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In the twenty-first century, weed isn’t just that skunky plant your uncle’s garage always smelled like. We’ve cultivated buds into something like an art form, with some strains reaching over 30% THC. It’s been selectively bred and grown to create plants that are practically free of THC, and are instead packed full of the medicinal CBD that you’ve seen cropping up on shelves and websites all around you, stuffed into products like CBD vape oil and CBD tea. Perhaps the best, most innovative change in the world of weed is the emergence of concentrates. Call it what you will - concentrate, wax, dabs, shatter - this incredibly powerful stuff is on a level all its own. It comes in practically pure THC form, and you can even get CBD wax that will give you relief without getting you high. But this new product can be a bit foreign to seasoned users. It takes unique equipment to enjoy properly, namely a dab rig and a banger or nail. Dabbing with dome and nail iis a great way to get the most out of your concentrates. In fact, dome cap dabbing is pretty much a no-brainer. Using a dabbing dome vs domeless is guaranteed to get more of your dab to where you want it, instead of letting it evaporate into the room. Once you try a nail and dabbing dome, you may never go back to your old banger. Just make sure your nail joint size matches up with the rig or bong you plan to use it with, and always go with quartz or metal when available - glass bangers can be dangerous!
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  • Empire Glassworks - Mario Piranha Plant Oil Dome 14/18mm
    Accessories Empire Glassworks - Mario Piranha Plant Oil Dome 14/18mm
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