remove this hardship, you can buy an Ash catcher that provides you with better filtration, a smoother hit, and is easy to clean. You can also buy ice bong with a percolator instead of an ash catcher.

    Buy the joint for your Bong according to its size. Consider buying the bong joint that perfectly fits your bong; otherwise, it may create difficulty.


    Several different Bongs are available in the market. The main types of Bongs are:

    • Silicone Bongs ,Glass Bongs,Ceramic Bongs, Girly Bongs ,Thick Glass Bongs and Tall Bongs. 

    Some of the famous Bongs are Beaker Bong, Round base Bong, Cylinder Bong, Straight Tube Bong, Multi-Chamber Bong, Tree Perc Bong, other perc bongs, Inline Perc Bong, Showerhead Perc Bong, Honeycomb Bong, Cyclone Bong, Matrix Bong,Bubblers, Zong Bongs, small bongs and Dab Rigs.

     Several options are available for the new Bong user in the market. Choose them according to your preferences. While buying the Bong, you should know its material, strengths, pros and cons. These can help you find the perfect Bong to enhance your smoking experience.


    If you are dangling with the thoughts of buying a bong brands the best Bongs, you need to calm down as you can find the best-selling Bongs in the following list and go for them without giving a second thought to enjoying a wholesome smoking experience. The top varieties of Best Bongs are given below:

    • Boo Glass Speciality Series 19" Glycerin Coil Bong (have the best features)

    • Boo Glass 8-inch Bong with Matrix Barrel Perc (have different percolators for smoke filtration)

    • Boo Glass 11" Freezing Beaker Bong (Top pick- best Bong available online)

    • 12.5 Inches Twister Beaker Glass Bong Pipe (Thick handmade Glass Bong)

    • Boo Blowout 10" Gradient Water Pipe (Traditional Upright Water Pipe)

    Factors to consider when buying bongs online

    There are a number of reasons to think about purchasing a bong online. The first benefit of buying bongs online is that you have access to a much greater variety than you might at a local headshop. This implies that you can choose the ideal bong to meet your unique requirements and tastes. Before making a purchase, you can compare costs and read customer reviews when buying online, which might aid in your decision-making.

    Convenience is a further advantage of internet bong purchases. Without the trouble of traveling to a real store, you can browse and purchase bongs from the convenience of your home. To ensure that you receive your new bong swiftly and conveniently, several online stores also provide inconspicuous packing and quick shipment. Overall, purchasing bongs online is a hassle-free, cost-effective, and easy method to expand your collection.

    Are herbs and drinks really a waste? Is that true? If you just smoke herbs, you have more of an option than beaker bongs and water pipes or straight tube bongs. This attachment will serve to hold a glass container and act as a holding device in case the herb has been ignited. You can use the bong to dab your nail into the glass bowl, replace the glass bowl. Imagine you are putting wax on your body. We recommend testing the dabbing machines as the products have been designed mainly for the retention of concentrate flavor profiles and terpene profiles. Is it safe? Smoking occurs in many cultures.

    Best Bong Size For Me?

    Think about what kind of cigarettes your smoker usually smokes. Occasionally people use cars to "bong". Others bring bottled water and never leave home. All of this is packaged in attractive gift boxes that help make transportation simple. Having a good pair of shoes can be challenging for most hikers. When you smoke larger tends to produce softer smoke. Concentrate sizes are less important. How do one find an ideal bonger brand? Many companies make good glass and bongs for sale.

    Silicone Bongs vs Glass Bongs

    Silicone bongs have been created with non-BPA material, which makes them practically indestructible. There’s also the possibility of washing the silicone from the dish. It is the most convenient way to travel, because it is durable. Water bong will outperform silicone bong bowl by 10 times. The glass bongs are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. When properly cleaned, glass bongs will last several generations and rubber bongs need replacing after a year or two.

    Why use a bong?

    When a person feels their throats burn when hitting their joint, this can probably be because hot fumes come into contact with their throat. Because the smoke is coming directly from the hot frying pan to the mouth, there is no time to cool to the correct temperatures. Contrary to the sucked-out, unfiltered, dry air pipe water pipes filter smoke into filtered vapors and then travel down the neck to the inhaler. When the liquid touches the smoke the hot smoke itself is immediately cooled down by 20 to 50 degrees and the temperature will not hurt the neck.

    Bongs vs. Joints, Blunts, and Vaporizers

    Bong offers a variety of advantages. The Water Filters Cool and Smooth Smoke allowing for an enjoyable experience. The water in ice bongs helps reduce the odor of the smoke, and therefore allows greater, stronger doses for users. But bongs are often cumbersome and difficult to transport, compared with joints, blunts and vaporizers, more easily accessible and discreet.


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