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    Glass bongs are without doubt one of the most popular ways to smoke worldwide and have been for years. These days, they can be very sophisticated and come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Even the fanciest of their acrylic counterparts can’t turn heads like a showstopping glass bong often can. You can get small, almost pocket-sized, glass bongs, as well as enormous pieces with a myriad of diffusers, adapters, and other assorted smoke cooling gizmos. You can also get pretty much everything in between in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and more! Of course, being made of glass (and often very fine glass), you’re going to want to keep your piece secure in a bong bag. We’ve had beautiful hand blown glass bongs smash on us, and it is utterly devastating! If you’re forking out for an epic new piece, always make sure it’s safe and secure when it’s not in use! There’s nothing quite like taking a mammoth rip on a grandiose glass piece, but breaking your piece would be incomparably worse. Whether you go for a glass giant or a tiny bubbler bong, you're going to love your new piece!

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